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For print quotes and this webinar Ryan Dohrn, CEO of Brain Swell Media, gives his tips on how to sell Social Media. He also gives tips on pricing it and how to convincingly pitch it to potential clients.

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welcome everybody to another Shrek e media booster session I’m so thrilled that you decided to join us once again this is Ryan Dorn over at 360 ad sales and brain swell media and talking about today one of my favorite topics of late to discuss and that is selling social media how to price it and also how to pitch it now we’ve talked about social media in the past before but we’ve never really gotten into the Nitty Gritty in terms of hey how exactly do we price it what do we look at inside the admin tool and Facebook to figure out where do our pricing metrics come from and my prediction is this is going to be one of those popular workshops that we’ve ever done together so let’s work through some tips on selling social media how to pitch it and how to price it now the first thing that it’s important for us to accurately recognize is that there has to be a balance we have to have some type of balance meaning that when we begin to sell social media we can’t just start placing a bunch of commercial posts up on your Facebook feed or on your Twitter feed or up on your Pinterest feed okay we have to do is create a balance with the editorial team so what I like to do is encourage all of my sales managers to speak first with the editorial team and come up with some type of editorial litmus test okay now what I like to do is like to say this when I begin to sell into my social media feeds Facebook whatever it is each commercial post must have a reader benefit so we don’t want to see on facebook is just buy one get one free stop by tonight to get a free drink so you know you want to make sure there’s some type of reader benefit and now that’s going to come from how you phrase it but it’s also going to come from what is the commercial advertiser wanting to promote and how do we phrase it and write it we’re going to talk about that in a second now for me what I like to do is I like to make sure we only have one commercial post for every 10 editorial posts I find that to be a nice balance now some of you what happens unfortunately is that you get overwhelmed with commercial posts and then it ruins your fan base so you worked really hard to build up your fans on Twitter and Facebook and your other social media channels so let’s not abuse them but let’s make some money from the process okay we’re going to talk through how Facebook is going to you know basically stop your heart under you rather from making this happen so let me ask you this question look at your screen now which post shows more reader benefit soap on Facebook if the post was Mike’s Bikes now offering $50 off a new bike click here now at face value you’d say Ryan it’s clear it’s concise it’s easy to read right well the thing about it is it’s a blatantly promotional post that’s been put up on Facebook or on Twitter isn’t it blatantly promotional look at it yourself now how can we phrase this so that actually comes across as being a reader benefit or something that’s coming from the magazine is a benefit to your readership how about this hey guys looking for some family fun or maybe a great way to get in shape Mike’s Bikes has the answer all our readers get a great deal this week check it out so just by rephrasing a commercial post from hey save 50 bucks on your next mountain bike from Mike’s Bikes you’re actually creating a post using an editorial litmus test that’s two pronged one is there a reader benefit from this commercial post and let’s make sure we write it in such a way that actually sounds like an actual post and not an advertisement not a commercial now as we look through some of the examples I’m going to show you here today some are going to be blamed and blatant and some are going to be a little more subtle what I want you to consider is this if you’re going to sell into your Facebook feeds correctly and you don’t want to lose fans and you want to make sure you make money in the long term you’ve got to come up with some type of editorial litmus test and that’s tip number one now tip number two you always with a commercial posts and other posts but with commercial posts you want to make sure you add a picture to increase interaction as a matter of fact experts will tell us that when you add a picture to a text post you can increase your click through rates by as much as 15% that’s awesome maybe even higher so look at these two posts they say exactly basically the same thing almost exactly the same thing okay and what you’ll notice is your eye naturally is drawn to which one right the one with the picture I know that’s what you said that’s why I agreed so if you look at it you’ll see that a picture next to a post is always the way to not only draw someone’s eye in but it’s going to potentially drive interaction higher by as much as 15% so what you want to do whenever you’re working with a commercial advertiser and they want to buy into your feed if you want to make sure they have a really nice action oriented photograph of some kind now if you look here on your screen which you’ll see now is a sample of the posts that I just gave to you as she showed to you and you’ll notice how much better it looks if you’ve got a picture with the post now if you look right over here to the right one of the things that you’re going to see is the text that’s right here really drugs doesn’t really draw your eye your eye is drawn where that’s right right here to this plant or right here to this bicycle so it’s important for you to understand that adding a picture is going to increase your interaction now some of you might say well Ryan I mean where are we going to get some more advanced stuff in terms of Facebook guys if you don’t master the fundamentals and a lot of you don’t you’re not going to make money the first is you’ve got to have a reader benefit to these posts the second is you’ve got to have some kind of picture now check out this commercial post right here I think this is an awesome post this is on the runners world website and you consider the advertiser right here is gore tex now they do have you know it says right here and I thought this was kind of cool it says from our friends at the North Face so rather than in your commercial post it’s saying sponsored or advertorial which by the way never use the phrase ad vitur don’t use it with your advertisers don’t even use it internally okay advertorial is something people don’t understand what you want to do is you want talk about paid posts this is a paid post it can say sponsor it can say from our friends there’s a lot of ways that you can to note that it’s paid I like from our friends at The North Face train compete in door 7 trail distances three stops left the United States there’s the hashtags for Facebook receive 15% of registration it’s got a nice big picture it’s got a nice big ad here to draw somebody’s eye in what do you think you like it I love it I think it’s a great way to be able to include commercial advertisements into it don’t worry we’re going to get to the pricing here in just a minute but I absolutely love it I think it’s visual I think it’s strong I think it makes a ton of sense here’s another example another really really strong visual I mean look at this one here I mean just a nice big strong visual now you can look over here on the right and you can see some of these other posts that are here that are on the left rather I’m sorry on the left so if you would see a post that’s here without a picture that’s just in text okay this post here it’s pretty boring right no matter what it says and then look at this post over here on the right it’s got massive amounts of graphic appeal if you ask me the one on the right that is definitely a hundred percent the way to go you agree with me well I hope that you do because I’ve observed time and time again that many times publishers do this wrong they don’t include vivid nice pictures in an effort to try to drive interaction remember something if your advertisers don’t get good interaction from your advertising in your magazine or they don’t get good interaction with advertising on facebook what are they going to do they’re going to not renew or they’re going to talk about you in a negative way so that’s why you always want to make sure you can actually take a full page ad and shrink it down but I don’t really know that that’s the best approach in my opinion instead you want really strong visuals now here’s an example on Facebook from quarterhorse News great magazine great leadership in place really good sales people and what they done here is this is actually a real estate agent so those of you that are in the city and regional magazine space really pay attention so whatever this realtor has a new listing with one of the things that they do here is they actually include a picture of the property and then a little bit about the property here now you might say well Ryan that is a blatant promotional plug it is remember something within the equestrian space people really like to see pictures of other people’s properties so again could they have just pasted this on there with just text they could look at what the image does look at the visual does to the overall Facebook post it really draws their eye in the other piece is I see this a lot is they actually include right here a link over to the Realtors website now why do I find that to be important I find it to be important because what you want to do is make sure that people can get from your Facebook page over to the advertisers website never underestimate the power of a good old fashioned link to drive results now could you actually link over to their Facebook page absolutely you can there might be something that you actually may want to consider I think the corridors News is doing a great job clearly this is something that’s that’s paid I think it could be a part of a greater advertiser package but we’re going to talk about it just a couple seconds but remember you always want to add a visual to keep it strong to keep it simple and to keep it clean and to drive interaction one more example this is a picture of a horse obviously but it’s for a sale that they’re promoting so there’s a horse auction that’s happening and so this is the picture they use to draw some of these I think it’s a really great example now let’s take a look at an alternative example so this is from Chicago magazine clearly this is something that’s paid for fashion outlets of Chicago so there’s a great example now I’d like to give you my opinion if you don’t mind how often do people actually ask for permission before they give you their opinion so you don’t mind let me give you my opinion I think this is colorful I think it’s pretty cool but I think there’s too much text what I’d rather see is the text up here okay in the post you know I’d rather see the text right here okay in a lot less text right here I just feel like all this text is here at the bottom I just think it makes it really kind of hard to read so for me what it looks like they did and I might be wrong on this the people at Chicago magazine are good folks I know well okay and they’ve been a part a lot of my training classes in Chicago saying that to remember is I just feel like there’s too much there now there might have been a reason why they included all this and maybe I can ask them next time I have an opportunity for me it looks like they’ve taken basically a four page ad scrunched it down to make it a Facebook post so I’m not thrilled about it but I applaud them for forgiving it their very very best shot I think it’s pretty good now look right here you’re going to notice at the top what they’ve got written here okay and what does it say it says sponsored so I think there’s a bunch of ways that you can drive this I think you can put on their sponsored okay I also think that you can you know do do but from your friends you can do paid content if you want to mean I think there’s a lot of ways that you can that you can tackle it so you know just give it a shot and figure out you know exactly what you’re going to do so that was tip number two making sure that you always include a picture in your commercial posts and maybe you can resize some ads alright now the real meat of the matter if you will let’s talk oh I’m sorry let’s pause one second before we go on doing commercial posts on Twitter sorry move through Facebook and it didn’t give you some Twitter examples my apologies for that when it comes to Twitter what I’d like you to consider doing is when you make that tweet because you actually can’t see the picture or the video what I want you to do is I want you to put picture in all capital letters and an explanation point or video in all capital letters and an exclamation point then you do the tweet and then do a link over to the picture or the video okay so I want to just say that real quickly before we you know before we move on I want to skip over that all right most of the stuff we’re focusing on for most of you on this call is going to be Facebook and that’s why we’re spending so much time but all the principles that we’re talking about here today apply to Twitter apply to Pinterest stumble tumbler stumble upon whatever it is this you’re using is your social media or sharing a device are right back again me too the matter tip number three understanding the price first of all the price is distinctly driven especially on Facebook by the level of engagement not the level of fans okay so we’re here in the Houston chronicles page you’ve noticed I’ve got a nice sponsored here so it says sponsored content okay in my opinion that’s probably going a little overboard I don’t know the she just say sponsored content but that’s just my opinion then they get a nice image and then they’ve got you know a nice little bit of text here let’s take a look now though and see in terms of total fans as an example okay so if you look here at your screen what you’re going to notice is when you’re in the admin panel on Facebook you can see each one of your posts okay it is shown here is each one of these posts then what you’re going to notice is you’ve actually got a column that actually shows total reach meaning how many people did that post reach now you’ll notice each day it’s different so in this particular case on this particular page you know there are several thousand fans of the page okay remember something it’s very important Facebook does not guarantee that when you put up a post on your Facebook page that every single one of your fans is going to see it or your likes if you will okay so you have to remember something there’s a couple ways to handle this one is that if you want all of your fans to see it very often you have to promote the post okay the Facebook is no longer guaranteeing they did it one time it wasn’t a guarantee just happened then when you put up a post it was going to BAM show up you know in the feed for everybody just doesn’t happen like that anymore now my opinion is that Google said that Facebook said hey you know we need to make some money from this and so the way they were going to make money is going to charge to promote these posts so remember just because you have a lot of likes on your page so in this particular case the total likes was twenty four thousand three twenty four thousand three hundred and seventy seven total likes the number of friends of fans is 11 million okay the people talking about this particular page is twelve hundred the weekly total Reach is about seventy five if you go into your admin tool what you can do is actually mouse across each one of these points you can actually see what post occurred at these high peaks now why do you want to focus in on some of these higher Peaks well the reason you want to find you want to find out what post happened on that day so that you can actually rinse and repeat you can redo those types of posts all right now notice here at the top something that’s important you can actually export this data from your admin tool okay can actually export the data from the admin tool so that you can actually analyze it what you can’t do though guys if you can’t sell off this number here I mean you cannot sell off total lights because you can’t guarantee to an advertiser that their commercial message is going to reach all those people are you with me you follow me on that hope you are and so what you have to do is you have to dig in you have to dig a little bit deeper ok so what you’re going to do in your admin tool is you want to look at the posts the number of posts that occur here’s the posts then you want to look at total reach that’s here and then you want to actually look at engaged users which is here which is going to show you the number of users that actually engage with that post ok so the first number is 160,000 was the total reach and 1,600 users did something with it they started another post with that post they shared the post they did any number of things with it ok so how do we price it in most cases what you want to do again is here’s the zoomed in version you want to look at total reach that’s a number that we can work from or engaged users now this is the point where you need to have a business discussion within your company now if you’d like me to be involved in that discussion I’m happy to be involved in that and as a sweaty customer happy to offer you 25% off in terms of that discussion it’s the end of my sales pitch there what you’re going to charge is somewhere between 75 to 125 dollars a thousand based on your actual reach or your total number of engaged users now some of you might like the engaged user number okay you might like this number here because it’s a number that means somebody did something with the post some of you may not worry about that you might say listen Ryan all I want to do is get paid for the amount of people that it reached okay not the people that did something with it again engaged users right here this number here in the middle is people that did something with one of these posts okay so as an example just make sure we’re all very very clear this one this post that’s right here okay this post right here the second one that happened on to twenty three twelve who are the essential whatever that reached eighty thousand nine hundred and eighteen people did something with it you need to cite amongst yourselves in within your business and your business models how you want to charge now what I’m going to do okay what I’m going to do is I’m going to base it on engaged user sixteen thirty right here engage users okay so I’m going to do is I’m going to take those engaged users and another divided by a thousand which is one point six three so I’m going to get my CPM my cost four thousand then I’m going to take one point six three times seventy five bucks which means I’m going to be charging one hundred twenty two dollars and twenty five cents for that post now how do you do this so that math doesn’t get out of control how do they do this so that down the road you’re not always trying to figure this out what I do is that based on a rolling average so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go and I’m going to look at over the course of say a week okay or maybe even a month it may be a better way to do it but let’s just look at a rolling average so I’ve got my calculator here we follow it with me in that second column so you’ve got sixteen thirty okay you’ve got nine eighteen I’m adding this up 14:39 and you’ve got 831 okay that equals forty eight hundred and eighteen so you’re going to take that and divide it by four it gives you an average of around twelve hundred okay so the average isn’t that twelve thousand forty is really not that far off sixteen thirty that you see right there on your screen okay so you want to maybe a rolling average that you charge for now what you may do is let’s just say as an example as you want to follow the television business as a good model so if someone is buying advertising in the suit per bowl what happens ABC NBC whoever is going to say hey we expect 1.2 million or whatever the number is higher than that I’m sure 22 million or whatever we expect 22 million people to watch and we’re going to charge you this amount of money a million bucks well if 22 million people don’t watch let’s say only a million okay they actually have to do things called make goods that to make that up I mean they have to make good now they’re not going to probably refund money okay but they’re going to run their commercial in other places to make good on that promise if you will so using this rolling average if the post goes up and it’s only engaged by say 50 people I mean you may have to do make goods you know on that so again it’s really important for all of us really to understand this that when you log in to your admin tool you’re going to be able to see the number of posts here that’s circled and you’ve got reach number of people that actually went out to and then a number of engaged users again let’s zoom in on this okay so here’s your posts here on the left under post the reach is the number of people when they actually went and push this post out the number of people that actually reached 169,000 it does not mean that they read it it just means that’s the reach okay so it’s sort of like your circulation if you will I’m using that loosely now look over here to engaged users though at 16:30 that’s the number of people that actually did something with it so you know quite honestly I mean I’m sure the number of people that read it is much higher than 1630 I’m sure of it okay because when you look at 169 thousand or whatever it is here you know it’s going to be higher but the thing to remember is we’ve got to give in using social media we’ve got to be able to give advertisers something they can hold on to and we can’t just start making up numbers we definitely can’t use fans or likes to sell from we just can’t now in some more advanced classes and when we have a lot more time what you can also do is you can actually charge to promote posts okay so as an example let me go back here let’s just say that this is your commercial post right here okay and what you want to do is you might say to this particular advertiser here you might say hey we can actually promote your posts we’re going to charge you 125 for that initial single post but if you want we can actually promote your post to another 30,000 within the Facebook community and we’ll charge you and I’m making this number up two hundred dollars to do that just as an example so very often it’s cheaper and easier for an advertisement have you do this and promote the post than them now remember something about Facebook and then selling it okay it is a little bit of a vapor medium so you’ve got to be kind of careful because people have a hard time getting it okay but because facebook is so widely used typically most advertisers understand what it is that you’re trying to sell them what you can potentially get across from it across through it to me though so packaging it it’s about presenting a package that makes a lot of sense it’s not about me going out today and starting to sell social media per se as much as much as it is mr. or mrs. advertiser how many times does a new customer of yours need to see their marketing message your marketing message before they decide to do business with you and if the answer is three or four great need to run a print ad with me you need to do an e newsletter you need to do a social media mention okay you need to be on Facebook Twitter Pinterest we can help you with that the thing about it is though you really want to make sure that you package it now this is a really cool example I’d love from New Jersey Monthly and they’ve been using this out in the in the marketplace I think it’s great and what they did is if you notice along the grid gears they probably have an alter a package a premium package me these guys just really knocked it out of the park I mean just a great job that’s a you know all the other folks at Beth Frank Kate at New Jersey Monthly these guys they just really knock the ball out of the park so you’ll notice you in the packages you can buy a full spread you’re going to get mentioned in facebook you’re going to get an editorial listing you’re going to get a plaque you’re going to get a blogpost I mean they just really packaged it really really nicely now pricing griz nothing new it’s not a new concept for me it’s not something we haven’t talked about before in these schmucky booster calls what is important for me Oh to us you’ve got to integrate social media into the package if you don’t integrate it into the package sorry you know you just miss out now the sweaty calls here that we’re on obviously we don’t get into intimate detail and all these things okay so that’s something that you and I can do together you know offline but once you understand is in general those people that package social media into whatever it is they’re selling those are the people they have really good success if you try to sell social media on its own without a package you’re really are going to have a hard time you’re going to struggle with it you’re going to struggle and everything I do rewards people rewards advertisers for buying print from me or if I’m selling an event the more you do with me at my events the more I can do on a webcast or social media with you see I call it print plus I’ve been called it print plus since probably 96 maybe not maybe not that long ago but I’ve been calling print plus for a long time it feels like 96 sometimes it’s important for you understand everything I talked about is all about expanding on your traditional products so it’s really important you package this if you want to make some money on it and that’s what I really feel like these guys in New Jersey Monthly did an awesome job because it’s just a really really nice package it’s an overall nice offering one price and you get all of that it makes a ton of sense now what’s next so you buy into the package and now we’re here in the New Jersey Monthly Facebook page this is awesome notice right here at the top okay they’ve got find a doctor find a dentist these are two sellable entities for New Jersey Monthly I mean rockstar ideas so you can actually use these paid tabs at the top and using facebook HTML FB HTML or something like that I don’t know the exact acronym I just not get in there music is that now when you click on those you’re actually going to get a searchable database now guys this is about taking Facebook to the next level this is about getting in there getting your hands dirty and figure it out hey how can we do more with Facebook these guys are doing it they’re really knocking the ball out of the park but some of you might say Ryan I can barely get my magazine out the door listen bless your heart I understand exactly what you’re going through I get it but I’m here to tell you you do not have to be a genius you do not have to be a techno wizard to sell to price to pitch Facebook you just need to get in there and get your hands dirty pop the hood on that car get up under there get some advice if you don’t know what you’re looking at and get going on it don’t be guilty of paralysis by analysis these guys are doing some cool things you can too next if you really wanted really sell social media you’ve got to have a promotional calendar okay it’s really hard to sell what’s a fantasy so if you want to sell into contests or you want to sell into editorial emphasis editions or whatever it is you’ve got to have a promotional calendar along with the editorial calendar so contest as an example and one of the companies that I love to handle contest is second street media I think they’re a great staff great founder you know these folks just really they eat breathe and drink in sleep media and so you want to cover the promotional calendar promotional calendar so that you really have an opportunity for your sales team to sell it you don’t want to be doing promotions and social media enterprises and selling social media willy nilly you want to make sure you have a plan you know what they always say experts always say you know failure to plan is planning to fail and I mean that’s really is the truth and so that’s why you need a promotion or contest in calendar now what are you going to give away on social media and how are you going to price it well what I’m going to do is I want to make sure that I survey my readers and I want to give them prizes that they actually want now a lot of you assume you know what your readers want and I’m just going to be straight with you you’re going to be wrong a lot I mean I’m a pretty smart cat a lot of you guys are pretty smart that are on this webinar today one of the things you got to recognize is this humble yourself and recognize that you know what it’s highly likely that I don’t know what my readers want even if I’ve been doing this 20 years you know you know honestly humble yourself and have that conversation with yourself and then run a survey and see if you’re right or wrong you know one of the things you’re going to find if you’re wrong is this that you know a bad day for your ego is a good day for your soul it’s a good day to grow okay and that’s why you really really need really need to understand a promotional calendar and stack an extra editorial calendar so that you can sell it into social media you can go your advertisers and work with them and sell it now don’t forget Facebook requires that you use an approved app if you’re going to run a contest and have it sponsored so let’s just say that you’re running the cutest baby contest there’s an example the ugliest bathroom contest or whatever you have to use an approved app that’s why I like companies like second Street media that are a part of the media business they understand magazines TVs newspapers things like that okay and they don’t pay me to talk about them I just talk about people when I can really see that they’re doing a really good job and these guys really do a good job I’ve got lots of customers and clients that use their service so putting together those calendars in those contests again you’re going to use all the principles that we already talked about today so here’s a contest that’s happening on Women’s Day magazines Facebook page so they’ve got a nice visual to declare the contest you click on the link and then you’re going to go over to a sign up page that’s happening through one of the many contesting apps that are available on Facebook remember no app means you are in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service and they can and they will shut you down I’ve seen it happen before so make sure you’re not running a legal contest especially they’re sponsored but I love I love these contests online it makes a ton of sense so you want a price contest based on expected levels of interaction go back to our previous conversation on coming up with a rolling average of engaged users guys I don’t say right now I like the engaged user numbers I mean to me those make a ton of sense the engaged user numbers rather than the reach and the reason is is because I want I want interaction for my advertisers but I could just as easily sell based on reach rather than engagement I really could and I could come up with a sales story go along with that as well contest sell the same way 75 to 125 a thousand okay and the contest doesn’t go well doesn’t draw in enough data or whatever you can always offer you know make Goods to those folks as well don’t be afraid to make Goods we afraid of it get out there and launch some contents get out there and have some sponsored content I mean all together it’s important for you to just start getting your head around this and get going on it before we don’t have the opportunity to do this any longer remember everything we’re talking about on Facebook applies to Twitter applies to Pinterest with some slight variations again we’re focusing on Facebook because that’s where most of you are going to be at in terms of strategy all right okay tip number six where’s your audience where’s your audience find out where they are and sell it okay so I want to offer the best to the best audience so if you are on this call on this webinar and you are a b2b magazine in the b2b space maybe you have more people on Twitter so then sell to that audience then add in Facebook into those numbers you don’t have to go in and say we’ve got this many Twitter people this many Facebook people this many Pinterest people add those numbers together and come up with a rolling average based on engagement so if you have more Twitter go there and add in facebook if you have our Facebook go there and add in Twitter if you’ve got good numbers for both combined the numbers come up with a rolling average of either reach or engagement but just remember on Twitter you can’t sell based on your number of followers okay you can’t saw on Facebook based on the number of likes or fans but you have to face face the facts is this people want engagement people want results meaning I’m sorry I say people mean advertisers advertisers want engagement advertisers want results and that’s why both of these numbers are great sell it somewhere between 75 and 125 a thousand now let’s just say that you happen to be a magazine for oncologists doctors or magazine for lawyers maybe and get more than 125 especially in the b2b space I say rock on give it a shot try it use it but for me what I’m trying to do is find the sweet spot I want to find a honey hole that I can go back to time and time again just like my favorite fishing spot I want to find the one that works for me all right so your six tips as we wrap up one you’ve got to create a balance go to work with the editorial team okay if the editorial team is saying hey we can’t sell into Facebook I know why they’re saying that because they know you they know sales people they know me they know what I’m going to do I’m going to sell that Joker I’m going to sell it out and they’re afraid of that and rightfully so because that’s what we do as professional salespeople so we have to create a balance so the leader in the group your publisher on this webinar your sales manager start right at the top go to the editorial team create a balance create an editorial litmus test so that everything you do on your Facebook or Twitter feeds has a reader benefit number two always add a picture even to the editorial post add a picture it’s going to increase your interaction but as a requirement do not do commercial post guys without a picture period do not do it do not do it because you’re not going to get a high enough level of interaction the advertiser is going to be upset number three understand the price 75 to 125 a thousand don’t give it away I mean what did we learn from banner ads what’d we learn by giving banner ads away when the day came and we needed to sell those banner ads what did our advertiser say well you’ve been doing it to me for free why should I pay for it now well here’s the thing that I always like to say if I get into that situation are you ready due to the popularity of our digital products we can no longer offer them for free but I could give you a great discount if you continue to buy more media with me strike me to say that one more time maybe you could record it and have it on your phone due to the popularity of our digital products unfortunately we can’t offer them for free anymore they’re just too popular but I am able to offer you a highly discounted price I think it’s great let’s say it all right number four package it you guys you’ve got to create packages I’ve got clients and customers largest customers large and small markets large and small whether it’s Los Angeles Tampa New Jersey all Wisconsin Minnesota Minneapolis packaging works if packaging is not working for you and you’ve heard me talk about any like Ryan I’ve tried it guess what something’s off it’s a sales problem it’s a pitch problem it’s a price problem it’s a process problem or it’s a person is the person because packages work all right buying and selling value works number 5 come up with a promotional calendar you’ve got contests approach promotions that need to be sold on social media you can’t sell it without a promo calendar if you don’t have a promo calendar is really nothing and then contests there’s really nothing for the sales team to work from so everything’s kind of willy nilly and we don’t want that number six sell the audience you’ve got the audience there if you’re only hang up is the editorial team come on there is a hundred ways to Sunday to get around that do you need me to call them for you I mean if that’s what we need to do that’s what we’re going to do because I want you to be a raging success I mean it’s so unbelievably important and I think that you can sit down and go through those six points and just going to make all the difference in the world all the difference in the world well when it comes to selling social media and pitching it and pricing it I’ve broken that down in some pretty good detail for you but remember something there’s just no possible way that we can get into the intimate details of every single itty bitty thing and you might have questions you might have meet more here’s here’s again I’m here to tell you this I’ve got a special arrangement with Schwenke I’ll get on the phone with you and offer you a 25% discount just because I really believe in this partnership with shreking and I want you guys to get the help that you need because just like it says on your screen every budget deserves great strategy and training so I try to always make sure that I avail myself to to all of you remember something don’t be guilty of paralysis by analysis get out there and sell social media it’s so important for you to understand how you price it and then get down and package it so that you can pitch it last thing I’ll tell you is this salespeople don’t practice so when it comes time to sell social media they’re going to sound like a bunch of you know stumbling you know folks it’s important you’ve got to practice this you’ve got to sit down and talk about social media you’ve got to have some rehearsal conversations as a salesperson I want to I want to be polished I want to go out there and sound professional and polished example I can give you in terms of selling social media and being well rehearsed is this just imagine if you went to a theatrical play and you sat down in the audience after paying for a ticket you sat in the audience and this director comes out and says everybody welcome to the play tonight what we’re going to do is we’re going to get started with rehearsal now and you guys just sit tight we’re going to rehearse this and then we’re going to perform it for you later on then we just imagined that that would that happened as you don’t want that to happen you don’t want to rehearse on your advertisers so when it comes to selling social media you’re going to sound like an idiot if you don’t rehearse if you’re not polished and well practiced listen I know everybody hates to roleplay I get it I don’t like to do it but I do like to practice because I know the practice makes perfect alright everybody I hope you enjoyed this webinar today thanks so much to the fine folks over at Wikimedia for hosting these and making these available and again if I can be of help to you reach out to me my name is Ryan Dorn from 360 ad sales and brain swell media and thanks so much and just remember if ad sales was easy everybody’d be doing it so enjoy it embrace it and go out there and make some money we’ll see you on the streets take care everybody.