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Today is a Q & A part 1. I am answering questions from all about my husband to YouTube. Come watch and see what my answers are on this answer and question video.

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hey you guys and welcome back to my channel you guys are new my name is Kimberly and welcome to style mom XO this is the channel war I basically try and make mom life easier whether it is with cooking cleaning beauty tips anything across the board I just try and help you mama’s out so if you guys are new to the channel I would love for you guys to go ahead and subscribe push that red button down below if you click the bell and that is what will notify you guys whenever a new video goes up so today obviously you can tell by the title it is a Q&A most likely part one I’m gonna jump right into it because I have a lot of questions if you guys are not following me on my social media Instagram at Facebook the links are inside the description box go ahead and do that because that is where I asked if you guys have any questions for a Q&A video to go ahead and ask them there so make sure to go ahead and check that out if you guys are not doing that go ahead and turn that off already it’s my girl Meg from love me hold on let me see what you guys say okay so I’m gonna try and keep my answers a short sweet to the point so then they don’t drag on for a long time if you can tell by the time and this is like a long video go ahead pause me go get a snack go get a coffee a tea something like that then go ahead and come on back most likely this is gonna be a two part series so we’re gonna go ahead and jump right into it I’m going to start off with Facebook first since I didn’t get as many questions as I did on Instagram so let me go ahead and pull that up okay so I know I’m not gonna be able to pronounce half of these names and so I’m just gonna go ahead and read it the question I hope that’s okay with you guys so question number one how many hours do you put into is these days there’s not enough hours to go ahead and count when it turns into a career a job you put a lot more effort into it and then when you first started of course I absolutely love my career and job so they’re happy hours but for one video it could be from the time you can get ready set up film download the footage and edit upload comments social media pushing it out everything it could be anywhere between 6 to 8 hours just for one video in a day I pretty much work from 8 to 3 8 to 4 and then even after dinner time with the kids our bed I’ll go ahead and work on for a little bit so a lot of hours question number two what does your husband do for a living I can’t get into details on that he is a behind the scenes type of husband he doesn’t like to be in front of the camera that’s just the way he always has been the way he is so I try and respect his privacy and what he likes and he works for human resources for our company and they kind of give us a lot of our opportunity to move if we choose to a lot of people thinks he’s military because of all the times that we have moved he is not military but yeah he just works for hnr he’s in management and that’s all that I can really say about that what prompted you to start filming where does your motivation come from I went ahead and started filming that for two reasons one is I don’t think I’ve ever said this but when we first moved from California over to Virginia I started filming kind of vlogging I guess in a way our family stuff that we were doing and then editing videos and emailing it out to friends and family so they could keep up with what we were doing and the kids growing up and everything and I kind of fell in love with the whole filming editing and seeing the finished product and then I had wanted to start a channel probably two years prior to that and since I was a stay at home mom and I was out there and really didn’t have I guess friends at the time out there I wanted something for myself and I really didn’t see like beauty mom channels out there at the time and so I thought you know what what the heck my friend Kim from back in California I kind of was like gave me that little push to talk to my husband and everybody was on board and and that’s what I did the motivation part is just like I love interacting with you guys just hearing your guys’s positive feedback and I’m just kind of loving the tips and the videos and the footage I’m putting out there really helps motivate me myself to go ahead and keep going have you ever basically had a chore chart for your kids I have tried actual chore charts and they have not worked in my personal opinion for my particular family and children for me as long as they know what their chores are and everybody is understood what the chores are so when I tell them hey you need to go ahead and empty out the trash because that’s your chore they know no questions asked and they get it done somebody asked are you single obviously they haven’t been watching my channel um love your haircut thank you I’m just starting a channel and would love to know what gave you the courage to start your channel and how do you deal with negativity I really don’t deal with the negativity I kind of just let it roll off my back and I would have to say that there’s been two comments that really really really hit hard to me and I am the first one to defend myself somebody went ahead and said if I don’t use neck cream that I should start because the lines on my neck are basically disgusting I was like well one of them is a scar because I used to have tyroid cancer thank you very much she’s like oh I’m sorry I didn’t know it’s like yeah you guys don’t know every single aspect of our life or like prior and then somebody had said something about like me not being a good role model and I took really big offence to that and I of course I defended myself and a lot of my subscribers defended me as well and she came back and like apologized and said I didn’t mean it in that way this is the way that I meant it and I totally accepted her apology it was not water underneath the bridge but as far as just like daily little comments go those people are going through stuff you let it roll off your back and keep it moving what gave you courage you just gotta do it you just gotta do it you just gotta put yourself out there and just go ahead and do it it’s just rip off the band aid and get it done where did you guys get your kids names my son Danny his first name is actual Daniel just like my husband and so he is a junior so that’s where that came from and then my daughter nabe it’s actually heaven backwards and I actually heard Nevaeh from a TV show back when I was in high school it was a TV show and I heard that name and absolutely fell in love with it where do you find most of your home decor I love your style thank you pretty much this house is living spaces target and then a store it used to be called plumbers furniture but now I think it’s like Scandinavian Japanese I don’t remember the name of it but if you put in plumbers furniture then it will go ahead and pop up our sofas from Macy’s how do you get your kids to clean I started them when they were extremely extremely little with dance parties and just I mean from the time that they could walk if your kids can walk they can help pick up their toys make it fun make it a game obviously they’re not cleaning toilets or anything like that but you know at the end of the night I have them walk with you and help pick up your toys and put on some music and just make it fun the funner that you make it when they’re a little they realize that it’s not that big of a deal as they get older so and that’s what I you used to do when they were smaller what are some of your favorite channels girl there’s too many to even obviously one of my best friends here on Meg with love May Lindsey with Lindsey’s life and style Karen from our Irish family I mean there’s just so many mom and channels Michelle Pearson beauty channels there’s Alex Alexandria and Garza Nicole Guerrero I love mommy channel she’s in her apron beauty person Casey Holmes Jacqueline Hill I love to watch mom Channel and Jordan page happily a housewife keep calm and clean obviously I am attached to millennial moms so of course millennial moms let me see here fancy that with Candace bring on a ke Frieda frugal Jamie night mama from scratch the fudge the family fudge I mean the list goes on yeah honestly I don’t subscribe to somebody if I allegedly don’t watch them or wouldn’t want to watch them so I only subscribe to channels that I watch okay next up do you clean it more often and then your power hour or is that your cleaning or the week no I only do a Power Hour once a week and then usually on a Fridays I will go ahead and do a deep clean on everything so kind of my power hours just kind of may maintain if there was something that I didn’t get to or just got dirty over the weekend I’ll go ahead and do it like if I didn’t get to like the kids bathrooms on a Friday then I’ll go ahead and do that in a power hour but a power hours basically just to try and keep up maintain and get stuff done that I didn’t get into on that Friday last question on Facebook how was your journey from the start how did you plan and how often do you post what are your routine for all the things you had to do I started a channel but I’m having trouble finishing my routine my biggest problem is editing and posting a lot of times especially when I first started I bulk recorded so I would go ahead record for videos in a day and I started off one day week and bumped up to two then three and now pretty much five days a week so it’s just all on what you can fit in if you can set aside two days out of the month if you’re posting one day a week and sit down and film all your videos one day edit them all the next day then you have time to go ahead and film without being stressed out okay guys so I think that’s gonna be it for part one I see here that I’m about 10 minutes or so so I think that’s gonna end it so I’m gonna pretty much call this my Q&A from Facebook and then part two will go ahead and be Instagram so if I didn’t answer your question because you asked it on Instagram and that will cut me coming up shortly after this and that is it if you guys are new once again go ahead and subscribe and join my family here at SIA mom XO I hope you guys enjoyed this Q&A if you guys have any more questions at all go ahead and leave them down in the comments and then I can go ahead and answer those on a next round of questions I hope you guys enjoyed this video until next time we will see you guys in the next one bye you guys.