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yeah hey guys what’s going on this is the podcast arm Matthew winter conversations friends entertaining stories discussing topics no entertainment value now yes the road now you want Ellie access go to mount my TV it’s five bucks a month no money no nobody does no money no problem yet every Sunday okay okay while you take your dad so we can head to on widow TV fairly access not early access that’s the day you get it on Sunday Sunday’s daylight on / on WE TV 1 i’ve been talking the band called on me i’m gonna try and get that on WE tv user think maybe that’s this other band their shit yeah actually that’s a bit a bit personal then dare you they’ll be alright you’re worse than Trump am either suggestion you name for them give them something else really matter what’s a good band name Dick’s head bangers Harambee the harambee zombies that’s a good we can make her in little luck we like the Beatles get Brad involved for get up in suits we like it with like a throwback to the 1950s but we’d like the Beatles we should just beetle covers but remix them with Harambee money making idea yeah shoot soon as something shoot dice to trend go to every social web site and take up that name it’s a good idea to sell it to people who want it it’s actually very smart you beneath my great something special people already do it was a shit name head that’s a good name for this like it’s like the guy who took i.Cloud and then Apple wanted I club and they sold it today he sold it to them for like millions of dollars shit you should get with your shit kids hahaha that’s weak ashwood I need someone to maintain money somebody would beckon Harambee everywhere though it’s money making idea when people do that a lot is your all time I imagine if you go back in time and just take a promotion Twitter always move all these things are out there so it’s a good right it’s actually smart yeah make money like change their ideas but then Facebook wouldn’t be called Facebook exactly maybe cook like foot book but would you would you use foot book what are you doing it well if Bradley’s he’d be like shit joke but no one’s here to comment there like where is Brian hang a bag ready yeah yeah it’s a buddy Brad noise yeah thank you Danny’s like Brad’s just right in front of it slide money is a little be sleeping isn’t he Brad looks a lot like Cruz he doesn’t he Chris looks a lot like bread brother Puru honestly he said he was gonna come but he didn’t we don’t need him here we don’t need him what I never liked road to be honest I think he’s the biggest prick was he working yesterday he was he worked late ok right but there’s I’d be out of bed till like two o’clock then I got him a birthday present I said I want to give it to him do not examine seen him yet do you know he got here don’t don’t don’t don’t say it Brad one here this for like weeks yes you will what if I don’t see Brad for weeks because fucking right tell you guys what but you get it Lawrence and I’m David no Lawrence fuck were you yes chris is gay continue we made him a we made him something what you make it Game of Thrones related we never given it to him yeah we gave to him we gave to him the night before his birthday because we really wanted to see his reaction got him like a little chest like a little wooden chest and we put we made dragon eggs from Game of Thrones out of using like that’s pretty nail polish painted thumbtacks like glitter and all that and they look like proper dragon eggs she puts him in a sort of chess these old and gross that’s awesome you loved it you took the river and as soon as you’re ever in the chest you just hit by this overwhelming smell of nail polish oh god no it’s horrible dragon and now my president doesn’t seem as good all I got him was like a fifty dollar gift card with steam thanks fun nicely I’d use that yeah exactly use it yeah it’s fun guys Olga Stanley nicely cut himself yeah he’s pretty suppose I I’m kiss sweet I got him a nice Stanley knife for work I don’t know if he’s able to actually use it there I think they can get hayden said if Brad can’t use it at work you just got Kira Cooper so forget Patterson pretty good scare I do a good story about given bridge present so I got the present and I was walking down the street like I’m gonna ring Brad and taking him now are you going to make a gift card yeah good of you card and he’s like like hey Brad what are you doing is like while playing games like oh I got something feels like I’m in the middle of a game i was i was playing games with him a long time he’s like oh fuck met I’m s gonna be a bigger hole out I’m like was a promise I’ll cook through my room he’s been serious if I’d like four hours that’s the reason I couldn’t I couldn’t recall the other day because i was up until like three in the morning she just calling soon and i was like dead I tried to get up really early but I couldn’t why are you going such pretty what two in the morn egghead I guess they’re in civ it’s really good obviously what sieve I’m not cyclization it’s good no man and I said it three times but not what about it’s a good game it’s a strategy game strategies are a cutie builder Empire Builder sort of gets a large vampires yeah but they’re not different is it yeah that was just a joke by the way but I was getting um strategy was like he’s your fire station my favorite game what’s a kid Christian we don’t you valium bottle mister video game two starter really yeah let’s play until next time full I loved age of empires so dire we got a free version of it on a Kellogg’s box so did I that’s very cool i’m from yeah there we go think it’s pretty good it’s not bad author was quite enjoyable cuz your brother has the second version of me said right college you at all huh ok all the different ones yeah what we talked about before I Harambee know it was last episode back to from babe red birthday was printer Brad Barritt birthday yeah he’s a gum yeah well playing games and you showed up yeah else am I good and he was like oh exactly thanks get out no before like I’m afraid he’s like I cut he’s like oh like you get here like he’s like pissed off and then when I gave him the president because i was like i like i heard off he’s like you’re an ungrateful prick bread I get rich when he’s like oh this is so good thank you you like but then I’ll just like I was like fuck you bread before you do what the president was you were like like what do you think I was like oh right I’ve got you something he’s like a great Oh poppy he is isn’t he no we all love Brad Brad if you’re listening right now I know you listen to these he just cringed at himself right love you dad fuck you Brad Chucky’s bride I do have a question yeah he’s Brad gay is Brad gay yeah to be honest TBH I’ve been things you’re not sure care otherwise he would love bread would you kick Brad a deal off if he was gay all right I would hmm sure I wouldn’t Bradley’s hear that he’s listening right now that’d be gay is a bit of a foot duct tape you gave her don’t be gay so you can be gay if you want me won’t judge oh shit I don’t question my biggest hope you because we’ve been through this you are a homophobe oh no how’d you subject all right we’re gonna play here’s a question for Chris what is not sexy or attractive Oh unlike a popular belief Ted Baker’s Ted bakers everybody is my Ted Baker’s model glasses you listen to audio version caked on makeup garlic breath since when is that attractive police did not address know what is not sexy or attractive unlike popular belief though one of my teachers had garlic bread today okay really that’s the question so I’m like popular see I think all right Oh Lily black teens that girls get oh really orange tans oompa loompa dumped it no trouble so Brad’s good it walks outside for like three seconds I’ll get a turn now go back in yeah Trump teen you got any ideas head what is not sexy or attractive that people think like we’ll think of the idealistic according to popular belief attractive person big dicks apparently us unattractive it’s not a tract apparently it hurts I’m sure it would wool from experience I got the biggest dick of us all you listening to the audio version i’m gone for a high five but no one’s normal left you hanging left me hanging like my dick hanging my goals hey I’m hi local whores agreed we’ve seen my pants a few times yeah I still haven’t like your locker is today the day for you I’m the lucky one I have not seen oh I know why you so little about bringing at you me my little living my hand look well be realistic man I do have something that’s not attractive said apparently is you nose piercings are like right near the lib yes crews yeah better person I don’t general you’re in Sarah no but what is not 50 earrings yeah into I don’t like the piecing the areas that’s below that what do you call out there like below above the chin below that their lips goody yeah I’m not actually sure not the piercings it now don’t like the piercing that’s what I like tongue piercings it’s a bit like any kind of person no on them on the fast and the fast on the fast not a fan what isn’t attractive we did here’s one go excessive tattooing excessive tattooing I bro then when it’s like if you’re too many and know some people it suits it does you to see if it’s not when it’s like all over your face and stuff yeah it’s a bit like a sleeve you can get away with a couple sleeves hmm if you know they’re if they look good some people just get like flames and stuff and it looks just ridiculous hmm I know something that’s not a sort of incredible it’s not a physical thing but like when girls act dumb is that that’s not attractive at all I know yeah cinching know it is girls like Dom to try and impress boys cute boys boys you know I’m talking to Anna carne listen this podcast right here in here 7b shouldn’t act on why would you act on girls think it’s attracted to boys they really do I’m kind of boy you gone for one that thinks oh she’s dumb I could take advantage of her but it’s not the kind of guy you should be impressing exactly you’re not doing it right that’s the wrong thing that’s a lot of people in house will do it I decide I’m just be you the guy loves me should know Chris the way you are then it’s meant to be and you very much n will be someone else then don’t bother he’s gonna fuck you up real talk with Chris applause thank you I’m being dead serious though no yes it’s funny it’s real funny and all but I mean see so good serious stop long mostly cuz I hate more people who pretend to be someone do they on listen to audio version I’m waving my finger here’s a good question what TV show should have or should have it series finale as a full cast orgy go big bag theory that’s rougher something I really want yes I suppose he like light Leonard like he flops it out is this guy like the bigger schlong I just like I’ve got a feeling malcolm in the middle’ map you know the like i could just like imagine oh this the mum and oh my god do we do we do i’m thinking that black guy in the chair we have to let’s talk about a chair ok ok you ready ready ready okay for the bananas in pyjamas oh I’m nanas in pajamas say like peel each other’s head yeah i can add soy burgers race how when they when they copulate they die mmhmm yeah it’s like that they like but after like peel them so we’re off but then they can’t put yourself like to kill their faces are holes where the others like this horrifying for that’s good like sevilla sins oh go on everybody loves raymond good ol bushy that’d be weird poppy dislikes raymond just like know my cottage sicker than I get home pathology nylon is grandpa no no grandpa nail nice brother what’s this what’s it brother’s name um I’ll cause I’m like royalty yeah wrong oh right right right that’s right room I’m talking to her everybody loves right yeah ray look Harvey you know you always that wolves eat assess up stupid yeah sweaty this of those exactly what do you do just get down friends friends then be like it if we like it appropriate if it’s like it’s to appropriate weight because I’m Monica and yes but by the end of it Oh by the end of it they’ve kind of coupled up they have a guess I’d be weird for the delay except Joey you never know Joey not be anxious cuz it’s ross and i’m rachel my old man Chandler could a girl of macklenburg you know Joey I’m just saw bara magna Blanca yeah Joey no yeah Joey yeah he hasn’t spin off called Joey yes that’s it like four episodes got kids’ll could he’s like the comedy relief he’s like he kind of a shy on the Cornelia that’s why Brad couldn’t have his own podcast hope your list embroider have some podcast what a fucking trade oh he is now he will he said he was going to talk about double time what is he gonna do what his pug hey guys it’s probably so let’s talk about I said I’ll guys rip this is sorta shit start five tag written into Brad there I’ve had three shifts at work now think about quitting is it what no oh any other shows okay like I was thinking Cory in the House army man and he’s just like Malee’s dad’s sweet life moves out this wheel of the SEC the sweet love Zach on deck so he says that concurred in there yeah and then it’s sweet loves I can parody and then the suite life on deck oh fuck it’s the sweetloves air on deck sweet map for all intents and purposes that is enough to communicate with an audience you need to know your disney channel shit i get outraged by people who like have to always correct other people i imagine if you’re trying to talk with someone from another language and you do say something like that sweet life is that on deck and they’re like they’re like they understand that enough to say our suite life on deck but if you’re talking to another person who speaks English you’re like I’m actually it’s sweet life but I mean deck it’s like well thank you for delaying that conversation another sentence and I need to apologize thank you I already pissed you off this morning he didn’t so I was might look better pick up aidan and like I just text me she was okay and Iranian once and like okay for getting ready just a piece of off on dream again and he takes I’m like boys shithead and he’s like fuck you I’m just like you’d like you be patient yeah look don’t be impatient he said no I’m in a pretty funny though I’m sorry clown I am it’s such a comment clown oh my god Sponge. Bob Square. Pants Squidward getting these big squiddy cock patrick Star just left from that big that’s that’s my air freshener okay let’s move from this stuff okay one more next one all right let’s see you next one do you have a next month no i don’t i just thought it would just come out but i thought it would come out Harry we file seconds right I’ll have one ball three The Lion King although some movie I can’t do I’m already gonna say wow this is not know I got nothing I got no show I’ve got nine seinfeld seinfeld oh yeah it’s like right like that the whole of fraser no no I think we’re just south of those like I just think of the Gary coming in and then just have an orgy and in all years like the gardners alright costumes yes it’s created by jerry seinfeld it’s like a bag in the background oh that is good shit hells yeah do you want to go to the crash yeah that’s nothing um what occupation would you pursue if your primary options didn’t work out so likes you know how I want to be a famous CEO or famous seer yeah i was thinking about like i might try to be become a musician really or become a Broadway star or an R&B star really yes okay legitimately I wouldn’t mind trying to open up avenues braden I know you lot watching this in your life and my car RB Chris Brown me got when I Chris Brown wife beater he’s a while bitter that’s not my hip hop name would be wife beat life either oh you just wear a wifebeater exactly it’s like I don’t beat anyone it’s just this image there’s do you have anything that like what if you couldn’t be don’t say what I want to be well never do you have any like what if you could if your problem that’s to go in the game development oh yeah you would when you’re out of that you know software development cuz the course I’m going into gives me an opportunity to branch out into anything that involves coding or yeah do that software development you should do it had the hardware developer you’re starting to make her own games yeah man begin their everybody support Hayden’s games go to at dirty Benji on Twitter and tweet him but actually Brad I’ve had Brad plates as my game a lot how an easy does he like it he’s bit of gum he is a he’s trying to I don’t know you don’t know he did a couple play test and he didn’t like the controls where they controlled are but like the way I mean building game is is forming yes I’ve been wanting a specific type of puzzle game and you know I’m finally able to actually make it it’s not his sort of think it’s lovely but and he’s complaining about the way that the character controls him whatever and then I had Emma try the game and she like nailed it her first try like mastered the playing I’m like this actually it’s pretty difficult to get you know the the hang of it light it took Brad a while I’m gone he’s still not done he’s like oh so is this how you bounce I’m like if I can do it that’s perfect well done what did why wouldn’t proud to be able to get it why does that every this whole episode is written the bread it still greatest built into a dually he’s used two different gameplay guess you’re not really a puzzle man hahaha well he’s not he’s not intellectually gifted we all know the biggest puzzle is life who she’s real dad yeah yeah that what’s boilers it’s me buy you your brother’s dead that’s pretty fucked to a chair yeah probably game development cuz I bit weary of going into game development um just because there are so many companies that just go under because it’s so easy to actually access the tools to make games now there you know that’s encouraging there to be so many game studios but ok a lot of them sorry you know don’t actually end up with much success that’s because that’s the same thing is like what I’m doing the sony companies doing podcasts please got an add on we don’t take thee so i can some money but like spins flood yeah shameless plug but like you go try it has always made to make money it’s just like maize maze like for me I’m my main source of income will be when people actually is the video on demand service if like sure like you have a chain location bakeries yeah no cash don’t worry if it’s then don’t very soon so goodbye DDP yoga exactly fuck you leave my DP over out of this but like you surely you could change a business model around to suit the type of games you met like like surely like I’d like to work for an established company I think that’s what every game developer would like to see something like blizzard also Hayden what about we make our own company company there’s no join on we make it let’s make games I’ll provide the habit you Chris how are the money and again like um took that fuck you been Oh see that it’s so disrespect fucking I knickers well I don’t think I’d really have a choice I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now I’d be in the firemen calendars you know the no oh really I just sure that that’s the way I’d be I’d be late cuz you have a very sexy body curse yeah well no it’s the way God made me I can’t really Chris you ever real answer deasy’s real answers don’t lie to me well actually need a calendar so if you’re willing if you got like you know spare next front Friday something some photos yeah I’ll write my camera well actually I’m lucky may stay out of this is just chris and i ended up we again it’s time there’s actually an event um sorry that I’ve been the most equal to race course I believe there’s a girls day out and we’re doing it well the firemen are gonna be there Oh cooking your photo shoots yeah i was gonna rock off and be like hey guys you got a suit for me a buddy kiss the camera this is really what building a glass of me up beauty come on come on actually but i wouldn’t want to be a writer calendar like will do on monday yeah yeah support on way barley on my calendar just every single month is just Brad in different positions my little bridge I’m a amber a black room and they’ll just be a white cube and you’ll be wearing nothing and you’ll be kind of killed that’s all but you know the picture a very artist it’s a John Lennon and that asian chick yeah and she’s like um like butt naked and she’s like caught around him can I mean you got a picture I’ll be John my name back in the girl free bread oh my god that’d be amazed do we do own version um what’s the one Seth Rogen and James Franco is it that one no no they did a reenactment of a music video yeah then a reenactment video bound to oh yeah you and Brad need to do one of them yes I’ll lead you i’ll lend you money see that of your side you know it the other day on her head yeah yeah bound and she’s like and then Karen’s like an egg nothing but your Bradley Kim Kardashian yes Brandon thank you so Brad’s completely topless and you just shaking these little things around like on the Byas and then it’s like we get like a fan and blow Brad’s really long hair back it’s a really good idea another bike it’s disgusting well yeah I’d go game development and Chris would be my model man i’ll get one you ready religion I’d actually love to go into mining yeah anything like that was that ever since I started high school I sort of i wanted to go why always interested when I was a kid like really young wanted to be a geologist but when I soon found out that there’s barely any successful legitimate long term krizek geology it’s kind of well love to be a mining engineer or civil engineer something like that what do want to do in money like Jim mining engineer love to game plan okay is that something did what into us long term want some really awful our dreams hmm well hopefully soon I’ll be a an electrical apprentice yeah maybe long term electrochemical engineer shit good money so that ever find out I do have an alternative rd of everyone how about we all join my company no cash no problem if that’s oh my god won’t be like it’d be like we’re working in a sweatshop and that’ll be up on the wall yeah nobody there probably okay I get paid like what’s my money’s point at the wall look you don’t have any problems cuz you ain’t got no cash remove a maceo I’m never helping you that again hey this is jay this is up this is not breaking the fourth wall this is an indirect on the podcast I’m not for you too but if you want to help is the party md didn’t order something out on my new web series mine is into that show coming soon cumin how did you see the picture of me with my cut arm yes absolutely but she hates hard some Facebook or it sometimes Belize like to say like did your facebook yeah I was good i was about to I do have a question here actually yeah whereas my thread deleted 300 friends really Jesus Christ I just cleaned everyone I’m gonna go just bend over 100 now and you don’t have one at all knew I knew you no no I jager and my thing he still message me through it but my page isn’t actually there so you just have the moto message out yeah okay that’s smart that’s right i have my messenger app separate to my facebook says all I don’t want it full need up the shit there I’d have a question what you dislike most about social media just fucking the feeling people must have to just document every moment of their life like I really don’t give a shit it’s annoying it’s like Farrah upload you know it’s your birthday or not but when it’s like in every single day every ten minutes or so uploading yourself your fucking update you just feel a lot away or thoughts it’s like I really don’t give a shit I’m not interested in your life I’ve contemplated choke you go I don’t like the effect that it has on people it over a lot of people a lot of people get like addicted to it seems I used to be and their comic they cannot like they can’t go you know half an hour without checking it see now I just forget about something it concerns me no it doesn’t yeah see people all time I’m like you know is it necessary because I’ve considered changing it to like a like my facebook account to a page like just for like to spread being a famous hero mmm like legitimately and like not using it to anything else like that’s all I probably even use it for that’s all I do I just from our own shit it’s like Oh Matt win a person update another shitty photo for me shitty web series yeah are the podcaster there are who cares all right that’s a lie you look for now I’m is it some people but not many I could use the same thing the page same thing measures that people use any other such meter provides facebook I wouldn’t count you to be the social network as you can see they leave it I use Instagram cuz i plan to like do a lot of photography do you use it openly like do you follow people like go through your face I just fans you know I’ll look through like once a day yeah cuz I’ve been doing a bit of that like once or twice a day I post a few photos here and there follow some celebs I don’t really follow many people i know not as not as much they used to like how does hate seeing people is just shit yeah i did have a stint with tumblr for a little while there and they go in mind it mm hmm I just don’t post anything anymore why not it’s nothing post take dad definitely not bradster dad man he’s gonna come down here bitch shit sorry no but um yeah I usually I don’t always use when I use Instagram I only go on faithful anymore like maybe like chick identification or a thing cuz I share things from my like we Instagram posts automatically to my facebook now just because like if I want to share it there I want to send my facebook I think my facebooks open now because i use it for the same reason as they do my Instagram on my twitter follow me on twitter at Matthew W winter formal Instagram at Matthew value winter follow on weight TV on bebo VEVO myspace you can this has been a we are on reproduction at dawn we TV for more you. .