Social Media Jobs

Learn more about employee social media use inside and outside of the workplace.

today one out of four individuals use social media which equates to 1.7 3 billion people globally Americans spend 74 billion minutes or 20% of their time on social media sites social media use is a phenomenon that’s clearly here to stay both in our personal and professional lives with the lines increasingly becoming blurred between them here are a few fast facts 3 out of 4 employees currently access social media once a day or more from personal mobile devices while at work one third use social media at work for at least an hour a day 40% of businesses in a recent survey reported having to discipline employees for misuse of social networking in the workplace and it’s been estimated that employee use of social media on the job cost the American economy 650 billion dollars annually in addition to being mindful of on the job challenges companies also need to be conscious of employee use of social media outside of the workplace almost one quarter of employees believe it’s acceptable to share opinions about work via social media and 15% say that if their employer did something they didn’t agree with they would comment about it online despite these i opening statistics fewer than 10% of companies currently offer social media training to their employees and fewer than half have social media policies that extend to employees outside of work since both the benefits and risks of social media are so significant employers simply can’t afford to ignore the importance of providing proper training which is exactly why your company needs weak implies responsible social media use training course this 25 minute online course provides employees with common sense guidelines and tools to educate them on the responsible professional and personal usage of social media ensure that your company’s employees follow smarter social media practices sign up today for a free course demo. .