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Resume – Social Media Manager

Thank you for viewing my video cv. Please scroll down for information on opportunities I have a particular interest in. As promised in the video, here are to my resume and other relevant information.

* My Resume:

I am interested in positions that involve, but are NOT LIMITED to, the following DEVELOPMENTdevelop strategy and its components to create a vibrant, engaging and online presence:

+ Create a destination and manage the quality of its upkeep. management.
+ Produce story-rich and evocative web-optimized copy (including internal/client documents); video series; comics; podcast series; user-generated copy and schedule.
+ Monitor, moderate and manage online community efforts. As an advocate, ensure vibrant, engaging, responsive, and positive user experiences.
+ Travel to promote and support events (conferences/meetups) with video interviews and from consumers and influencers.

ONLINE MARKETING optimize online marketing to increase brand awareness and drive new customer optimization

(a) home landing browse results key words; nav path (engage and move the prospect along), calls to action.
(b) building, bookmarks, directories, review PPC.

Metricsmeasure strategies, activities, and their results

(a) Design and manage conversion funnellead gen through booking and subsequent follow on.
(b) Testing, tracking and analysisyield, ROI; utilize Google Analytics and other appropriate tools.


+ Proactively develop and implement employer marketing and branding strategy, coordinating with stakeholders across the Company.
+ Manage social media recruiting initiatives and day-to-day activates. Duties include online advocacy, community-outreach efforts, promotions, etc.
+ Maximize the impact and quality of the Careers the employment application process, and overall online presence for recruiting initiatives.
+ Establish employer branding strategies through use of appropriate trade journals, networking events and conferences.
+ Monitor effective benchmarks for measuring the impact of marketing and social media programs on recruiting initiatives.
+ Monitor trends in social media tools, trends and applications
+ Prominently represent the company in the public domain (trade shows, conferences, et cetera) and directly with prospective candidates via social media.
+ Collaborate across the organization, building relationships across the marketing, PR, HR, and organizations.


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hi my name is Jim and I have had some success in the area of social media content development community management public speaking online research and recruitment now I say all of that because presently I am open to new opportunities and i am seeking to network with decision makers who may have an interest in my particular skillset as a matter of convenience i have included in the video description a link to my resume my linkedin profile and my home page which has additional information about my career highlights so all that being said will I hear from you soon I hope so hmm until then operators are standing by you.