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Worried about potential employers seeing nefarious items on your Scrub it clean with today’s Tekzilla Daily Tip! Simplewa.sh connects to your profile and highlights any posts that might put you in a potentially bad light. Beyond curse words and alcohol, you can also for custom phrases that might apply only to your own special (via tip ideas? Episodes Daily**

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today’s tekzilla daily is brought to you by netflix welcome to tekzilla daily i’m veronica belmont it’s a tough job market out there which is why you need to use every tool in your power to put you above the other applicants that’s why today we’re showing you simple wash formerly known as face wash which helps you clean up your facebook profile to make you look more like the upstanding citizen you wish to emulate head over to simple wat SH lash login that’s simple wash and sign it with your Facebook account then once you’ve gone over your permissions click the start button up here at the top left to see the washable items the Apple search for curse words or other flagged words like beer for example it’ll search your posts shared links photos etc to find objectionable content just click on the offending post to see them on Facebook and either make them private or delete them look I said suck in that one post and that shirt up oh no swear words Oh beard how scandalous move sexy you can even use the search bar at the very top to look for some certain asst if events that you may want to hide from prying eyes like bachelorette parties for example so hide your worst self from the world today with simple wash and thanks a lifehacker for the tip now if you got a tip for us to pass along to the rest of the TZ crew email us at tekzilla at revision 3.com and as always tekzilla. com it’s the place to find more tips tricks product reviews and how to’s you guys should get Netflix we love it here at tekzilla you can sign up for a free trial membership at netflix com /t CD and start streaming TV episodes and movies straight your computer plus it’s available on a whole range of devices including tablets and smartphones help out the TZ dailies by signing up. .