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Do you use to attract, recruit and retain talent? There are more than nearly 2 billion reasons to do is increasingly being used as a tool for a diverse range
of activities – but should recruitment be one of them?

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should you be using Facebook to recruit for your job opening how do you go about finding the right person for your open vacancy advertise your post on job websites search on Linked.In reach out to your existing network wait for the right people to come to you these are all good practices for filling a job opening but are they the most effective when it comes to reaching more of the right people there’s one thing that recruiters and business owners should be doing that they’re not to ensure that they’re actively reaching out to the right people using Facebook in their hiring process with the rise of Linked. In social recruitment has grown and grown however recruiters are often still reluctant to use Facebook to find people to fill that position many will argue that Facebook is reserved for personal content and that it shouldn’t be used for work however while this may have been the case several years ago the boundaries between personal and professional aren’t quite so clean Cubs in 2017 in fact earlier this year Facebook even launched job ads for businesses on Facebook in the US and Canada and with Facebook adding tools to help them become the number one place to go for everything from socializing and events to shopping and marketing why would we not also use it for recruitment so why should you use Facebook in your job search Facebook helps you reach more people Facebook simply beats other platforms in terms of volume of people who will see your ad Facebook recently hits 2 billion monthly active users with an estimated one in every seven internet minutes being spent on the social media giant Linked. In on the other hand only has 500 million active users in total they don’t tend to report daily or monthly active users with many speculating that this is because most users log in sporadically perhaps even as little as once a month when you’re reaching this many people you also likely find a mix of passive candidates those currently employed but who would move for the right role and active candidates though is currently looking for new job opportunities rather than just those looking for a new role Facebook can help you find out more about the person if you’re reaching out to people on Facebook you have a better chance of finding out more about whether the person will fit your business’s culture and you might do with a Linked.

In profile most employers would do this in the interview stages anyway so it’s easy to argue that scoping out the potential employees Facebook page is an essential step to take remember people only make public what they want to make public but if you’re approaching a person’s speculatively it’s important to remember that Facebook is primarily a personal space just not entirely the tools are there there are many tools to help you find the right people for your job opening on Facebook this not only includes Facebook recently added job posting function but also Facebook advertising Facebook search and various extensions for better search results Facebook search function is powerful and unlike any other social media site which means that it can help you find the right people quicker and easier do you use Facebook to recruit..