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hey guys it’s me Rachel Peterson I just wanted to pop in real fast since it’s the end of the weekend and share with you something that was a really valuable lesson in my professional career especially in online business so for those of you with service based on subscription models or service based businesses and sometimes products businesses as well the importance of charging for your time appropriately so a lot of people kind of get stuck in this rut of charging hourly well the problem with charging hourly is there’s a lot of time behind the scenes that the client doesn’t ever actually see you spend a lot of time thinking about your clients thinking about their company thinking about how to best provide your services you spend time researching preparing and then once you deliver you analyze and then you figure out how you can perform better so the importance of not charging hourly is that you’re going to then be compensated for all of the energy and effort that is going on behind the scenes that the clients don’t actually get to see so what I recommend instead is actually charging a monthly retainer and by charging a retainer as you become more efficient with your time and you become a better more oiled machine in your services you’re able to still charge the same amount and you’re not being penalized for becoming more efficient so whenever possible I recommend absolutely charging retainer instead of a monthly instead of an hourly fee every single month so that’s what I recommend let me know how it works for you thanks guys.