Facebook Jobs

As a recruiter, getting your job orders in front of qualified job seekers is one key to helping your clients fill their open positions with the best talent as quickly as possible.

welcome to this week’s episode of top echelon TV I’m mark demory and I’m Todd bossman well we’ve introduced a new product to our suite of products to top echelon and it’s a hiring hook websites I mean we’ve been developing websites for years now I bet we’ve developed over 500 but we have a brand new product which is hiring hook now what’s unique about hiring hook as compared of what we’ve had before well haineko gives the recruiters the ability to post jobs to their website basically become a job portal and a job seeker portal to the Internet at large we just recently though mark added a social media component to that yeah of course we can post now not only to your website directly but to the three largest what social media platforms in the country or in the world hundreds of millions of users on the big three linkedin twitter and facebook so right from your right from your website or right from the hiring hook platform you can post jobs right your website and also have it go to those three platforms what’s the what’s how does it do that and and what happens when the the job seekers see those links great it’s it’s like a management tool you’re in you’re in your database typing in your job orders mark what they can do is write down at the bottom once they create the social media linkage to their accounts they will just on the job order click on hey I’d like to post this as sort of a status update to my Linked.In profile or I’d like to tweet this or I’d like to post this to my Facebook fan page or just my facebook person so when they when they post it what does it look like when it shows up on Twitter or length interface generally it has Mark demaree just posted a web technologist position in st. Cloud Minnesota and then gives them one of those shortened we call them bit ly URLs that takes them right to your site so that’s huge better right you’re driving that traffic back to your site so they can not only see that specific job that that’s what we all endeavour to do right is to get more traffic to our website in this specific case that specific job absolutely so this is a great feature right you have not only can you post your site but you can post your jobs to the three main social media platforms which has millions of users and and that will drive them right back to your website visibility should equal traffic that’s that’s the that’s the hope well for more information about how to drive traffic back to your website through social media how to drive your jobs or how to send your jobs to the social media sites check our website which is top echelon calm and look under hiring hook and you’ll get all that information well that wraps it up for another episode of top echelon TV have a great week take care. .