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Actress Priyanka Chopra is facing the wrath of trollers on social media again after she posted a pouty picture of herself on photo has sparked rumors of a lip job, with users claiming her lips look bigger than before.

A lot has been written about Priyanka Chopra’s enviable fuller lips earlier as many believe the actor has gone under the knife for lip The actress has however repeatedly denied the allegations.

“I have never felt the need for any enhancement surgery. What I have is what I have been blessed with,” she had said in an interview to an english daily.

The actress had also said that she does not let trolling affect her because she gets so much love on her social media accounts at the same time.

Do you think she has gone under the knife to get fuller lips? Check out the pic and let us know in the section!

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Priyanka Chopra in fact is one of those superstars who keep their fans updated about that person and to facialized by various social media platforms either like all celebrities PC to experience the rocks of online trolls Simon again the global superstar posted a summer selfie but the photos part of rumors of another lip job with many claiming that her lips look fuller than before.