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Discussing my take on the pros and cons of the world of social media in this month’s Heart to Heart. Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing tool that has allowed people around the world to connect faster and share amazing things. And frankly my job is based around social media. But with that said, knowing where the line between reality vs life on social media is important for living a balanced and happy life. Remember, connecting online doesn’t replace valuable face time with the people you love. Let me know your thoughts below and thumbs up for more heart to hearts!


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hi everyone welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to talk to you guys about something that’s very very important to me because it’s something that I go through on a daily basis it’s a non stop battle and that is reality versus life on social media so the first thing I talk to you guys is confidence this is a tricky one because on social media especially on Instagram it has become a platform where you post your most beautiful and glamorous work and it’s easy to assume that whatever people pose is a reflection of their life alright for example myself I take a lot of time to curate my photos before I post them and it’s easy for someone on the other side who is actually following me to assume that I live this 100% all day every day super glamorous super chic that is like point zero zero zero one percent of their life I’m just saying that you have to be realistic with what you see there is this photo of me and Chloe and you guys I’m so sorry about my craft phone I just cracked it in New York we took this photo before I was heading to New York but what you guys don’t know about this photo is that it was like the most emotional day that I had because it was a day before that was leading to New York and I didn’t want to leave because it’s always so hard for me to leave Chloe so I was just in a really really just down kind of depressed mood so obviously it’s a beautiful photo and it’s very glamorous and chic but you can’t judge a person of how they are who they are what they’re doing just based on a photo so keep in mind guys Instagram is not a way to measure your life your life is perfect as it is it’s unique to your very own story and just keep mine the next time you’re on Instagram and scrolling through these beautiful photos it’s really important to be considerate and be sensitive to the environment you’re in and the people around you with social media because there might be some people that just really want their own private time their private life to be respected so for example when I’m here at the office when I’m working it’s all you know it’s accepted that we’re always on the phone because that’s what we do here whereas when I’m out with my personal friends I don’t really use social media unless there’s like a really big moment but I always ask them if it’s okay to snapchat something or if it’s okay to Instagram because you can’t just assume that everyone will be okay having you share your their life with your followers or the rest of the world so that is something to keep in mind it just respect other people and their environment and just their space when you see something amazing or you’re at an amazing location maybe it’s on a vacation or I don’t know an amazing collection on the runway it’s so easy to get excited and want wanting to document everything that you kind of just forget to actually enjoy it and the ones the show’s over or once the vacations over you don’t really remember it seeing it with your own eyes except for snapchatting it or Instagram me and I’m totally guilty of this because when I used to go on vacations I would just go Instagram crazy and I forgot you forgot to enjoy the moment things are very different now just because I’ve learned that there is a method and a strategy to actually get your content of what you need and then just again putting the phone away and actually just enjoying it and this is also something that I’ve been doing during Fashion Week doing runway shows so my tip to you guys and this is something that I’ve applied to my life is get it out of the way in the beginning go Instagram crazy to get all the photos that you need and then put your phone away and actually enjoy the food that you’re eating actually enjoy the vocation that you’re on I promise it will change your life it’s so important to connect with the people that you love you’re your closest friend the founding member of wine because it’s so easy to assume that they just know everything about you if they follow you on Instagram and snapchat but it’s still so important to have that real Face.Time and connecting with them for example my mom my mom is probably my number one fan she watches my snapchats like a hundred times a day mainly for Chloe not for me I get it but we still make an effort to catch up over Face. Time or just talking on the phone at least two to three times a week and we literally just sit there and catch up for an hour sometimes two hours because there are so many things that I don’t talk about or don’t show in my life on my social media channels I still want to want my mom to know about me there’s something very important and intimate about having that Face. Time with people so don’t forget that don’t undervalue the importance of having a real conversation with someone don’t let social media replace real conversations true intimate moments with your closest friends and family members so that pretty much wraps my thoughts and tips on social media I hope that you found some encouraging ways to disconnect and actually connect with the people that you guys really truly are close to and that you love so I would love to keep this open conversation open dialogue going I would love to hear what your thoughts are on social media how has a help drew how has it hurt or hindered you make sure leave a comment down below I would love to hear what’s going on in your head right now and oh let me know what else you guys want to see for the next heart to heart video all right guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time. .