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this is the new wall I met 10 Pro the successor to the one year old may 9 Hannah let’s do a side by side comparison the mate 9 is an attractive phone with a full metal body and huge 5.9 inch display the mate temporal on the other hand looks even more premium with aluminium frame coated in glass for a glossy finish it’s smaller than the mate 9 but actually has a bigger 6 inch display thanks to these seriously slim bezels the full HD AMOLED display on the mid tempo shows really vibrant colors and seriously deep blacks when you compare it with a mate 9 standard LCD display you can really tell the difference the mate 9 has a great jewel lens camera it’s 12 and 20 megapixel lenses have both been Co crafted by camera legends like the pin sharp photography the made 10 pro’s camera continues the relationship with Leica and has almost the same specs as the Nate 9 who is one crucial difference the aperture it’s larger than the mate nines so it lets in more light for better nighttime shots and with the help of built in artificial intelligence the camera app recognizes what you’re taking a picture of unadjusted setting to give you the best image under the hood of the mate 9 you’ll find a caring 960 chipset supported by 4 gigabytes of RAM plus a massive 4000 m. Ah battery the may 10 Pro has exactly the same size batteries in midnight but it’s longer lasting that’s because it uses a I’d allocate power more effectively it’s also running the latest carrying 970 chipset with 6 gigabytes of RAM so it’s faster and more efficient the mate nine runs Google’s older Android nuga operating system with Huawei’s emotion UI 5 software sitting on top the may temporal comes with Google’s Android Oriol and while is brand new emotion UI 8 software which uses AI to keep everything running smoothly it also gives you the option of using your phone as a desktop PC connect your phone to a monitor with a suitable cable and emit temporal goes at the desktop mode you can even plug in a keyboard and a mouse for the full PC experience if you like listen to music on the go you can easily plug in in the mid 90s ah just like this however you’ll need wireless bluetooth headphones with a mate 10 Pro just like other big name devices the Mei temporal has done away with its input port it’s not all bad news though as this has helped to achieve its ip67 rating meaning it’s fully dust and water resistant unlike the midnight the Mei at 9 is only a year old and make no mistake it’s a premium phone with great specs at a really good price but if you want the next level smartphone the mate temporal is the one to go for it’s packed with groundbreaking features and uses the very latest in artificial intelligence and camera technology if you’re interested in making the meet temporal your next phone follow link on screen now to find out more. .