Social Media Jobs

engineering people looking for a social media co-ordinator.

hello my name is Peter horse for we’re currently looking for a I guess you call them social media coordinator and you need to know all about these things all these funny little symbols that we’re trying to embrace here at engineering people and would like someone to come and help us work with that you can see we’ve got a Studios mini studio set up at engineering people and we’re funny in the last couple of weeks got gotten into using to put on our videos on our video adverts the job details the position title is as I said it’s coordinator of social medium the job is paying around somewhere between twenty to thirty dollars an hour location well we’re based if you have a look at our website engineering people calm day you you will find that we are located in nanna wanting not far from nano erotic railway station so good 800 meters to be exact I will looking for people with qualifications or very good experience it is a part time role or casual I guess is the other way of looking at we’re looking for someone for longer term on an as needed basis we knew to videos so we need someone to like yourself to come along and help us with setting up the camera doing the interviews and also they’re looking in the social media aspect of these fellows I’ll just hold that up again and that’s what we’re looking for so we want Facebook Linkedin that’s around little logo and as Twitter and Google+ so if you’ve got all that experience you work with all those areas of medium and you’ve been able to lift the profile of the company that you work for or in your studies we’d be interested in having a chat with you now we’re looking for someone who’s I they’ve got a qualification or good variance from the industry or from good projects and experience at school or university and that’s about all so I look forward to seeing you at some stage and i hope you this gave you a bit more information about who engineering people is and what we do there’s a couple of key words below at the bottom of the ad which sort of explains here we are and what we do and I look forward to hearing some comments from your thumb stage thanks for your time bye.