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hi James Ellison micro train how are you I’m here to help you job hunters find a job using social media here’s how uh if you haven’t watched our video series already three main strategies you need to keep up in mind ways to use social media are very important they are how to find in jobs underground jobs infinite resume I should have like super view photo drawers over every time I say that because it’s fantastic the resume and then finally how to attract jobs to you which sounds crazy but it’s true it’s possible it really works so today we’re going to talk about basic twittering now i’ll talk about how to use twitter specifically using the three strategies but i want to do a quick overview on twitter a quick overview later on linkedin and we can really break it down and dive right in and really show this is how it all happens I want you to feel lost any way shape or form or go what the heck was he talking about I don’t understand here we go twitter is real simple twitter is a real simple it’s 140 characters which sounds crazy which sounds like nothing but it’s like texting all of your friends at once and that’s really kind of key it’s a public conversation you get to have and you know i used to say things like you know i used to teach university instructors how to use twitter and they’re the best because they have the worst questions in the world they say things like there’s no way i could distill what I’m thinking into 140 characters it’s one of them says I couldn’t distill my thesis statement into 140 here because I said you know what true may be true but when was the last time you had like a massive thought like a huge world changing Plato and Aristotle double thought yeah me neither not a long time mostly what I think about is what am I have for lunch what’s going on you know the post office I you know I got a problem in my car man somebody that’s a really nice for me everything that you’re thinking of general 99% of your brain space is spent thinking about that who’s playing the game what are you doing after work what’s going on we’re just the real basics of what your life is and twitter is fantastic you want to have an area stottle and level big thought but at some place else that’s your blog is for this is not in place for twitter twitter is about your everyday life go look on your phone right now look at all the texts you’ve ever send your friends that’s what you would be sending on Twitter it’s that level of stuff is hey I’m go to the score hey I’m doing a thing hey I’m going to this restaurant in about an hour anybody want to meet me because remember you get to pick your friends you get to stay here all the people i’m interested that’s the value of twitter now i can show you it sounds crazy it sounds like a toy it sounds like a rinky dink little toy I hear you but it’s more than that and let me prove what I want you to do is go to Twitter you can go now and you can talk on the stuff while you’re doing it you don’t pay attention to me go to Twitter set up an account now how should you set up account or make a new user use your real name because we’re planning on using this to find a job so someone starts using this and start to become interested in you and turns out you’re using a fake name well guess what they’re going to think your sleazy they’re going to walk away you don’t want that so use your real name you have to pick a username now there’s a couple million Twitter users already so you’re going to be you have to think about what your user name that’s unique enough it’s about you if you’re using the screw job search and I hate think that you are you want something that’s a little teeny tiny flavor wise industry specific if you are a project manager your user name of love teddy bears 101 I’m not going to help you no no it’s the same rules that everybody says about what your email account should be pretty much the same but I think not just professional but specific to what you do if you want to say you know herds kittens 304 I think everybody gets that herd herding kittens and cats is kind of how project managers live their lives I get you know I think that’s kind of a cute way of doing it having some personality but is still the same time not being weird you know not being unprofessional this is what you remember you love the work you do you need to show that in your username pick a password pick an email address yada yada you can put a good photo up there i would say something professional more than the one where you’re passed out of the cake party more than the one of you is a baby there frankly I’ve made that work you want something to show you you as a person and not as a brand not as a company as you even when you’re representing a company if your Twitter on behalf of somebody else use your picture why people believe faces that’s what they do that’s why commercials have lots of faces in it among other reasons people believe faces and they go oh there’s a person behind them so that’s what you want any or take a photo if you want to pick designs head sometime frankly I have 100 some people I follow on a personal professional level I almost never go to their pages i’m always on my page so i like to design it for me and keep it simple so that’s just how it once you’ve got a twitter account first thing you’re going to see this is going to have a big box intense today what’s happening and it’s kind of like the blank sheet of paper what your good typewriter like why do i say i don’t know what to say it doesn’t matter say something stupid get the foot paint making pancakes at first one is always invariably back you throw it away so just go ahead and say see what everybody else says i’m testing twitter i bet if you search twitter right now and said i’m searching i’m testing twitter you would get thousands of people all of whom have brand new accounts who are trying to figure out how to use this don’t be afraid to be silly go ahead knock that out then once you’ve gotten that first one out you see that oh I type something in I hit some hint shows up on my page you want to talk you want to talk all the time you weren’t post at least every day at least frankly if you could post every two or three hour that’s better not while you’re sleeping mind you I don’t know what your sleep I don’t want to read your tweets are you sleeping that’s that’s a bad idea but you want to post a lot you want to talk about what’s going on your life on a professional level don’t be scared to say my cat got sick because that’s as like everybody has these moments but you don’t want to bring in your relationship issues and you don’t want to bring in your familial family issues and you don’t want to you know I’ll own this guy 20 bucks and he went oh no no no station for your personal Twitter account for something else save it you’re free save it for facebook why don’t you just save it for facebook this you want to use the focus tool to find a job so once you have your account set up you need to go find your friends some coin that’s pretty easy you simply probably m friends on twitter us find up follow me and you can look at who they are and then you can look at who they’re following and then Twitter’s going to do a great job recommending people you know hey you like Conan O’Brien you’ll like these other comedians okay so great if you find your professional friends look at who they find who they are following see who is interesting to them and see among men who you want to fuck at any point you can unfollow to a big deal I would also recommend figuring out who is the Guru of your industry who is the person who every time they put in a book every time to find a blog post I’m they guessed koloman of magazine area who wow what did this person say oh we’re all excited about what they said find out who they are but then put it out the chance very if you don’t follow them and then see who they’re following and then listen to them listen when they say hey this person is very interesting to read there is a its kind of dying up and still there a thing called follow friday where people will say hey because this twitter was still very young very recently it’s a lot of a who should I follow on follow Friday you say hey everybody you should follow this person when they’re great she is fantastic and smart and funny and witty and he’s you know pretty cool occasional you know you can have reasons to follow people and so you can start to even I own that and say oh that person does ownership I will follow them and you can just drop them whatever you want you don’t want so that’s the basics of using Twitter like i said i recommend posting a couple of times a day missed couple of times a day don’t be scared to be a little personal about universal personal stuff but really keep it professional focus talk about what’s going on at work and talk about how you saw a problem remember this is going to be part of your infinite resume this is going to be something when you apply for a job somebody will find this account and you do not want to be embarrassed when they find all the stuff you do not want to be complaining about your boss remember the rule of the interviewers never complain about your previous boss or previous employer never never never same rule applies do not complain too much otherwise you look like you’re a complainer and all wants to hang out later you want to be the person who solves problems you want to be the person who’s excited and enthusiastic it loves their job that’s the person people right it seems sort of disingenuous especially if you’re having a rough time especially if you’re looking for a job you can find a way to spend you can find a way of saying this is the stuff about my job that I love and filter out the stuff that’s mean spirited in and just complaining and whining nobody needs that take it out and talk and listen and respond you can always reply to people you can always talk to people who you’ve never met and say oh you’re doing what I do in California what’s it like in LA always wanted to live in California you can strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger in a completely safe way and learn a lot about your industry and what’s going on and you can become very very valuable very very interesting very quickly that’s I use Twitter for a job search well it’s the basics we’re going to dive into the three big strategies for Twitter little later on if you have any questions for me Sango if you have any questions or comments this is how to contact JLS a micro train without head / might refrain if you have any suggestions thoughts I’d love to hear them please contact me soon I’ll talk to later bye. .