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hello 🙂 quick phone video to let u guys know what’s going on!! I haven’t even started packing yet help

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hey guys jela and I just wanted to make a quick video to let you guys know a couple things and snuggles is trying to include yourself in the video but before I make the announcement that I have to make I am going to try again to do a Twitter QA and I know this is the third time I’ve initiated a QA and I haven’t done one yet but I promise I’m gonna do this one I’m feeling at this time and I need to make a hashtag and i think im just gonna do ask jenna nickol 112 again and I’ll do I think I got a couple questions last time and I’ll just include all of them so i promise i’m actually gonna do this time probably sometime mid august and i’m excited i’ve been wanting to do that but i don’t know why i haven’t I just don’t think I’ve gotten enough questions to do one yet but I’m gonna do that and now I am letting guys know that i am going to myrtle beach i’m leaving on friday morning and i’m going with Lizzy and i’m really excited I don’t have my own laptop so I cannot bring it on vacation which means i won’t be posting any videos until I get back but i will try to take a lot while I’m there and I’m really excited i won’t with Lizzie last year i don’t know if you guys remember last year I took a couple videos and I’ll make a little playlist and put them together and you guys can watch them if you want while I’m gone we’re staying at the same resort that we stayed at last year so pretty excited and I’m excited to just leave all of my problems back in PA and not have to work I didn’t get to tell you guys in person yet about my job I am a housekeeper at macys now and it is like a dream come true because I’ve been looking for so long for just a cleaning job ever since I got my first job I just wanted to find something that wasn’t dealing with people and I could just do my own thing and clean and now i can do that but the bad thing my shift starts at six in the morning so i have to get up it may be four thirty in the morning to work and it is just wearing me out so bad so I’m excited to go on vacation and not have to work and you’ll be exciting so I just wanted to let you guys know about that and I will be back soon I think I’m getting back on August second i’m pretty sure but um if you guys want to keep up with me while i’m there you can follow me on twitter and instagram and add me on snapchat and all of that so thank you guys for watching this ask me questions on twitter with the hashtag ask jenna nicole 112 and i will do that sometime in august so thank you guys for watching I will see you guys soon bye.