Social Media Manager


anbu the global leader in the development of sage crm and sage crm extension products with hundreds of installations and a brand recognized around the world and who have set the standard for quality products and support anbu is proud to announce the launch of social media manager in the world of social communities there’s a desire to bring valuable social media data into the structured world of business with n mu social media manager we can effectively pull online information into your sage crm system in essence your customers and prospects in the cloud become part of your business process social media manager leverages your corporate Sage CRM system with social media networks you can search social media databases directly from Sage CRM you can import connections you can record social media communications it facilitates mass messaging and mass inviting and it links to Sage CRM marketing campaigns so you can have measurable results after running the installation tool you will see social media set up it’s here that we establish our social media profiles while we can set up an unlimited number of accounts these accounts should represent the corporate identity not the ID of any individual CRM user this creates a consistency across your users and creates a powerful social media brand for your company within the user setup we define which CRM users will have access to social media while all users will use the same corporate identity they can all have their own unique signature once enabled a user can find a connection the finder screen allows directly filter and display information from the Linked.In database let’s look at the connections return twist in this list within the person column we see if that person already exists in our CRM database or not in this screen we see that Rob and Peter do exist as people in our CRM database but none of these other people do since Danny is not yet in our CRM system let’s add them in you can see how danny has now been added to our CRM database people within CRM have a tab for social connections any social media communications that were initiated from CRM are recorded and display under the Communications tab for that person let’s go back to our list within the action column we see an email icon if the connection is already part of our network if they are not part of our network we will see this icon and we’ll have the option to try to initiate contact if we choose the email option notice that we’re able to link our communicate to a CRM marketing activity if users follow this best practice we end up with measurable results on how social media has directly impacted our business in our list the linkedin icon allows us to see their linkedin profile from the top of our finder screen please also notice that we have the option to invite all or message all the people in our search results once again we have the opportunity to link this communication to a CRM marketing activity to comply with Linked. In standards the system limits this to a maximum of 100 contacts per day so the best practice for using this feature would be to come back on day two and start with record 101 anbu social media manager is an excellent way to maximize the use of social networks in a very productive way social media manager is compatible with version 6. 2 and seven point oh and it’s available as a trial version to learn more about social media manager please contact sales @ n boo ie. .