Social Media Manager

Our own Social Media Manager, Sean, introduces himself and gives us a bit of background about his involvement with cryptocurrency and Divi Project, plus what to expect from future vlogs!.

hey guys sean from Divi project so I’m a social media manager Divi Project I’m the guy I was posting on Twitter on on Facebook and responding to your messages and whatnot you know in comments and so I kind of want to bring you guys up to speed a little bit of what I do with the company how I even got here I’m not a programmer developer so it’s you know kind of kind of usual that somebody with the skill set that I have would you be involved in this industry in the way that I am and so this kind of help you guys understand how I got into crypto how I became involved with the team I’ve known a few of these guys for quite a while we have some kind of unlikely roots I think people are gonna be interested in it’ll surprise do you know to hear about and so I just want to give you guys a you know look into you know why I’m here what I’m doing with the company and and what kind of content you can you know expect going forward there’s gonna be a lot of stuff as far as you know just general updates about protocol about where we are with putting together our everything like the decentralized marketplace the smart wallets all that down the road I’m gonna help everybody understand how to transfer your Div.X into Divi and all that kind of stuff so why don’t we take a walk around flagstaff a little bit and we’ll get to know each other so I got into Bitcoin about two three years ago you know is I started realizing about a year ago that I really missed a great opportunity to be in kind of like ground floor level when I decided to take a moonshot and I didn’t want to make that same mistake twice so I started really pursuing ether and investing in ether constantly about February onwards this year just quit my job and started working 18 hours a day trading like crazy and also to start helping as many of my friends they could get into get into crypto one of those people ended up being Kalani mo one of the founders here at Divi project and he and I spent a good amount of time this past spring working together helping both of us you know get a better understanding of crypto and about five months ago he end up getting ahold of me and asked me if I could join the divi project team come on board do a community outreach and it was helping spread the good word Divi what we’re trying to accomplish here and so for the past five months you know working but for the the ICO and then through that and then now onwards into the future with Davi I’ve been doing a lot as far as social media management and talking to people constantly in our company chats and now I’m going to be cranking out a lot of videos for Divi and a lot of videos from my own channel the crypto bro for Divi project I really just want to bring people up to speed as to what we’re doing you know each week with you know with the type of work they’re doing with the protocol stuff about you know market analysis and what we’re looking at why we think prices are doing certain things you know just that kind of stuff and then on my on my own crypto bro channel I really just want to give you guys some insight into what my lifestyle is even like working in the industry there’s a lot of people who are swell merchants and snake snake oil salesmen who are you know all talk and posturing and at the end of the day they’re just scam artists and I want to give you guys a unfiltered look right in my life just so you can see what I do you can see what’s actually going on what kind of things we really do in the industry the the trade shows we go to the kind of traveling I have to do to meet with people just all of it I encourage everybody to subscribe to our channel subscribe to the Divi project channel subscribe to my crypto borough channel and comment away I want to go ahead and answer any questions people have I’d love to hear everything from your hate to your love all of it so you know I hope you guys are having as good as Sunday as I am and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Debbie project. .