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Visit us at ( This video explains how to source candidates from various Job Portals with one button collect candidate information by posting Jobs on Social Media platform and by Uploading candidate on CRM dashboard in bulk:

1. Right Recruiters CRM has one Import Feature that allows a user to extract all the candidate information and resume from famous Job Portals and save it in dashboard.
2. With your Right Recruiters CRM dashboard you can easily send 100s of mails to potential candidates from your dashboard. The mail will have a where candidates could see all the information regarding Job Opening and complete job description and also apply for the Job Opening from that mail itself by submitting their resume and other necessary details
4. With Right Recruiters CRM, consultants can upload 100s of leads directly into their dashboard through an excel sheet. This feature is particularly useful for Bulk hiring positions and tailor made for BPO Consultants.


1. Save time spent on typing information of each new candidate.
2. Easily target potential candidates, keep your pipeline of Candidates always full.
3. Promote brand name of your Recruitment Consultancy firm, attract 100s of candidates through social media and other Job Portals.
4. Gain an edge in your BPO Hiring through our Bulk Upload feature. Upload your candidate list from Excel and send mailers to 100s of potential candidates in one single.

hello friends and welcome to right recruiters in this video we are going to discuss how to gather the details of your candidate from various job portals and social networking sites the first method by which you can gather the candidate details is by one click import this feature comes as an extension to your Chrome browser and by using this feature you can extract the details of all your candidates from various job portals and social networking sites and just a single click let’s see how you first log in into your CRM account and you click on add manually under add candidates then you go to the social networking site or the job portal from where you want to extract the details of your candidate currently I am extracting the details of a candidate from my linden profile let’s say we select a candidate Sajid Khan I want to extract the details of this person so I will click on this profile I will click on this extension uncle and then I will on load form as soon as I do this all the details are extracted into the dashboard it has been extracted in just a single click this was with linden profile similarly you can integrate Facebook Twitter job portals like nakri Monster High real time charts comm any job portals you can integrate with your CRM account and extract the candidate details in just a single click for security reasons certain things like contact number and mail item are not extracted so you enter this still manually when you exchange the details of the candidate along with these details are also extracted in a PDF format the further link for that PDF format I copy this link I choose a file and this file gets attached as a resuming with this format now I will share these need details to 1/2 feet one candidate detail in the dashboard you can do it by clicking on on leads to a solid car and here are details when I click on the resume it will show me the detail resuming of the candidate now coming to the second method by which we can gather the candidate details are by sending milk to the candidates directly from the dashboard so I will select the candidate home I want to mail and gather their details the selecting candidates and I will click on the request details uncle I will select the client the job title type or mail message and click on send mail to candidates so automatically a meal will be sent to these candidates that will inform them about this job opening by a judge client and there will also be a link in this meal on which the candidate can click and further detailed information and submitted back to us then the third way of gathering the candidate details is by posting the job opening on various job portals and social networking sites as we have seen earlier that when we post the job on any social networking site or job portals along with this job posting on link is also there where the candidate can click and he can service detailed information and submitted battlers and largely the other way of gathering candidate details is by uploading bulk candidates from your excel sheet this feature is particularly useful in BPO hiring so to upload bulk candidate you click on upload back down to it click on upload new left give this list running choose an excel file okay I choose versus file and I click on open I click on upload candidate list now it will ask me to map the headings on the excel sheet with the resumes fits so with the nail I map full name e mail aunty mobile number under graduation degree and experience and I save this list in the dashboard so the just one click I have uploaded nine candidates and one ago we have a nine candidates I just uploaded you’ve all shown on David Tamayo Farooq VJ shemitah Sonic and Garden Show Lucia I can also be candidates by clicking on upload back candidates and created this list on 4th of May at 11:10 a.m. another nine candidates added this showing I can also click on new counted age and I can see the nine candidates I had added by upload bulk future so gathering your candidate details becomes very easy and time saving by these four methods in the next video we will discuss how to manage the job openings you created on this dashboard till then goodbye. .