Social Media Jobs

If youre thinking about hiring a social media manager or agency congratulations! Its a big step! Youre choosing somebody to really represent your company. Were here today to give you some must asked questions to help you choose the perfect agency or manager.

Lets be honest, it can be a tough decision to choose a marketing agency. You have to find somebody who understands your core values and ideals, and they have to be someone who you trust. All of this is compounded because of how important marketing and social media management is now. Everyone expects now that if they look up a company online there will be a real presence online.
You essentially have three options when it comes to social media management: hire a full-time in-house manager, add another duty to a current employees job, or to look outside of your business and hiring an agency.

Once youre ready to take the jump and hire a social media manager, youll want to find several agencies or people to interview. Narrow it down from a list; its a great idea to pick up on the agencies who are active on social media, who know what they are doing. It sound silly, but its often not something that people dont think of when looking for an agency! But, they need to be able to first and foremost represent themselves.

Without further ado, the 10 questions you need to.

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