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Posting Ads On Craigslist and for Real Estate Careers How To Video.

so that I think we’re recording right now so if you guys can hear me okay I’m going to just go through a quick tutorial on how to do our Facebook ad and our craigslist ad I’m sending you some of the marketing materials that you need but I wanted to walk through a quick two minute video here to show you how to do it just in case most of you probably know how to do this but if I just in case so let’s first start with craigslist so I’ve sent each of you or will be sending each of you a photo stock photo that has discovered a real estate career it has our logo etc that marketing get up for us we’re going to use that photo but first i want to go to craigslist so i want to go to craigslist here and go to craigslist com you’ll see here you can pick the location that you were in you use this other phone sorry about that so you pick the location so happen to be in muskegon so i’m going to pick muskegon it’s already there if you happen to be in northern Michigan you can pick northern Michigan but again I’m going to be in the ski again then I’m opposed to classifieds so I’m going to open up close to classifieds and when I get in here it’s going to say what kind do you want to do I want to do a job offered so I’m going to click job offered and I notice there’s a ten dollar charge and you are going to have to use a card or something to do that will of course reimburse you for the ten dollar charge again you could change the location if you didn’t do it at the beginning screen there let’s scroll down you’ll see there is a real estate icon right here and I’m going to click that icon and then I’m going to go to the bottom and hit continue and again it gives you an opportunity to change location if for some reason you haven’t got their continued here’s what I’m going to put in my information here going to put in out of your your email address maybe it’s your Advent email address whoever you are tasking to do this calm i’m going to adjacent rice at CB great lakes calm i’m going to put in my phone number 231 eating a 4 5 6 11 is the white whole office and then i’ll even put in here a white hall office as the contact name and then i’m going to send you some text regarding some of these as for those three that were in an add more class a few years ago they’re all available to you so we might put in here something like no experience necessary ! and again i’m going to put white hall and we’re putting 4946 one for the zip code now in the body here again i’ll send you the text here in the email with some of this information but you can put in the text here are you trapped in a career you don’t love ? career in real estate with blah blah blah blah blah blah so you can write in all that kind of text so i won’t bore you with all that and in that you might have again coldwell banker schmidt realtors or coldwell banker ajs Schmidt maybe space dash space on the space white home or whatever something to distinguish your particular office then at the bottom here you’ll scroll down again employment type contract keep scrolling in the Compensation Commission fail and then if you want to put in the address for your office 20 to ease Colby and this is in Whitehall and then michigan MI ok let’s continue okay to highly shall prefer some disability sure it continued now it’s going to confirm that your spot is their spot so you can make sure that on the map that you are accurate because sometimes these map the applications don’t necessarily put the spot in the right spot as you all are aware so make sure in the right spot hit continue and now you get an opportunity to add images so we’re going to add the image going to click add image and they’re going to find the image wherever you saved it so again it’s going to be either put into a Google Drive box or email to you directly and when I got that email I stayed it to my desktop so i scroll through to find out where i put and I’m just looking here and there happen to be January craigslist photo I click it and it’s going to upload that photo and there it is and now I’m gonna get done with images okay this is an unpublished draft so here’s the ten dollars it’s going to show you what it looks like so he’s notice Muskegon jobs real estate no experience necessary Whitehall that big photo right there the map of your office and then all the data that you put in all the text that you put in would be at the bottom here and guess it shows commissioned sales contract employee and then when you’re ready to hit publish you hit publish important Ricardo you should you’re an email clip you like to publish your add a little it’s going to be sent to that email address and then I want you to follow those steps you can see here I’ve already received that email so there’s further action required follow those steps know if you have any trouble with this I’m going to stop here please call me or call Judy or call Carrie or call bread and we will try to work through the next steps of this but most of you have done this before so I know this is kind of old school but we wanted to provide you the text the information end of the photo to put in there so that we get a quality type craigslist post that’s something that’s that is you know kind of old and texting and blah looking so that’s step one so I just want to touch base on that step 2 i’m going to scroll over here to facebook so we’re also doing a facebook i didn’t see happy birthday to Juan popped up in my feed I’m going to happen to go to my particular my own speed this would be your office if that was the case and and it’s behind because i’m not in the whitehall office when I’m just in my personal one and I want to make a post but I want this to be a recruiting post because I’m doing this through the office again ignoring the fact that I’m doing it on my personal one you would be doing this to your office and I would go to and you go to.com slash coldwell banker and if you click on playlists there’s a bunch of different videos you can off you can use and I’m going to go to culture which is talks a lot about joining us and who we are as a company so click on culture a bunch of videos are going to pop up and i’m just going to mute this one I don’t want to use this one necessarily the one that I’m suggesting we use right now is I’m a scroll through it is join coldwell banker your new careers real estate agent so I’m going to click that and it’s going to open up here in a city starts to play again I’m going to pause it I don’t really care about this right now although you might want to watch this video but i want you to click up here you see the w blah blah blah I want you to copy that so you can either right click it and copy maybe if you use command C or ctrl C I want you to copy that blah blah blah then when you go back to facebook to your company page and again you’re looking at my personal page so kind of ignore you’ll see here where you post want you to go into the body of the post right here and i want you to paste it the other right click and you can paste or ctrl v or command V whatever you use and it’s going to put in that blah blah blah and then it’s going to populate that video here in the bottom so now that video is populated I can go and I can delete this blah blah blah ok I’m going to delete that that other bottom part does not go away now i’m also going to put in the text and the text that i will send you again you can tweak this any which way you want I happen to have saved this already but I think because i just copied and pasted that I lost this so same thing I might put in there are you trapped in a career you know you don’t love you don’t love ? and then a real estate career with and I want you feel this is important part if you make the at sign and then you put in coldwell banker schmidt family of companies might pop up or you can look down here you scroll through to find your particular office one so let’s say for example I’m going to do this one for Whitehall here’s Whitehall right here so I’m going to click this one and it’s pop up the facebook page for Whitehall so that’s good because I want people to be able to click through to that so realistic career with coldwell banker woodland Schmidt Whitehall and then I could put in blah blah blah blah blah and I could put in here call me and put my my office number blah blah blah blah blah or visit this website and again i’m going to give you this text in the email of wwc be great lakes calm / careers and put it in there and then at the end i’d like you to put it in some hashtag hashtag coldwell banker or hashtag gen Bleu for awesomeness or whatever those hashtags that might may have put in a couple 123 put in a couple hashtags at the end so now I’ve got my dialogue here my text some links to my Facebook page some hash tag that might directly linked to something you have in Twitter or whatever the case may be and then your video is there now i’ve noticed i’m posting it only to me at this stage you would make sure this says to public maybe you want only to your friends i put it only to me because i’m doing right now as a demo here I don’t want to blast this out until I’m confident exactly what i want to do so then i’m going to hit post once i know the audience hit post and that post is going to pop up and here’s what it’s going to look like it’s going to put in that text you can see that this is clickable you can see the website is clickable you can see the hashtags are there and you can see the video is here and if someone clicks the video they’ll be able to watch that video direct from you’re getting it right here scared of it so I’m not going to put you through all watching that but it’s a good way to put in a quality recruiting type advertisement into facebook now you want to take in the next step further anyone and you do have a business page and you want to boost this link please reach out to myself for Fred’s specifically Fred because he’s the Guru with this and he could help navigate boosting in particular add to a particular demographic so say you want to send it to a certain age bracket a certain geography I need an agent and twin little late because I know we have a huge demand twin lake we don’t have any representation in terms of an agent that lives in that market so maybe I want to send this ad everybody that’s affiliated with twin late we can we can target audience this ad through that business page Jen will be a good asset to help you do that if you’re not already doing it we’ve done some blue things on it from a agent perspective we can do the same sort of thing for five bucks you could you could boost it to that particular target market and then have folks in that area see what you’ve posted so so that’s kind of a quick five minute whatever that was a minute tutorial on craigslist and facebook we’re going to get all the stuff out to end the goal is to get out two in the first week of februari we’re a little slow as we’re trying to put all this together this month but moving forward I would like to continue doing this so look for this video look for the the assets to use in the videos or in the post craigslist of both Facebook here right shortly thanks everybody have a great day. .