Social Media Jobs

media coordinator job description: earn up to per week, working at comfortable home..

chill media think has really given birth to an entire new industry meet the social media managers they get paid to tweet follow make Facebook posts and to keep your business relevant the best part some are making six figures doing it I got laid off it was a time when that was happening it was about two years ago Kate buck was like millions around the country unemployed with lots of time to reflect I had been playing around a lot on Twitter and Facebook and what I saw was I just started noticing i saw people who had large followings people who’s fallen ease were growing i saw a lot of complaining that they had so many direct messages and private messages or they had so many replies that they they couldn’t like manage at all flexible and it’s fun so it’s not a job that I hate doing every day you not get to play on facebook and twitter for a living so I enjoy what I do I get to you know make my own hours and you know work with the clients I want to work with right now she manages about 12 accounts either on her computer or on her i.Phone the tweets carefully crafted and strategically executed recently she teamed up with idea incubators to publish her own online classes on how to become a social media manager her small business has already made her hundreds of thousands of dollars I think it’s just great that she can offer her assistance and teaching people how to do stuff Mackenzie Kelly just broke into the industry by day she’s a county employee and volunteer firefighter I actually scheduled tweets it’s just kind of a couple hours here a couple hours there on the weekend and honor off time she manages a handful of social media accounts this year part time I’ve made about 5,500 dollars I charge anywhere between two and three hundred dollars to get all the social media going for a company right now the going rate for a full time social media manager is about forty thousand dollars that’s just a tweet and Facebook all day long only the stakes are higher one bad tweet can cost a company its reputation companies should be hiring qualified trained social media manager you. .