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it’ll media manager great to have everybody here tonight what I want to do right off the bat is just quickly introduce myself and Angela a little bit about us I have been around the sales and marketing arena for the past 30 years that’s all I’ve done for the past 30 years actually it’s probably a little bit more than that now so needless to say I am definitely an old guy I’ve had clients that have included IBM Microsoft DIRECTV I’ve done a lot on the agency side as well as on the company side in in in marketing and for the past 15 years I’ve really specialized in online marketing that’s really my my area of expertise anything online I’ve pretty much done and again I’ve done it for four big companies I’ve done it for small companies and I’ve been facebook marketing pretty heavily for the past five years so I really consider myself to be a Facebook marketing expert and you know obviously going to be sharing that with with you guys a little bit about angela angela has been internet marketing for the past seven years pretty much exclusively for the past seven years she really is a social media and PR expert that’s what she does that that’s what she excels at she’s been seven years in social media marketing and I got to tell you that that’s pretty much how long social media has been around maybe maybe myspace has been around a little bit longer than that but but barely so Angela’s pretty much been social media marketing social media has been has been out there she’s also got eight years of IT experience she’s worked with companies like Novell in system development that type of things she’s got that kind of background at the same time so enough about us let’s let’s dive right into what we’re going to talk about tonight why social media and this is really i I supply social media as it relates to businesses and especially small businesses why social media why is it important for small businesses to jump on that social media bandwagon let’s take a quick look at facebook 700 million active users I mean Facebook’s population is larger than the US which is just crazy when you think about it half of Facebook’s users log on every day think about that fifty percent of all facebook users log on every single day and the average Facebook user has a hundred and thirty friends the average user has a hundred and thirty friends take a quick look at Twitter next biggie out there 55 million tweets per day I mean there’s over 50 million tweets on a daily basis that’s incredible 105 million users on Twitter registered users on Twitter and twitter twitter gains 300,000 new users a day three hundred thousand I mean folks this is the kind of activity that’s happening in social media so when a company asked me when a small business when any business asked me you know what do I really need to be on social media well it’s where your audience is markets are conversations that a company needs to engage socially there’s no question about it markets consist of people not demographics right so you know you have the opportunity to create a community with these individuals that’s what these small businesses have the opportunity to do and they need to invest the time developing these channels it’s going to pay off in the long run the big challenge for most of these companies is they just don’t have the know how or the manpower to do it they need a professional you know here’s the bottom line why do they need a social media manager okay it’s obvious why they why they need social media no question about it you know there’s no question but why do they need a social media manager they need a professional presence right they need to be they need to look better than their competition and the good news is especially right now the good news is that’s not really difficult to do they need somebody they need somebody who has extensive knowledge on the platform’s best suited for their business so they they need somebody that knows Facebook that knows Twitter that understands linkedin that understands all of the new networks that are coming out and to be able to make the decision on which platform is best suited for them to spend the most time on they need someone who’s up to speed with the latest tools platforms and strategies you know social media is changing constantly folks it’s changing constantly and a business these days needs to have somebody that can stay ahead of that curve I mean look what Facebook’s been doing lately you know the curveball that they threw you know most of us on the fan pages so it’s it’s that kind of information it’s that kind of knowledge that they need someone to keep up to the speed with no question about it they need obviously a well thought out social media strategy if they ever want to succeed in the social media world they need someone who can create a consistent message and keep keep the content fresh I mean I can’t tell you how many pages i’m sure you all do as well i can’t tell you how many pages i go to on a daily basis and you take a look at when was the last time that it was updated and you know it’s it’s you know some ridiculous like three months ago type thing right if you’re going to have a social media presence it needs to be updated and it needs to be updated and content added on a daily basis is really what it comes down to in the bottom line is this having a social media manager saves the business owner time which is by far and away the most valuable asset listen business owners have a lot more important things to do I mean this is a critical piece for most businesses no question but a business owner isn’t trained in this arena and frankly they shouldn’t be they should have a basic understanding with social media can do for their business but they shouldn’t have to take the time to go through some kind of train course and then on top of that have to work an hour two hours a day to keep up with all of it I love this statistic right here and I want you to take a look down here where my cursor is and it says nine percent of small businesses said a social media expert would be the most helpful new hire and that was the second most popular choice after a bookkeeper there’s a lot of things on the list that’s why it’s such a small percentage but the bottom line was number two thing that small businesses said would be the most helpful new hire was a social media expert folks it’s not that you have to educate the small businesses anymore that they need somebody they know it they know it you just have to understand how to go at them the right way and you have to have the right kind of training the right kind of information behind you to be able to approach businesses is what it comes down to I want to share with you now kind of a day in the life this is the day in the life of a social media manager just to give you an idea of just and this isn’t even all of it but just an idea of some of the things that a social media manager does on a daily basis okay one of the one of the things that they could be doing on a daily basis is building or customizing client fan pages and of course now with the changes on facebook what are the things that a lot of social media managers I know that are going to be doing are updating those pages to be able to reflect the new the new timeline the new timeline that’s that’s now being rolled out by Facebook so there’s a lot of opportunity there in just this first piece certainly one of the big things social media managers do developing new content to post however they’re developing it some people are writing it some people are sourcing it but developing new content to post is critical in doing that doing that ahead of time actually almost having an editorial calendar posting that new content write it you know depending on the on the on the business depending on what they’re doing but probably twice a day posting new content new fresh content to stay in front of that businesses customers and prospects you know in the case of Facebook staying in front of there in front of their fans in case of Twitter staying in front their followers of course this is always a big one policing clients walls for spam so money you know there’s so much out there right now there’s so many people that are posting inappropriately on companies things I see it all the time and it amazes me all like come back the next day and it’s still sitting there which tells you what that they aren’t keeping an eye on their wall one of the other things obviously is responding to fans questions you know people will come on to a fan page they’ll ask a question on the wall and actually with this new fan page this new timeline profile that’s being rolled out for fan pages fans are now going to be able to send a private message to the fan page that’s that’s a new feature which is really kind of cool so responding to those questions or obviously you know sending those questions to the appropriate person in the organization to get answered and you know how important is this deploying fan acquisition tactics you know getting people on the fan page getting the right kind of people on the fan page building that audience engaging that audience that is that’s that’s a daily activity right so this is just a little snapshot of a day in the life of a typical social media manager and imagine this x 10 clients right and there’s a lot of the this a lot of this right here that can be smartly out sourced and one of the things that we’re going to do in our training is talk about outsourcing and where does outsourcing come in even supply outsourcing resources to be able to tap into because you obviously if you try to do all of this yourself you’re going to have a limited number of clients that you can work with on a daily weekly monthly basis and that that’s going to obviously restrict your income so being able to use outsourced resources for a lot of this stuff smartly is the way to go to be able to leverage yourself and be able to expand your reach okay so I like this social media manager dollar sign dollar sign I think you know what’s coming next and really it’s what what can you expect what can you expect as a social media manager realistically realistically on a monthly basis per client you’re looking at depending on the level of service that you’re providing on a monthly basis you’re looking at five to five hundred to two thousand dollars a month per client and it actually it could be a little bit more than that depending on on on the client but usually five hundred dollars on the low end two thousand dollars on the high end and you know it gets kind of a tiered package kind of thing that’s what we put together five hundred thousand fifteen hundred two thousand dollar type levels but there’s also up front usually upfront projects to get a client started so you’re going to end up making up front three four five hundred dollars right up front before the monthly even kicks in okay but that’s what you can expect / clients so if you’re looking at that realistically and let’s say that you go out you can get five clients that’s very very realistic five clients you’re looking at 2500 to ten thousand dollars a month and again if you’re if you’re if you’re outsourcing smartly you can easily increase five clients to ten clients and you’re the outsourcing resources and what we’re going to train and teach on you don’t have to spend a lot I can tell you right now Angela I hope I’m not giving away a big secret of Angela but angela has somebody that basically she has do some activities for her for three dollars a day you know they do they do a little bit here a little bit there but it only costs are three dollars a day you know that’s that’s on the extreme end and they do a very good job by the way which is you know amazing in and of itself but the point is you can greatly expand what you can expect by outsourcing and that’s again a large part of what we what we do and what we teach but this is a good realistic expectation I want you to think about this for a minute okay even on the low end if you had five clients at five hundred dollars a month and you’re making twenty five hundred dollars a month now each client is going to require about an hour a day’s worth of work so you’re working five hours a day five hours a day that’s it and you’re making twenty five hundred dollars a month that’s not too shabby is it that’s not too shabby but we want to show you how you can and again the beauty of being a social media manager is you don’t have to shoot for the moon you don’t have to say well Rick I want to make 10,000 a month i want to make twenty thousand a month there’s a lot of people that make in twenty five hundred dollars a month for what what amounts to be part time work would be fantastic and i’ll tell you right now that’s a realistic expectation that’s the beauty of what where we’re at right now folks social media managers are in such huge demand it’s like the wild wild west right now you could write in and as long as you’ve got a six gun strapped to your side they’re going to hire you as a hired gun whether you’re certified or not we’re going to make sure that our people get the right kind of training because obviously we’re going to be engaging those people and creating client opportunities for those people so obviously for us as a company we need to make sure that you as a social media manager is as knowledgeable as you possibly can be thus that’s why we’re going through this certification course so who is small biz social right small biz social Angela and myself or partners we’ve got other people that work for us but but who we are first and foremost were a social media management agency that’s number one where we obviously have put together a four week training course which is what we’re going to talk to you about we have ongoing coaching calls that’s part of that that course and part of what we’re doing with our certification process and when I say ongoing coaching calls that means after the four week training course is done we put providing a complete set of resources and I’ll break those resources down for you here in a little bit but the resources are incredible that were that we’re bringing to the table for everybody that’s coming on board with us as a social media manager or I guess at least social media manager trainee and here’s the big one this is what sets us apart from everybody else out there we are creating client engagement opportunities for our social media managers for our certified social media managers we are creating client opportunities that’s huge folks no one else is doing that so a little bit about our social media management what do we provide a company and again when we say what do we provide a company this is what you would be providing a company consulting basic profile management content creation and distribution audience building is a huge piece engagement so engaging that audience once they’ve come to the page and customer service this is all part of the service that the service is the level of services that we provide with our social media management piece in the agency ok I’m so excited about this I’m so excited to share our goal with you that that that we’re bringing to the table here and again you guys play into this in a big big way because we’re creating these client opportunities Angela and I are going to be working all of these at all we want to bring you on board to be able to handle a lot of these clients that we’re going to bring it up that we’re going to be bringing on but our goal over the over the next year is to become the number one social media management agency for chiropractors and dentists that’s our niche we’ve already got a great foothold in both of these arenas we already have clients on the chiropractor side we’re going to start ramping up the dentist side of what we’re doing here shortly but we already have huge huge inroads in the dental community that’s really going to be able to bring a large number of clients our way but our goal to be the number one social media management agency for chiropractors and dentists that’s our niche and it’s a huge niche and I’ll share with you how big that is in a minute let’s talk about our four week training course so week 1 introduction to social media management now I’m going to drill down on each one of these a minute week 2 what is a social media manager what makes up a social media manager what you have to know to be a successful social media manager week 3 how to package your services and run your business and finally week for how to find clients even though willing to be bringing clients to the table for everybody actually it’s the first 50 people are going to be a will be able to participate in that but just because we’re bringing people on on board that you potentially are going to be working with doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be going out finding your own clients and we’re going to do obviously one of the big training pieces is showing you exactly how to do that ok so let’s take a look at week one our introduction so what is social media well we’re really going to drill down on the platforms we’re going to drill down on Facebook we’re going to drill down on Twitter Linkedin and what I think is one of the hottest new social media platforms out there and I think it’s it’s it’s already proven to to drive more traffic than a lot of existing networks do right now and that’s pinterest but that’s really what’s going to be week one drilling down on these social media platforms and talking a lot about what makes them up why they’re important what bit what types of businesses need to focus on each one of these that’s what we’re going to be looking at in the week 1 introduction piece week to social media management ok we’re going to getting into a number of things here all kind of work related pulling out the toolkit performing the audit what is that you know what does that entail cleaning up the mess cleaning up what a company has already done that you have to come in behind and clean up that’s a big part of it developing certainly developing the strategy with your client developing the strategy for that small business for social media management what does that look like content development how to get that done how to outsource it how to do it yourself we’ll be drilling down quite a bit on that in that in that week to peace consistent posting image management what does that mean what does that look like what does that entail and then finally of course audience development and engagement super important piece how do you target people for your client where do you find them how do you bring them to their fan page how do you engage them once once they get there this this is what week two is all about so week three running your business it’s really all about the nuts and bolts this is really where we’re going to kind of get in there we’re going to roll up our sleeves and really show you the running the business side of what this is all about we’re going to take a look at contracts now I put in parenthesis agreements and here’s a little tip for you never call a contract a contract always called in an agreement people are afraid of contracts and if you go to a new client and say hey I’ve got a contract for you to sign they’re gonna they’re going to blanch white because what’s the cut when you sign a contract it’s usually a legal thing it’s usually a big deal right so it’s an agreement I always call it an agreement always even if it says contract on it I’ll always call it an agreement but we’ll get into that exactly what that’s all about initial consultation the type of initial consultation that you’re going to need to do with your client why that’s important and the types of things that you need to ask them about this is a big one setting expectations why it’s important to set expectations what kind of expectations do you said what kind of measurement are you going to to to to have to be able to show them progress in their social media but setting those expectations is a big key this is kind of important isn’t it billing client engagement right making sure everybody’s on the same page about exactly how the billing works we’re going to give you a lot of really good tips on what what to do and especially what not to do when bringing on a new client in it as far as Billings concerned and then finally tracking and reporting you know it’s critically important on a monthly basis that you’re showing client what you’re doing for them right so tracking and reporting what does that look like that and trust me it goes way beyond what you currently see right now that that incites are providing on your facebook fan pages okay so tracking and reporting so that’s week three running your business oh and then of course outsourcing and we talked a little bit about outsourcing bed outsourcing as a key key piece we’ll get into that in Week three as well week for that final week finding clients okay so finding clients is a key piece there’s a lot of different types of clients and we’re going to go through that we’re going to talk about each one and we’re going to also talk about what I consider to be low hanging fruit when it comes to clients and when I say low hanging fruit that’s the sales term that’s been around for a long time but if you haven’t been in the sales business low hanging fruit means the easy ones what’s easy pickings in the client world will talk about that what I really want to have everybody do is focus on a niche the biggest mistake you can make is is is go out there say I’m a certified social media manager I’m ready to start getting clients and put your put your sign out there and say I’m ready to take on all takers doesn’t matter what doesn’t matter if you’re a hairdresser or a you know a pet store or a bar or a restaurant or a bowling alley it doesn’t matter we’re going to show you why focusing on a niche and obviously we’re focusing on niches big ones with high refractors and dentists but we’re focusing on a niche but why focusing on an H is incredibly important and it’s going to differentiate you from the crowd we’ll talk about marketing yourself what does it take to really successfully market yourself how do you create a presence how do you brand yourself is really what it comes down to approaching potential clients how do you approach a potential client how do you how do you find them how do you approach them what should you be saying what should you be showing them once you’ve you’ve approached the client you’ve had some kind of initial conversation how do you follow up you know follow up this key obviously and then this final piece which most people screw up is closing how do you close them how you asked for the sale there’s a number of what I call closing secrets that we’re going to be teaching you in this and this week for peace that I’m super excited about that if work definitely worked for us and we’re going to be sharing that with you okay so it all comes down to this all comes down to after four weeks of weekly training for weeks of supplemental training because we’re going to be doing training sessions every Thursday night for the next four weeks starting next thursday night we’re going to be doing training every Thursday night for an hour then in between their supplemental training there’s going to be videos for you to watch there’s going to be assignments for you to do there’s going to be stuff for you to read okay it all comes down to at the end of that four week period getting this certificate of completion and becoming a certified social media manager now there is going to be a final project dissertation for those of you that have been to college you know exactly what this is you going oh my god i thought i left school ages ago yeah well this is important it’s fun this will be fun i’m going to tell you right now this is going to be a lot of fun but this final project dissertation if this is required to get this certificate it’s not just that you can go through the training we got to make sure that you know what you’re doing right you’re going to earn your social media management certificate certification as a result of completing the dissertation and passing all our quizzes amps because we’re going to be doing quizzes and exams all along the way and again folks this is not rocket science this isn’t rocket science this is an art a little bit of science to it but this is an art okay but you know you’ve got to be able to prove that you’ve learned and that you’re ready at whatever level you’re ready to take on someone and manage their social media piece so this is what you’re going to go through at the end of that four week to make sure that you’re certified on top of that once that four weeks is done once you’ve got that certificate in hand woohoo and we have a big graduation party I suppose we’re gonna have to have the graduation party virtually but we’re going to be doing weekly coaching calls these calls are going to be held every single week this is your opportunity to be able to ask questions to interface with the group obviously we have the group page on Facebook that’s going to supply a lot of that as well we’re going to actually create a separate group that’s just going to be the the people that are part of our training will create a separate group for that but you’ll have that opportunity to interface amongst one another ask us questions in that group environment on a daily basis and then also on these weekly coaching calls then we’ve developed and are developing a resource library we’ve got a large number of client management tools that were bringing to the table project management resources analysis and tracking tools that you’re going to be using with your clients custom fan page tab building tools again you know you this is a piece that you could outsource right here okay and for many of you probably is a good idea we’ll talk about that but we’re going to be providing this tool so that if you want to do it yourself you’re going to have that opportunity to be able to do it and then of course all the client forms that you’re going to need the agreements audit sheets billing worksheets everything that you’re going to need really demand is your client we’re going to have for you as part of this resource library okay now this is without question probably the most exciting piece to this it to what we’re going to be doing yeah it’s going to be great the training is going to be fantastic you’re going to feel like you really have a good handle on being able to manage social media for a client once your once you’re done with everything but how great would it be for us to be able to hand you clients that you could start working with almost immediately well that’s what the client opportunity is all about let’s take a look at our target markets we’ve already told you it’s chiropractors and dentists we’ve got over 42,000 chiropractors on facebook that’s our target okay we’ve already developed the social chiropractor okay the social chiropractor is what we’re using to reach out to these chiropractors to engage them in conversation you know we’ve created materials for them we’ve got a 30 minute free consultation that were that we’re working with them this is really beginning to work for us and this is how we’re bringing in one of the ways that we’re bringing in chiropractors using Facebook effect there’s one of our current clients savage chiropractic in Spokane Washington our other huge target market is dentist over 133,000 dennis on facebook right now the the dental market is fantastic it’s it’s very similar the chiropractic market they’re highly competitive they they’re all out there marketing themselves putting themselves out there they all know that social media is incredibly important for their practices this is a terrific market for us so these are the two markets that we’re really going to be zeroed in on so so how is that going to work well we’ve created something that we call the bench I’ve had this in another company that I used to work with I used to run that was vice president of internet marketing for an ad agency in santa monica california a number of years ago we had something called the bench and the bench was designed to bring people in if we didn’t have a position available for that person but we wanted to kind of keep them around we wanted to keep them top of mind we would bring them in we put them on the bench so in other words we interview them we’d go through the entire processes if we were going to hire them they know up front by the way they weren’t that position wasn’t available right then but they would be on the bench so we we developed a very robust very diversified side and talented bench that way well similar type thing here but the difference is we’re bringing clients to you first 50 people who sign up qualify for the bench that’s it we can only we can only work 50 people to start with and I have no idea when that’s going to change hopefully in six months or so we’re going to need another 50 but for right now the first 50 people who sign up our part of that bench what can qualify for the bench obviously to qualify to really be on the bench you have to come successfully complete the training and get certified but it’s the first 50 people who sign up for the training now once certified you have the opportunity to participate in client placement opportunities that’s the big part of what the bench is all about and it’s up to ten client opportunities so we potentially can give you up to ten client opportunities and I can tell you that what we’re going to be doing to market ourselves what we’re already doing in the groundwork that we’re laying the idea that we would have 500 clients right so if we gave they had 500 clients there’s 50 of you that we’re going to give 10 clients to that’s 500 is more than doable over the course of the next six months but you you it being part of bench you could get up to 10 client opportunities for us and I want you to think about this again put a dollar figure on that think about what those clients can bring in okay obviously it’s going to be a shared revenue situation because we’re bringing you the client but you’re still getting a big big chunk of it on top of clients that you go out and bring in yourself so let’s say you haven’t had two or three from us and and you went out and got three or four yourself I mean that’s an incredible opportunity that we’re bringing as part of this entire program that we’re putting together and in starting with everybody okay how you can participate how do you make this happen well we’re going to make it really really simple okay it’s a one time 297 dollar fee one time and then starting in a month if you qualify on the bit for the bench it’ll be thirty seven dollars a month to be part of that because there’s a number of other things that go with being on the bench but it’ll be thirty seven dollars a month on going to be part of the bench you don’t have to be part of the bench you can just say Rick I like what you guys are going to do training wise I want to go through it I want to take the four week training course and I’ll go out and get my own clients or I’m already kind of working towards that so you know and and and you don’t want us to give you clients so you don’t have to be part of that but that so one time two hundred and ninety seven dollars and of course you get the four week training you get the certification you get the supplemental training materials the weekly coaching calls that are ongoing a resource library everything that we just went through okay everything that we just went through and you get priority bench placement as as a somebody that comes in and does the 297 because I’ve got another option for those people that are that are out there that are going okay I don’t know that I could do 297 one time and by the way I did a tremendous amount of research on all the other social media management training courses that are out there even the ones that are that have certification I can tell you that we are offering by far the best value out there most of the other ones are more expensive than two hundred ninety seven dollars some as much as a thousand dollars but a lot of them are you know four hundred dollars you know five hundred dollars you know that type of thing and none of them none of them are offering the the client opportunities that we’re bringing to the table with the bench so again okay so your other opportunity other way that you can be part of what we’re doing here for those of you that can’t do this 297 right off the bat and remember doing the 297 right off the bat will put you in a priority position on the bench but we do understand that obviously some people just can’t do that and we don’t want to restrict this opportunity so what we’ve done is we have created another option for you we we’ve created a to payment option and that Thun payment option is to payments of 157 dollars so 157 right up front and then the other 57 157 one month later okay and that takes care of it and it’s over with then that thirty seven dollars a month will start up in the a month from when you sign up that thirty seven dollars a month starts up that gets you on the bents that secures your bench position if you’re one of the first 50 people to sign up and again this includes exactly the same thing that you get with that first option except priority placement on the bench but you still get the four week training and certification you get supplemental training materials the ongoing weekly coaching calls and of course the terrific resource library that we put together for you to help you run your business once you’ve gotten your certification okay so next steps obviously next steps for you if you’re serious about being a social media manager the next steps are to get your self signed up on one of those two options thursday night training starts this coming thursday night march the eighth five o’clock pacific eight o’clock eastern time seven o’clock central six o’clock mountain like to make sure we hit all of those so thursday night training starts and by the way you can see this hundred percent satisfaction money back guarantee I just want to make sure everybody understands that if after your 4 week training after you’ve completed the four week training if you aren’t completely satisfied with the training that you’ve received in the opportunity that you have in your hands we will refund your money one hundred percent so he sign up take that next step this is a tremendous opportunity think about even even getting your first client your first client is more than going to pay for the cost of this training isn’t it it’s more than going to pay for it even if your first client is only a five hundred dollar a month client it’s going to pay for this training so take this big step let’s get going get plugged in so you can be part this training we look forward to seeing you on the inside.