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the missus here I’m opening Ojai was born ready luncheons ready we were ready one of my favorite shows on NBC now that canceled undateable I was so aggravated with a guy who are you aggravated thank you so much that’s great to hear the great Intercontinental Champion of all time thank you so much what you love that Norton couldn’t be here they’ve been amazing he did it on purpose I think he did I don’t think I forgot about what happened at Wrestle.Mania let me let me paint a picture for everyone out there the most must see W Prime the Miz okay we are at Wrestle. Mania and good old Sam and Jim Norton were having a show there they were inside the Elimination Chamber they had the the pick of the litter they had everything that seats in the house best seat in the house for media day oh yes I start early in the morning and I start going off on every single minute I couldn’t wait couldn’t wait to get to Sam and Jim because I just watched Jim’s comedy special on Netflix and I was like I couldn’t wait to talk to him about it you know give him a little promotion get a little buzz started about it you know that kind of thing I let him know the Miz is watching yeah yeah yeah I’m watching I I stayed up all night watching your comedy special now I want to tell mommy I liked it that’s so great so so then we go through the whole day it was like four hours of just non stop talking Wrestle. Mania at every interview and I thought you know what I’m gonna be the last interview of Jim and Sam I thought this is gonna be it right and you’re probably also thinking all these other interviews are getting repetitive it’s the same Wrestle. Mania question aboard right I want to get in there and what happens Oh as I’m stepping up to the elimination chamber getting ready to go on this interview they go Oh Sam and Jim are done they’re not doing any more interviews everyone else they were the only ones I didn’t get together so when I come here today right thinking you know what today will be the day I could talk to Jim about it’s a comedy special on Netflix right how much I enjoyed it and who sits in for him Ron Funches is here Ron Funches but you know what I’m happy about that because I I like I said I was a huge undateable fan thing I thought the live version was so much fun thank you was it fun how hard was that it was it was hard but also it was freeing because you’re like oh my god you’re gonna mess up you’re gonna make a mistake is there something is it kind of easier about doing it live because then it you just do it once there’s no retakes there’s no anything I wasn’t much better but you stumble your words you know yes that that’s the hard part leaving with WWE I will stumble words because sometimes I get so aggravated and frustrated that the words just don’t come out like you know when you’re aggravated you can’t you can’t speak yeah that’s how mad I get sometimes when I’m in the ring yeah but you know what but that’s why it works like some guys when they stumble over words live it’s like oh cuz there you can see in their eyes are trying to remember something in a script that’s awful as long as you as long as your face because your face gets all beat red and the vein in your forehead starts going so when you start stumbling on words and I like ugly when I’m mad is what you’re saying you look mad I do get really mad angry yeah but I believe you guys were doing it do you guys rehearse a lot did yeah did you rehearse a lot yeah you just you know you rehearse all through the week it was like I was like the closest I got to be in like on a sports team because you would just practice practice practice and then you have your game who would mess up the most brent brent morin he would mess up he had a lot of verbage though yeah he did he always had like he was always fast talking oh yeah why didn’t you give less lines to the guy who messed up the most but you can still mess up all the time yeah funny when he did it though yeah he wouldn’t mess up it was kind of fun ya know it worked and that’s what was good with me like I didn’t have like I would always have like just a little joke so I just walked through do my line and you know I still the show though was just one line that thank you so much i bet i always thought that but it’s nice to hear no it is that’s why you got the show on NBC as well the superhero show yes yeah let me ask you about live TV all right you’ve had your moments but I feel like you want to ask me questions I will now you want to ask you some questions six months later after after Wrestle. Mania loved me at Wrestle. Mania I thought it was so funny that Jim wasn’t gonna be here because you told me how upset you are about that like for months you’ve been telling me every time I see you yeah literally yes I’ll never forget the time you snubbed me and now Jim’s not even said I can’t wait to see Jim Sam so Jim’s not here ago what well I want to know about the live TV moment that you had because you very rarely I don’t know if I’ve seen you quote unquote mess up in many many many years at this point but you’re you’ve gotten very good at getting out of situations that could be a mess up and I think that’s why they put you on TV so much but how was the how was the ball family Lavar ball the Lavar i was there for that so what did you think of it you were there I was there and then I left like Miz does a segment communist TV where it’s an interview segment and Lavar ball comes out with his two kids and I guess the thought was since the one kid is gonna at that point he wasn’t on the Lakers yet or was he he was so that this was the first time that Lanza ball would be at Staples Center right as a as a Los Angeles Laker right an official Los Angeles Laker and so I walk into the into their their dressing room to go over the script you know like hey do you want to go over kind of what we’re it’s kind of a baseline this is what we’re kind of looking for do you want to go over it he goes nah we’re good that’s okay Carson yes I go are you sure he goes not we’re good I go all right so I guess we’re just gonna wing it out there sounds like a plan it really is amazing and I think that it’s it’s unique to wrestling because like nobody would go on SNL and act like now don’t worry we know what we’re doing don’t worry about us NL people but people think with wrestling that that oh this silly wrestling stuff I’ll be able to go out there and I’m gonna look super cool it’s one of the toughest jobs out there slightly you you’re performing in front of a live audience and you have hecklers I mean you’re a stand up comic hecklers can really get in your head yeah imagine if there’s 13 thousand of them and they’re encouraged the heck oh yeah how many clubs they throw you out yeah at wrestling shows they’re like you know more and more give us more give us more and sometimes it’s encouraged but sometimes there’s like one person that you can hear over everybody else and it’s just like oh this is so annoying you just ain’t gonna go over there and smack this but you obviously don’t and you obviously and no one else can hear them besides you right hand a couple people standing inside them so you like the asshole exactly so you’re like alright whatever but uh Lavar like I really like levar ball I really do I think he is uh he’s just a character and the way him and his son kind of go off of each other like Lanza was very quiet right and Hyrum it’s it’s very much like a person that like is like his promoter and he just you know this guy this guy this guy this guy and everyone hates the promoter but you like you can’t help but like Lonzo because he’s just a quiet kid and keeps his head down and works hard to try to be the best he possibly can be the thing I like about levar is that he promotes his kids like he is so supportive of his of his children like no matter what they do whether they’re in China doing something whether you know the kid is dropping bombs on on Monday Night Raw he is always stands behind them and always supports them so when he went when levar starts kind of coming at you and takes his shirt off because it felt in that moment like that was not something that had been pre planned it was not getting up on the ropes no it was not and I was like all right well I’m just gonna let him do his thing because guess what people are going to be talking about it for months on end and swear to you I’ve been doing media for the past few days for the challenge champs versus stars and that is one of the number one questions I get asked is about levar ball that’s how much of an impact he has people can’t people are always like ah Qun stan levar pol I hate talking about why are we talking about him because the guy knows how to create controversy and create drama that’s why he has a reality show on on Facebook and you know I applaud him for it you know it is one of those people that is like you love to hate him but no matter what you’re talking about him he’s a Kardashian if you will right and as a guy who’s perfected the role of bad guy like that you kind of appreciate that I would assume more than most I love it right for me personally it’s the way that they often portray a lot of black fathers in the media it’s just cool to see such an active father yeah I mean that’s what I’m saying like my dad I’ll call him every Monday and go dad what you think the show man Kofi Kingston is so good what Dad did you see what I did well yeah you’re okay but I mean you know man these other guys are something man Roman reigns that Superman punch to you yes dad I seen him punch me right in my face that’s nice thank you you know coming and then it made cut it make contact that’s great dad that so it’s cool to see a dad who was so supportive of his children now is there a part of you two that goes like okay because honestly your role in that position is to make the segment work right because the ball family that’s not where they are but do you really I keep it going and that’s exactly what I did when I felt like things were getting awkward or weird and move on and so that’s kind of what we did and sometimes you can’t control it well that’s what’s gonna happen when people don’t cooperate with you or do you get to a point where you just like you know what I’m gonna let you do it yeah I know exactly what you do and then you just keep them on track of where we’re going with the story and where we need to go and otherwise you just let them be because guess what people are going to be talking and that’s exactly what you want no matter what that that clip is looked at all the time on has ever looked out everywhere so sometimes the train wrecks are what people want to see look at every reality show out there right the train wrecks are what people want to see and the challenge champs versus stars that’s coming out this Tuesday yeah has all of that right the drama has the comedy it has a little bit of everything that you want it has Terrell Owens who is one of the most dramatic people in all of the NFL granted he is one of the greatest NFL wide receivers of all time but you put him up against a guy like CT how’s he gonna fare in that challenge yeah yes you like that did you like that it was so great oh good work how do you react in your own head when that little kid drops the end bomb in the middle of life I didn’t hear it you didn’t I didn’t hear you know there’s so much going on and you I think I think it was during Dean Ambrose’s music it was so you can’t really it in the in the in the ring sometimes you can’t even hear the person that is speaking to you like I’m literally a really good lip reader a lot of the time I guess there’s so much I did I was I was with you on one of the pre shows recently and like when we do the preachers you have to have earpieces in there turned up way lad cuz they’re in the middle of the crowd and Miz was Miz came on to say something to Kurt Angle and like I’m looking at the Miz and he’s going back and forth with Kurt Angle but he didn’t because he just kind of ran onto the set he wasn’t wearing earpieces so I’m letting here already so there’s no way you could hear or decide I loves lip reading I just lip and I know I know where I want to go and I know what I’m doing and it’s kind of like I just rip into people and then when I listen to them I’ll be like alright I think he probably said something along these lines cuz obviously is gonna disagree with whatever I say yeah so whatever his disagreement is I can just go off of it have you gotten to the point where you have like I don’t know if it’s a chip on your shoulder but the confidence of being like you know what I’ve definitely pays to be in the spot that I’m in I think I’m at a confidence level now that I’ve never had before and I’ve always been very confident but this is another whole nother level where I know what I’m doing I know where I want to go and I know what I need to do there was an interview that I actually listened to with John Cena where he said like he’s an elite level athlete he’s he’s elite and he needs to make people elite whenever he goes up against them and I was I was like God as much as I hate to give him credit where credit is due it’s exactly right if you’re an elite talent yeah you cannot allow anyone that comes into your I guess elite nests and take you down you have to be able to make them rise to your your level right and what I would do normally is like I don’t know if I would go to their level or whatever or just I would just let things be and now I don’t let things be right it’s I know what I’m doing I know how to get people to talk how to listen and how to make something really memorable and that’s exactly what I set out to do like this thing with Baron Corbin I’ve been having with a non Survivor Series we have Survivor Series this Sunday I knew we were gonna have zero TV time to do anything because he’s on Smackdown live and I’m on Raw and we have a match it’s the Intercontinental Champion versus United States Champion this should be a huge monumental match and we were giving no TV time so literally he came off at me on on social media and people laugh and go oh social media but believe it or not a lot of people watch social media bigger audience than the TV that’s sometimes yeah yeah like I have like 1. 5 million people on Instagram 2.

5 on you know on Twitter that’s how many people are watching whatever I and so sometimes my friends who sometimes don’t catch raw they’ll know what I’m doing through that so literally we created a buzz about our match through social media and it’s I think people are more excited about it than some of the matches that are have been televised and been Wow because it lets you blur the lines a little bit more exactly like I mean when I watched a lot of it and just you being able to curse and do things where I’m like oh okay I don’t know now I’m not for social media is real the TV is the TV involving condition no it’s the TV it’s a show but once you’re on your own social media council that’s no they must really not like each other mm hmm and that’s what that’s what gets you excited exactly the question yeah okay I was watching you on sports nation why does Katie Nolan hate you she doesn’t so I was on sports nation and I’ve been on that a bunch of times and so Marcellus Wiley Michelle Beadle and L Z there’s always a banter you know and and and I literally just go off on on tangents and just start cutting promos and so Katie Nolan came on and they were there I think they were just putting her on every show just to get people warmed up to seeing her on ESPN and so so she came on and I called her sweetheart and she kind of got thrown out like taken aback a little bit and so we went to commercial right after that and right after that I went over to her I said hey was that okay she’s because actually that was great that was fantastic that was exactly what we needed so we came back and we kind of continued the banter and we were talking about we were talking about Bledsoe and how he said I don’t want to be here mm hmm and so Katie and I were talking like men it’d be pretty funny if you tweet it out I don’t want to be here and we didn’t think that everyone was going to start this whole thing on what’s its social media right Dario because it’s real right and so everyone started saying like you know there was one of two things one this is the greatest segment ever Katie and Miz should have their own show Miz is a misogynistic Pig and doesn’t deserve to be is how dare him call her a sweetheart now what they didn’t see is behind the scenes is so Katie had to leave and go to another show because they were putting her on everything on ESPN and so it looked like we got an argument and she left the show so great people put two and two together talked about all over everything WWE was calling me going what’s going on here but the thing is like we’re good like Katie and I are good I think she does a great job on ESPN and it was just one of those things that you know Twitter takes its toll I hope hears this and then responds like cutting a terrible but no I think I think we’re we’re definitely all good and I’ve actually been invited back to sports nation but I just I’m so busy you’re bleeding I’m I am so busy WW I literally just got back from a European tour with WWE had time to do my laundry and then come here for a media tour for the Challenge champs versus stars yeah it’s nonstop yeah it’s kind of incredible to us total divas and you’re on total divas my wife my wife is pregnant well yeah with our first voyage daughter how did you I was think about it as I was watching it because I I liked it I’ve always been a fan of when people when wrestlers use their personal lives and like really injected but was there any part of you that was like I do not want to talk about my unborn child as part of this giving no or were you like yes I wanted to use it more I literally came at them and said listen well they allowed it I thought it was really cool that we can go in the ring yeah and say and announce to the world I mean WWE is where we first met mm hmm so you know to sit there and you know I met the love of my life through WWE to get to announce in front of a huge worldwide audience that listen you know Maurice is pregnant this is amazing and I came up with the whole storyline where I wanted to be we’re pregnant I mean how annoying is that Kurt Angle comes at you and goes listen you have a match tonight sorry do that I have Lamaze class today no I mean like oh you go how terrible would I be as a guy like I have to go on maternity leave like I’m on paternity lore you go to the shows and you go I would be wrestling tonight but as you know I’m on paternity that’s exactly the whole thing I wanted but but no it’s kind of not that way so we Maurice is still doing total divas and she’s loving it she’s having a blast honey is she is she in the same camp as you are about like yeah let’s take this and let’s put it into the storyline man on TV she’s always on board with with whatever she wants you know she thought it was hilarious and fun and so obviously WWE is not the it’s it’s dangerous it’s very it is like as much as we sit there and look at it I mean we always tell kids not to try it at home so you know as as Maurice and I thought we were like ah you know what maybe you should just take it easy we’ll do total divas every Wednesday on E it was great we’re experiencing where you are being an elite athlete now how different was working with John Cena this year at Wrestle.Mania than six years ago or whatever it was so six years ago I would say it’s not that I wasn’t ready for that that huge of a thing I don’t think I had the confidence that I have now right and obviously you live and you learn and through the learning process now I know that even when you don’t have a title when you’re not in a main event caliber type of program you have to remain main event level and always not allow anything to hinder that and so that’s kind of where I’m at now before I’d be like okay I can get this done oh I can do this I could do this I can do this now I’m like wait a second how do I remain in the main event levels seen like how do i how do people still look at me as elite as a top star as a top dog and I think I’ve been proving myself each and every time I go out there and making memorable moments for people you know watching the show and making the Intercontinental title the most prestigious it’s ever been in its entirety yeah yeah that’s the main goal that I’ve had the entire time having this this this Championship is just making it what it used to be when I was a kid growing up the Ultimate Warrior was on the same level as Hulk Hogan who was the world champion at the time and right now what title do you singles title do you see on Monday Night Raw mention every week right the Intercontinental Championship right now let’s talk about it Challenge champs versus stars the the champs that are on the show because the premise is like people that have been excellent on the challenge that you know years ago we’re on real world and Road rules but it’s done these challenges are now facing celebrities some of the some of the champs though are people that you were on challenges with correct so what’s that interaction like it’s great yes they trust me I they know I’ve been through what they’ve been through I mean it’s great for you you went on and became this even bigger and bigger and bigger star yeah it’s awesome for you they’re so happy for like the for the successes that that that I’ve been awarded you know that I’ve had and not only that like it’s great because I’m a little bit of both sides like you know I’m part champs part stars I’ve been where the challenge champs have been I’ve done it so I think they trust me more and I think the Stars trust me because you know I know some of them as well you know Ariana Andrews is on there as well from right w/e so you know I know a lot of them so it’s kind of like a trusting and it’s great to be trusted because then you can light fires that that’s the fun part about this too is the fact that I always get I could beat you in a challenge mm hmm and every time there’s so many people that think that they can go on the challenge and do great so now we’re getting stars the opportunity and this isn’t stars that are just athletes these are athletes musicians these are comedians and we’re giving them the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is and not only that but they have a chance to win money for their charity and that’s what they’re all fighting for is for their own charity of their choice and raising money for it so to put them against the greatest champs of challenge history I mean you got Johnny Bananas you got CT you got Zach you got Wes and you also have these these dominant girls like Emily and Ashley and you know it’s it’s it’s an Aneesa and then you put these stars who are NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens you have America’s Sweetheart Olympic gold medalist Shaun Johnson you have Michelle Waterson who is an MMA fighter you have Kim glass who is a silver medalist in the Olympics I mean these and I mean you have you have Josh the bachelor it’s no better no one can row man yeah is also I mean it’s pretty amazing and remarkable that when you were doing the reality shows and when you were on the challenge you were the Miz like major given every MS t shirts to wear and now it’s just cool when stuff like that happens so that everybody hey everything isn’t it great I love it it’s a great underdog story you would think I’d be cheered wouldn’t you think so label like man this guy was on a reality show and he said he wanted to be what it is and WWE did then he went and did it and then even when he did it people still were like no no no and now he’s he’s he’s succeeding it’s the true underdog story but everyone still hates me and comes because of your face yeah so the fame I do good looking that’s what it is I think about that with you that why the why is it’s just that you don’t carry yourself like an underdog you carry yourself like it’s you’re entitled to it yeah you didn’t make background because I feel like the same thing the same good the same thing happens to me nobody treats me like an underdog everybody treats me like a douche bag so because you are that might be answer I mean you’re the same guy that snubbed me underdog would never snub me right an underdog would talk to an underdog right no you snubbed me I have a question cuz I’m going the other way I’m going from comedy and now in January I’m gonna start training and wrestling and so I want are you kidding me Santino Brothers wrestling school and January eights my start day so I just want you know I want to come in respectful and I want people to take me seriously but also probably I want also probably want to work more your style I’m not gonna be a high flyer that’s for sure who needs it if you’ve got the charisma the the the gift of gab you don’t need it like as much as people are like oh this that anything like I can make an audience boo or cheer and think it’s the greatest match of all time like watch watch John Cena versus the MS at at Wrestle. Mania this year and literally the crowd is on its feet the crowd is chanting and honestly we really didn’t do that much we just told a great story and that’s what people want nowadays they want larger than life characters and they want a great story a story that they can ingest and literally look at and go wow what a great what a great story I think that was that was one of the moments that really solidified you because on paper when people heard about that Wrestle. Mania match happening this year people were rolling their eyes and going I don’t wanna I don’t think II Pelin John Cena in my Camry I don’t want to see but the minute that the four of you got in the ring together people were like this is gonna be the greatest thing ever exactly and it was because of the story that was being bet that’s sometimes that’s that’s if you’re a great storyteller look at Ric Flair’s 30 for 30 yeah an amazing amazing right why because Ric Flair is one of the greatest story tellers inside and outside the ring right and I can make you feel do you think you could beat ron funches in a match in a match after his training I don’t know but you were asking for advice yes my the best advice I’ve ever gotten was from Billy Kidman I was it was 2002 we were at the Playboy Mansion I just began training at ultimate Pro Wrestling and I was invited to the Playboy Mansion I was ecstatic I was I couldn’t believe it amazing and I saw Billy Kidman there it was a Tory well since I think cover issue mm hmm and I was like oh my god like Billy Kidman is right there and I went up to him and I said what is your best advice for someone coming up I just started at ultimate Pro Wrestling and it was the best advice ever it sounds very simple but sometimes the simplest advice is the best and it was stick with it and I was like that’s it but however do you have any idea how many people I watched quit yeah I’ve seen so many people and it’s because of you for you it I got this gig with with this television show I got this gig with comedy a girlfriend you know a relationship family all this stuff gets in the way sometimes and you forget what you really want and where you want to go so sticking with it was like the best advice I ever got you know another great advice I got which wasn’t wrestling it was for acting I was doing my first movie marine 3 home front another plug but I was doing my first movie and I was a lead in it and I was like man I’m really nervous I want to do well I want to do the greatest thing and who do I know that is you know a and an actor the rock so I text the rock and I said hey man do you have any advice for me not a minute went by and he called me and started telling me and we literally we talked for an hour and seven days after that conversation I was so cool calm collected and readied and motivated yeah like he’s so motivating when he speaks and the thing that I took the most out of it he’s he just said just be natural and it sounds easy right but when you have five cameras on you and you have to hit a spot and you have these lines and this dialogue and all the stuff you forget that sometimes the easiest thing to do is be natural yeah yeah do that very well right away appreciate so you have that down I’m working on it. .