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Oh hey there sparks and hello to my facebook community and hello here to my new community as well on I’m going to tell you I have so many people that ask me spark how do you make money on or how are people making money on guess what people are not making money on or at least the majority I say 95% it might be higher than that are not making money directly from Google Adsense so I think that a lot of people are seeing you have you know subscribers and you’re making thousands of dollars a month from google adsense guys that’s not the case I know someone with over 50,000 views on their channel and they’re probably making less than a few hundred dollars a month from google absence yeah even and you know what a lot of people their networks are claimed by a certain you know company they make fifty percent of the revenue sometimes twenty percent because you can negotiate it and then their content becomes what’s called Creative Commons where anyone can actually use their content and grow channels and collect monies from google adsense they’re not making money per se from you use as a catalyst in your business you’re using it to build loyal loyal community loyal subscribers you’re using it to make sure that you’re building relationships and that you’re engaging because people do business with people that they know they like and they trust so you’re building up the trust factor with video you’ll see me you see me interacting you see me connecting to see me moving around you hear my voice and this is going to my auditory learners this is going to my visual learners and for some of you this can be handled and I say hey go write this down when you’re reading a book of mine and you’re watching the video now you don’t even hear your voice you hear my voice in that video so it’s not again don’t think of it in terms of making all this money from google adsense you’re gonna make pennies if you’re playing that game you want to think how can i build a community how can i engage with people how can I build subscribers and then now if I have a product that I want to market I have a community to market to now if I have something going on in my city or a workshop I have a community to market to same thing with the Facebook concept people aren’t making money on facebook and in facebook the platform you have to pay to play you got a big large community on Facebook they are investing in pay per click which is one of the reasons not that I have a strong dislike but for part time entrepreneurs they’re growing their pages they get frustrated because you get stuck at around a thousand likes you like what should i do you got invest I mean Facebook’s not even showing you know my constant I might have 50 people that see post or 300 I’m have almost 6,000 people on the page you have to pay to play is awesome because you don’t have to pay to play if you have my book secrets revealed the beginner’s guide to online video marketing you know there are a couple tips that you can do a couple strategies a couple secrets you can do to add contacts it will grow your list or share videos but i’ll tell you never buy subscribers never by views never buy facebook likes guys don’t get and all that craziness they will shut your channel down but i hope that you understand you’re not actually making money on it’s making money as a funnel through you get more comfortable in front of the camera you know how to produce her from national television network contact me I was on TV flew out to New York and I did that because of because I had videos on because that energy going on so that’s how you’re making money from eventually I don’t recommend that your cable in those Google Labs since you got a few thousand subscribers or a few hundred before you’re not making money from it instead focus on content focus on engaging make sure you get a copy of my book the secrets avail because it’s going to help you understand how to optimize your title your tags your content be very consistent you can’t go months without making a video and say nobody’s subscribing to my channel why would they so keep it relevant keep it you know keeping an informational look at channels that you enjoy watching you know my husband always used loves Phil De.Franco and he’s watching for years but we’ve seen him all over the years if you want to do natural hair do natural hair you want to do makeup or lipstick tutorials do whatever there’s nothing new Under the Sun and you know people will come to you and say oh I already saw that video somewhere so what who cares get out there share your voice make something happen and leave a mark on this world that cannot be a race I’ll see you in the next video and I pray that you actually get this because is a phenomenal platform video marketing rocks and it will get you so far in your business you’re preserving memories and also in your life see you in the next video peace you. .