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hello everybody welcome to a journey East and my name is LJ and I have some exciting things to share with you guys today if you haven’t yet please make sure to subscribe to this channel if you are new here we do a lot of fun things and you’re not going to want to miss out on what’s in store for you so for those of you who have been watching me for a while I have an exciting announcement I’ve been alluding to it and talking about it a little bit today I’m going to share that exciting thing with you guys in the form of a Q&A video well the queue days are going to come afterwards but I thought that this would be a really good tie in because one of the biggest questions that I got in one of the most frequent questions I get is how I started my career how I started freelancing how I became a social media manager how I got involved in social media and all that stuff in general so one way that I kind of start in social media was by taking online courses and I really recommend this if you are looking to jump off on your own and you know do things that aren’t guided by a company or something like that because if you’re looking to freelance you’re really looking to become an expert in your industry right and knowledge is power especially in social media where things change so much and you really have to be super entrepreneurial online courses were super super helpful for me I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on on online courses you guys and I mean I think it’s totally worth it I have you know hashtag no regrets but what I decided to do was take some of the best tips that I’ve learned and that I’ve taught my coaching clients and put them into one online course for you guys so I’m super super excited I think that this is like the most amazing value like I wish that this existed when I was first starting and was totally clueless about my career and about social media management and about freelancing so the course has not officially launched yet but it is available for presale now and if you pre register you’re getting an amazing discount even more of a value than it is if you wait until I officially launch so I’m going to make sure to leave that link down below if you have any interest please go check it out if you’re hesitant you can also just sign up for email updates so you’ll get you know some more information about the course periodically and then you will learn when the webinar goes live and when it’s officially available to start learning so I’m really excited for you guys it covers everything from building website how my self built all of my website know how but like I got no help at all I didn’t ever hire in it when I talk about how to price your products how to package your products how to just be professional how to learn you know what’s the new what’s new in social media how to structure your meetings literally go over all of that so it’s an amazing value thank you guys for listening if you’re not interested I still have a really big request for you guys I know anybody who’s interested I would love love love if you could pass along the link to them or pass along this video it’s a journey East comm slash course they can pre register and sign up there it would mean a lot to me this is my first real product I’ve done coaching sessions and things like that with people individually but this is my first product sale so I’m looking for it to be a good launch and I would really really appreciate it if you guys spread word okay so onto the Q&A this will be a little bit more of the fun stuff and you know you know you know you know so first questions um do you have kids and whoa whoa whoa I don’t have kids do you want kids and do you have siblings yes I have one sister she’s my half sister but she is my full sister as far as I’m concerned she’s five years older than me and she has three adorable children and do I want kids probably someday I never wanted any kids until this relationship that I’m in now but I think that I do want them eventually but just like not anytime soon I’m 25 and I feel like thirty is probably the youngest that I would be ready and willing to have children if something happens between now and then I’m fully prepared and equipped and like I can do it and I would do it but I don’t particularly want toughts on snapchat versus Instagram I actually made a video like I did a vlog and I talked about most of my feelings on this so I’ll leave it down below since then it kind of changed my mind I’ve been reading a lot about snapchat and just their racial insensitivity I’m also going to leave that link down below there’s a media management tool buffer they posted something on their blog that really resonated with me and I kind of am NOT a big fan of snapchat after learning those things and really about it it’s up to you to decide but I don’t know yeah I totally feel like Instagram stories swagger jack swagger jacked I don’t even know what to say I kept saying that my video people are making fun of me they totally stole snapshots idea definitely but I don’t really know that I fully support either of them ethically now because it’s just it’s there’s a lot there’s a lot involved in that and things are most excited about for fall boots sweaters scarves basically being comfy all the time and what you’re wearing like I have this shirt on right now and it’s really hot and that’s why I’m jittering around and what do you call it fidgeting fidgeting around because it’s very uncomfortable I’m just excited to be warm and got the favorite r to watch I would say I was just talking about this as watching one of her videos earlier I really loved Lindsey Hughes I love that she’s shifted to doing vlogging because that’s really like I barely watch beauty videos anymore unless they’re from really good friends or I’m really like need an answer to something if I’m like oh I don’t know how to use this product or I’m thinking about buying this product but just on a day to day I don’t really watch them and there’s no shade to any rs I think you guys are amazing I just have kind of shifted out of that period of my life so I really like Lindsey Hughes I also love Calum kenzie kaitlyn mckenzie i just posted a tweet the other day she can make me buy anything without even trying she’s not even affiliated with this planner company but like she should be I hope that they sponsor her after seeing that tweet because she’s done that to me twice now I got the Elizabeth and James Nirvana dry shampoo and this planet from her from her suggestions and I just I think she’s so cool and so awesome and same with Lindsay Hughes and I’m just really everyone from that group as well Lexie Lombard I love her body is always so cool Claudia so loose key I just think they’re all like super woke BAE’s by the way and just really cool and I like thoughts on oh wait no no we won’t get to that too yet how long have been gluten free I think it’s been three years not three years two years I think ish years two and a half year about two years I think my friend Katie shoutout to Katie who doesn’t watch my videos but she is the one who suggested I do it I was having a lot of migraines a lot of nausea just a lot of weird symptoms and she was like have you ever tried restricting your diet tried it and I’m never going to go back thoughts on censorship snap censorship is the first thing so it’s your ship is the wrong word like I totally feel for people who do full time and they’re you know worried about their ad revenue and things like that I totally get that but censorship isn’t the right word because that’s not what’s happening what’s happening is they’re you know restricting the ad sales essentially and I think I’m not really the best person to ask because I live kind of both worlds like yeah I get paid from ads but at the same time I’m not worried at all about any of the content I put out because one I don’t post like clickbait I don’t post you know highly suggestive material I don’t post anything about illegal things or violence you know my videos are pretty PG maybe pg 13 on a wild day so there’s that but then also I don’t make all of my money from I have multiple revenue streams I have a social media business I have my blog I have sponsorships that I do and I have a nine to five job so ads really are just a very small percentage of my income so I don’t really care that much on a per click they could stop monetizing videos so totally and I would just be like I mean that sucks it’s like a little bit of pocket change but it’s not like anything like my full time income so I totally feel for people who this is their full time income and they do this full time and they have a bunch of subscribers but at the same time it just goes back to that point I don’t think you should ever even even if you’re not a r even if you’re just a normal person with a normal job this is advice for you don’t ever just have one revenue stream you know if it’s having like an NC shop on the side or having a blog on the side or you know just like putting affiliate links somewhere like you should always have multiple revenue streams because you never know when one of them is going to die oh okay I saw that you posted a picture at a Joe Stein rally are you going to vote for her I’ve also got questions about what are my thoughts on Donald Trump what are my thoughts on her like Clinton blah blah I really don’t like to talk about politics a lot because I think it’s a very personal thing and I don’t I know some people look up to me and strange way I don’t know why cuz I don’t know what I’m doing here in this thing called life but you know I don’t ever want to like sway people because it’s it’s totally your decision and I it’s just a hot button topic jill saying though I loved it I’m so glad I went to the Jill sign rally she’s a brilliant person and I really respect her like I said in that image is that I really respect her I probably won’t be voting for her because you know I mean she’s polling at like 2% or 1% or something I mean it’s just not a super wise choice in my opinion someday I would love the opportunity to vote for her if she was a major viable candidate I would love to so I’ll say that I mean do I even need to say how I feel about Donald Trump though and I’m not going to get into the other one because let’s just say this election is tough baby next place you want to travel but it says next place you will travel that’s a good question I don’t have any solid travel plans I can’t have anything booked yet but I do know that I’ll probably be having to go to Chicago soon for one of my freelancing clients and that’s really about it that’s all the only things that I know for sure that I have to do I might be going to New York this winter for another client as well or the same client actually I’m not 100% either of those yet though but definitely for fun like Norris and I have been talking like we really need to go somewhere cool like outside of the country together we’ve been tossing around ideas of going on like a cruise or even tossing around ideas of going to Europe and mature all I haven’t been to Montreal Canada in like years and that’s my favorite place that’s part of my heritage and so I’ve been missing it and it’s a super easy trip it’s like five hours from here so we may just do that on a weekend or something I also really want to go to Toronto which is pretty close to Detroit as well relatively close so we’ll see but I’ll definitely keep doing travel Diaries seems like you guys have been liking those and I love filming them so I’ll definitely take you guys along wherever I go next anyway I’m going to end this QA hope you guys enjoyed it let me know if you guys have any other questions feel free to tweet them to me I just like collect them randomly you can also leave comment down below let me know if you like this thumbs up this video if you did and do not forget to check out my course I’m going to link the landing page for it down below it also be here one last time and like please share with a friend if you know anyone who’s interested in getting into this industry it means a lot to me and I’ll keep you guys posted you know as it gets closer to launch but I’m excited I hope you guys are excited as well thanks for checking it out and I will see you guys next time bye.