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thank you how’s everyone doing this morning good good great to see all of you thank you to Harry and team for having me come and join all of you this morning it’s really an honor to be up here now before we get started just by show of hands how many of you are on linkedin right now as we speak wow that’s impressive give all yourselves a round of applause because you’re very welcome I’ve been doing this work now it’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this work now for almost four years okay and back I get chills actually even just saying that back at the beginning in 2009 when I was when I was launching my business I was getting out there in the communities and started right here in jax why would ask folks how many of you are on linkedin like I just asked you and we’d have one or two hands maybe go up people in here about it now they’re using it uh by no show hands how many of you in this room are connected with me on Linked.In wow that’s impressive feel honored linkedin and social media in general this is the message that I want to convey to all of you as a preface before I get started social media has changed my life okay linkedin specifically has changed my life and I wanted to change yours okay your next job is one step away but it’s going to be through a connection okay so a lot of people yeah this is a great room you get it a lot of people throw linkedin social you by the wayside because they associate with I don’t have time for that I don’t have time for facebook I’m really targeting really focused on what sort of a Java wanna go after it but they don’t leverage the tools that are out there so what I hope to accomplish over the next 60 minutes or so is really your understanding of how it works in today’s job market social media has become the game changer just tell you a little bit about myself I I was in the banking finance industry from about 2002 2008 ok so my backgrounds in banking its non staffing it’s not human resources it’s not in social media it’s in banking okay started my start my career in 2002 in South Florida and Fort Lauderdale where I’m from right there with you we’ll Fredo and brought me here to Jacksonville 06 and by 08 when the economy took a nosedive I found myself out of a job like a lot of folks probably in this room at some point or another have found themselves out of a job okay my wife was eight months pregnant at the time I had no options I didn’t know where my next job was going to come from and you know there’s a girl saying mom mom knows best okay and within a few minutes of losing my job I called my mother i said hey mom I just lost my job you know she said son sorry to hear about that but you know you need a gallon website called linkedin. com now my mom and dad are real estate brokers in South Florida okay saying myself will link link to what what is that well you’re smart kid go ahead and figure it out is exactly what she said so okay well my mom and dad are using Linked. In for the real estate business how’s that going to help me as a banker now laid off banker find a job so I go home again I’m linkedin within five minutes of creating my profile joining groups I’m engaging I’m interacting and all I’m seeing is people like me that just lost her job and I lost my job november two thousand eight five hundred thousand other americans were laid off in the month that i was laid off okay these were the times where you would turn on the news Fox CNN MSNBC you know I was working for AIG at the time if anyone’s ever heard of them okay and you were hearing about bailouts and all this fun stuff okay so I was a product of that that’s all I saw on linkedin so immediately my strategy became how do i differentiate myself from every other person in america that’s losing their job and going on linkedin or going on these external resources and say hey i just lost my job help me the strategy became let me do something that i can really use you know what god has given me a talent to help others find jobs okay let me use my last almost years of working for corporate America as a corporate slave let me use that to my advantage and instead of the economy taking something from me let me take something from the economy ok so I started up jobs direct us a new jobs direct USA I built a network of job seekers which today many of them are working again that started 2008 we’re now in 2012 and the work that performed through jobs direct you say led me to build relationships brad is in this room Brad knows Harry Harry has brought me here to speak to you relationships is what will change your life ok realizing that Linked. In Facebook Twitter only tools butts up to you to implement your knowledge your god given ability that’s the difference maker ok so as we roll into this I’m going to talk to you bout how you can find a job in 2012 now again I’ll tell you the social media it’s evolving daily there’s a lot of so called gurus and experts out there I don’t like to label myself as that because it’s kind of hard to be an expert something that’s constantly evolving and changing the material that I’m going to be covering today to you is probably different than the materials covering six months ago ok because it has changed what I am going to talk to you about is how recruiters are using this to their advantage how you as a candidate can use this to your advantage to go ahead and get it from who’s hiring what to say to them you’re going to learn how to find a job in 90 days or less kind of the 90 day or less title is has stuck I’d like to say that with this material that I’m going to teach you realistically if you use it to your advantage if you kind of combine what you’re already doing you can find a job realistically in 30 days or less ok all of you look like sharp individuals you’re already using Linked. In so that’s half the battle right there in a lot of the workshops and job fairs I’ve spoken at you’d be surprised there’s people never have never even heard of it those are the folks that it’s probably more of a 90 day process ok so if you’re already using it if you’re already engaging if you’re already connected with folks such as myself and Brad and others that are connected to recruit years then this is easy okay I’m going to discuss with you social media its impact on today’s job search process and also five steps to follow I encourage you to take notes I see a lot of you have paper and a pen from you if you don’t have a sheet paper ask one of your neighbors just a little bit about myself i found the jobs directly to say in 2008 prior to that managed pre at the fortune 500 companies citigroup regions bank AIG i entered the contest in 2010 through fast company magazine there was no prize money there was there’s nothing behind this other than a contest to discover who’s the most influential person online at 33,000 entries i came in at number 39 which i don’t think is too bad for someone that the time was unemployed for about a year and a half almost two years ok again social networking getting out there meeting people shaking hands a lot of what you alluded to Nathan relationship building ok I always say social media has changed my life but really it’s the relationships that have been generated through social media again Brad in the back of the room being you know really a blessing in my life relationship that came directly do think that then feature by cnnmoney news outlets you know that’s great again I put this up there because I want you to see this is a product of losing your job ok and deciding you’re not going to let the economy defeat you ok a lot of folks I’ve met over the last four years now have this mindset okay that I’m where I’m at because of the economy because something happened ok listen God has a plan for all of us I wouldn’t be standing in front of you right now if it wasn’t for the plan that God laid out for me ok I’m a messenger I’m again now in a new position with a great company that none of that would have ever come to light or to fruition if it wasn’t for me losing my job and doing the work I’ve done over the last four years ok same holds true for for each and every one of you I always say to folks if I can lose my job launch a business that’s helped so many people America find work you know what there’s no reason why you can’t find yourself each other okay now as we move on all of you have a value okay just the few of you that stood up I was impressed okay there are individuals in this room that had the talent and the ability to own a management position to be a c level executive it’s up to you and only you to convey and communicate that value that you possess okay all of you are talented and valuable acquisitions to accompany your challenge right now at this moment is to go ahead and be able to get yourself in front of those employers that are out there the first thing that you want to ask yourself is why would an employer hire you okay if I am a recruiter and I ask you Susan tell me about yourself you have one chance to make a first impression not two but one and you have about 15 to 30 seconds max to sell yourself to me okay have you done 29 things yet Brad okay so for those of you that heard Brad’s 29 things you’re at a job fair you’re really excited get dressed up have your resume with you you walk up to the table it’s game time okay this is again where you have to ask yourself why would a company hire you I call a 30 second pitch or an elevator speech whether you’re at a job fair a phone interview a face to face networking event okay there will come a point in time where you will be asked and usually it happens this manner Bob tell me about yourself okay saying I’m a job seeker I’m looking for work I’m in transition this is not appealing to me okay I’m just telling you if you have this on your Linked. In profile it’s not appealing to me order a recruiter okay think of yourself as a professional with value so from this moment forward you are not unemployed okay unemployed is not a job title okay it’s a status of where you’re at in your life right now you don’t have a job okay however you can also look at it as looking for a job is a full time job in itself would most of you agree with me okay all of you are intrapreneurs in your own light marketing yourselves and your ability so you can land an opportunity okay so regardless of what industry you come from whether it’s banking or its marketing or sales okay you are a professional with value all right have you stopped and thought for a moment if you gather your thoughts what makes yourself valuable and how you’ll introduce yourself to a potential employer recruiter that’s your pitch okay so right now take just a few seconds let’s give it about 60 and write down what makes you unique okay why you should be hired and what you would say no employer and the next slide i’m going to give you an example of my own introduction that recently I found myself in a position to have to convey here is a sample 30 second pitch our you to you verbatim hi my name is Carlos gilma banking and finance professional I possess a decade worth of experience representing fortune 500 companies in my industry such as Citigroup AIG and Regions Financial I have direct experience of project management credit underwriting and managing sales teams currently I serve a CEO founder of a company I found in 2008 which helps career professionals find employment I am seeking an opportunity to align my career objectives with a company or organization which values my skill set and experience okay this right here can easily be transferred to any one of you in this room okay they can when i’m trying to do through this instruction and believe me this is this is on my Linked. In profile right now in the summary section okay so after today once you can once you put together what your pitch really is it can be inserted right away in your linkedin summary on your profile this can go directly in messages to employ emails linkedin messages facebook messages okay once you rehashes and practice it do you understand how this how this works right here okay basically this is a mini synopsis of who you are and what you bring to the table a couple things I want to point out to you the obvious my name you know my name is people you want people know your name you want them to walk away saying wow you know that brian guy he really impressed me and again let’s put this in the context real quick at a job fair okay Brad and I have attended a lot of these recruiters get overwhelmed they get bombarded they see so many job seekers in the course of four or five hours that I guarantee you they will not remember your resume when they walk away but they will remember the face to face interaction and another thing that they will remembers who bothered to follow up with them believe me I’ve done enough of these and I usually will call follow up with the employers at the end of the job fair like the next couple of days after and and asked him you know hey what do you think it was great event I met a lot candidates great happy has anyone contacted you has anyone followed up one or two okay well those one or two are the ones that have just positioned themselves okay and skip to the front of job search line okay because again they stood out they were unique they followed up okay they might have a really good engagement with a recruiter with something like this okay the recruiter said you know what here’s my business card contact me when you leave here today because this stack of resumes I’m probably not going to go through this when I get back to the office okay so here’s my business card that’s reality okay that’s what happens every single day a job fairs all right this right here is to help you stand out regardless of what industry you represent are you looking for working you need to convey very important word professional all right that is what companies are looking for and it’s it’s interesting recently a couple of months ago I spoke to a group of ex offenders at operation new hope if anyone’s heard of that program basically they are trying to help ex offenders find jobs a legitimate question I work in a warehouse i drive a forklift at pour concrete okay well you are a warehouse professional okay for flora you are a logistics professional okay cement guy you can think about my cement pouring professional no I am a labor professional again professional resonates a lot cleaner and easier in the eyes and ears of a potential employer than just I’m a truck driver I’m a banker ok so again from now on when you introduce yourself to someone you are Brian quark a higher education professional okay put yourself in that pedestal I possess a decade worth of experience again this is putting it out there I possess experience I am valuable okay it’s okay to sell yourself you’re trying to get a job you’re trying to make yourself stand out in the eyes of the company okay so put out there that you possess a set number of years of experience all right I guarantee you if it’s but if you’re trying to get job with your two decades worth or me as a college graduate that has no experience that’s compete competing for the same position you’re applying for guess what stands out more two decades worth of experience no experience does that make sense ok the next you want to stay where you’ve worked for in my case I’ve worked for some notable companies so I want that to stand out again it’s kind of leveraging the yin and yang I want them to know I’ve worked for some pretty good companies you need to know about it if they took a chance on me so should you I’ve direct experience and this is where it gets kind of vague it gets kind of open okay because the experience I had as a branch manager okay or a sales manager my previous roles while it was in the banking and finance industry that’s easily transferable to multiple industries when you break it down to this project management when you’re a branch manager and you’re responsible for an 18 million million dollar credit portfolio and you have employees guess what there’s a lot of moving parts that go into that operation that’s not branch management that’s project management all right project management credit underwriting alright this shows that I’m an analytical person if I can approve ok to three hundred four hundred thousand dollar mortgage applications then you know I probably have some good judgment somewhere so that’s analytical experience managing sales teams I’m a leader I’m able to lead fish to water I’m able to show sick document success that works so again the exercise we did before is for you to make an assessment so when you go back today and you put together what your 30 second pitch is what makes you unique what makes you stand out you take all of this okay and put it into context what you’re currently doing this is important okay because you don’t want to just come out and flat out say unemployed because once you come out and say that all this great information that you just told this person just kind of goes out the window all right what can you be doing while you’re in transition what should you be doing what can you be doing go for excellent volunteering education is another one one of the things that will stand out from today’s workshop is your understanding that it’s a competitive world out there okay just look in the room look at the talent in this room and you’ll see how competitive it is in this room now imagine in jacksonville in florida in the united states its competitive out there not gonna lie to you and say hey you know it’s easy it’s easy to find the job and get it from the employers when you have the knowledge but it’s competitive it’s a lot of people out there vying for jobs what makes you stand out are you volunteering or are you sitting on the couch waiting for the phone to ring are you learning a new skill or trade or are you waking up every morning at ten o’clock going on careerbuilder a monster and just putting as many resumes out there some of you might okay after today you won’t some you might be doing that um how many of you in this room I now have business cards wow wow give yourselves a round loss that’s impressive you know why because if I meet you at a networking event if I if I’m a recruiter okay what am I used to on a daily basis hi I’m Karl skill boom my business card if you come back and you say hi it’s me I r in love hi I Ren love nice to meet you and here’s my business card that’s the exchange that employed professionals are used to engaging in ok so again let’s go back to your 30 second pitch you want to state what you’re currently doing if you’re currently doing nothing other than looking for a job get with Harry he has a great organization right here in house get with me get with Brad get wood Gary we can point you in the right direction there’s a lot of lot of nonprofits out there they’re looking for volunteers especially in these times ok I’ll give you I’ll give you some advice whatever industry you represent I can guarantee you there’s a professional trade association for that industry any HR folks in here ok any project management folks in here ok there’s PMI the sherm if you’re an HR it’s a lot of nonprofits out there a lot of trade associations they can use your help get involved get involved at your church get involved at a school offer to volunteer any which way you can I know folks in the healthcare industry they’re volunteering at hospitals they’re taking internships just so they can stay active stay engaged acquire another skill there they’re meeting potential hiring managers in their roles ok the name of the game is to not sit idle and wait for the phone to ring beat out there be active because the game changer gets you in a second the game changer is not just who you know but who knows you question besides Susan do we have any traditional core sales and marketing folks in this room okay have you have you gone to an interview and try to turn it around and to add to your point Bob okay turn it around on them ask them what their strategy as a company is to see how you can be best online with their strategy going forward have you tried doing that okay because what you’ll find is you will easily be able to set the tone okay for the remainder of the interview process you’ll be able to set the tone to such where they will you will be interviewing them you will have the ball in your court you’ll be determining if you would even fit within that company structure okay and how do you do that okay the same way they’re going to say Bob tell me about yourself so Susan’s on the other side of desk so Susan tell me tell me about the company talking about what you do okay tell me about what you’re looking for in a potential new hire okay tell me how long this position has been unfilled tell me about your ideal candidate tell me about what you’re looking for in someone I hire you might walk away in 45 to 60 minutes you might walk away say I don’t want to work here because ideally if they hire me I’m not going to be happy and you know what you cut your losses any move on to the next that’s the beauty of that when you start putting yourself in the mindset of I’m valuable okay i am looking to go ahead and market myself I’m not just looking for a job I’m looking for who wants me yes mean what they publish as desired skills responsibilities in the job description early front and the interview you may go in thinking okay they want me to be the Excel experta they want me to have the project management you know expertise and you go to the interview and ask what their strategy is and they may say what we really need you to develop work I really need this person to do XYZ and then you can tailor the rest of your ended up the answers and the rest of your you know responses based on what they actually want not what you thought they wanted based on I’ve never gone into an interview not now at 28 and not 19 okay I’ve never gone to an interview where I’ve allowed a company to pry me okay it’s the other way around I’m getting to know the company I want to know if I really fit with their culture okay I really want to know if I’m on the job am I going to be successful Thunder the day okay I don’t want to take a job and be unhappy all right and to add to your point and what you said you want to be able to be set up for success that’s the name of the game because I tell you what I’ve been telling folks us since nineteen years old a Citigroup and I said today everything that you do is a stepping stone for the future okay if you take a position and it doesn’t work out that might impact you down the road somehow someway if you take a position you’re really successful that might lead to other opportunities okay so keep that in the forefront I’m moving on with you our brand and you are valuable and to me this is something I see a lot um do not apply for just any job okay I see a lot of folks and excuse me if I find anyone but in the baby boomer generation they’re just applying for any entry level job that they see out there okay why because they’re desperate to work I’m sorry working at Starbucks and walmart might be really fun but that’s not where you should be you should be focusing on finding an opportunity that means your skill set in your qualifications okay at this point your career applying for an entry level position could lower your value again this goes back to you are a brand and you are valuable everything that you wrote before that piece of paper that eventually you will craft into your 30 second elevator pitch that’s what makes you unique that’s what makes you valuable because you’re able to clearly convey that okay apply only for jobs that meet your qualifications and candidate criteria and set realistic expectations if you expect success now what do I mean by that you’ve a lot of folks out there that they see a job listing to see a company they really want to work for they just apply for it without even reading what the company is looking for okay so then when they receive 25 email automatically generate emails in their inbox every morning saying that they’ve been turned down then they get really disappointed and they feel like no one’s hiring no one wants to hire me okay what’s happening here if you didn’t know is that companies when they receive your resume through their website they’re not even looking at your resume okay did you know that alright they’re not no one is looking at your resume what happens is you apply you take off for how long does it take to even apply for a job about 45 60 minutes minimum yeah you go to a company’s website you create a profile you have to take time to kind of search through all the positions then you pick which ones you really like okay by this point your eyes are already fried so you’re not taking the time to read through you apply the application process is 45 to 60 minutes long that’s there might be an assessment or some sort of a test in between you’ve already given a company your time that you’re not getting paid for and they’re not giving you even the courtesy or respect of calling you to say hi mr.

Bob thanks a lot for applying with us we’re reviewing your your qualifications in your resume will get back to you shortly they’re not doing that okay so what I’m going to walk you through the steps as we progress us how you can first all value your time so you’re not just giving it away for free but also how you can apply for jobs which realistically you have a shot of landing okay now what happens again going back to the automated process is companies know what they’re looking for so they’re looking for a dot net programmer with seven and ten year experience and your resume doesn’t contain any of these certain keywords that their algorithms are looking for if you don’t have that experience of if you’ll have the education they’re looking for your resume automatically gets weeded out a human being will never look at it just won’t happen okay on the flip side if you connect with a recruiter on linkedin a person on linkedin will read their messages as they come through their inbox okay that’s the difference right there right off the bat okay so before we move on the point that I really want you to understand here is as a candidate again this goes back to what you wrote on your sheets of paper where are you as a professional where do you want to be in the next 5 10 15 years and what makes you unique think about that as you’re out there applying okay I call it a blind resume or a blind application and what that is is you’re going out there in the web applying for every single job that you see whether it’s a barista at starbucks or greeter at Walmart or a c level executive and everything in between okay and just hoping that you get out of those hundred applications that someone calls you and offers you a job okay again don’t let please don’t let this be you please don’t let this be you okay there’s all again there’s a lot of talent in this room not gonna not going to kid you I see a lot of talent in this room that could probably be my boss okay so respect yourself respect what you’ve worked for all these years okay and pursue opportunities which you are very much qualified for I’ve been on both sides I’ve hired people my career and I’ll tell you what I would never hire someone my age or younger than me okay never I’m 28 today and i haven’t had a higher since um someone since i was about 24 or 25 i would never hire someone who’s in their 20s for that point okay because i want the brian quirks i want people like Susan I want people I can add value to my organization but on how you present yourself and how you’re able overcome the objection I tell people at the end of the day listen okay you know what you’re worth you know what sort of money you’re looking for you know what you can bring to the table if you can sell yourself to a potential employer and you know how to convey that you need not look for an entry level position okay companies are hiring yes Harry I’m just going to add something to what you answered Eva with if your strategy is to find out about jobs that are more appropriate than the one that got posted then using an application for a job you’re overqualified for it’s probably a bad strategy to get there which I I’m paraphrasing with carlos has already said what you need instead is to go to something like linkedin and see if you know anybody who’s currently inside the company and do your reconnaissance through your inside champion find out if there is or if there might be in the near term an opportunity that’s more appropriate do that do that that’s what you need to do the whole job search process is so skewed it’s ridiculous I found my first job in 2002 I was in Fort Lauderdale you’re familiar the sun sentinel correct I opened up the sun sentinel on a Sunday while I was at another job I opened up saw the classified section saw a little ad citigroup is hiring 850 now or fax your resume here boom it was done by friday that week I landed the job okay it doesn’t work that way anymore all right realistically speaking um and that’s why I say the job search process is skewed it’s not job boards it’s not job fairs it’s really communication all right your website might say one thing but you might have a job at simon advertised that unless I contact you a recruiter I will never know about unless I form dialogue I will never learn about that opportunity okay and trusting companies will create a position for you if you strike the right right chord with them um how will you find a job here okay this is just to get you see got a few employers limited number of jobs a lot of people okay how do you find a job here okay the answer is you probably won’t okay how do you stand out from all these people in this room right here okay again that’s having a clear concise 30 second pitch in which you can clearly tell a company why you should be hired what makes you unique what your goals are okay looking for job is a job itself if you expect to be successful you must put forth an effort this is not a marathon this is a sprint okay everything that you do come in here today coming here last week the week before next week interacting with your peers on breaks connecting on linkedin that’s all part of the game that’s all part of the strategy all right embrace social media okay this is real big seeing a lot of people that have taken five six seven months to find a job because they never embrace social media from the start my wife being one of them yes I’m right yeah what reservations have you had about social me if you don’t mind sharing that has made you willing to embrace social media I never took the time to learn anything about it so I just figured it was something random and daunting and although it was on linkedin I was just kind of marginally on me and i wasn’t leveraging I wasn’t leveraging it I wasn’t maintaining that network that I needed to maintain and i I just I was afraid of it quite honestly I thought oh sweet the stockers going to be out there you know and that kind of nonsense so and I woke up not too many months ago and said I’ve been out of work for a long time something I’m not doing right if I keep doing this yeah there’s lot of residents it’s a lot of reservations I’ll get to you in a second there’s a lot of reservations when it comes to social media privacy someone’s gonna steal my identity I don’t want people know what I look like I don’t want them to know my age so many of these factors i say hey has to go out the window again if you’re planning on finding employment you need to get in front of the people are hiring the way to do that right now today is your social media primarily linkedin okay how many of you by show hands are on facebook okay now keep your hand up if you’re using facebook in your job search one of you so all of you there on facebook only one of you is using it ok before i get to my next point how are you using it for that’s a trick question when I just asked you how are you using okay good deal um you should keep your hands up when I asked you the last question because you are using it indirectly in your job search because guess what companies are doing to get to know you before they call you for an interview want to take a wild guess they’re going on Google they’re typing in Louie licious and then guess what comes up your Linked.In profile probably your facebook right underneath and before they even going linking they’re going to Facebook just to learn everything they can about you and identified very quickly is this someone that we want to take a chance on and higher okay so the way I account spin that is you need be using Facebook no different than you use Linked. In it’s an engagement tool it’s a social tool go on there as soon as you go home say hey I just left a seminar I’m looking for employment can you please help me okay average folks have two or three four five hundred friends on facebook if these are true friends leverage that to your advantage okay get them to help you because I guarantee you your friends are probably working somewhere and they probably have an insight as to whether or not their employer is actively hiring and who’s the person that you need a contact so it’s a first place that you should go before you even dive into Linked. In all right Facebook any questions with regards to that I see some some heads kind of yeah church and state like for me I want to keep facebook personal beyond the job search and then linkedin will be like the professional and that’s how I want to maintain it so my facebook is very limited when you walk in from the outside it’s just my name so there’s some of knows that I have a Facebook page but it’s so that then stripped not everyone is that way right and first of all with all social media there should be no expectation of privacy none the second you register on facebook they own your proprietary data they can sell it they can reuse it they can do anything they want with it because you are on their network that’s one okay so where they can change their black horse and change all your security so when people say well you know I don’t mix facebook with business because that’s mine it’s personal it’s not it’s not I could look up anyone on facebook and at least see what you do after hours your your default picture might be completely different than what I see in person or what I see on linkedin you need to keep it uniform again let’s go back to branding talk about that for a second the person that you convey in person face to face should be who i see on linkedin should be who i see on facebook too because facebook is a part of the strategy okay and with to that point companies are using it actively as a screening process a screening tool okay that’s reality so as I’ve even told folks don’t even just limit yourself to Linked. In if you meet a recruiter ok channel everything through Linked. In if you don’t hear back from them on Linked. In go to facebook and look them up on there okay x i guarantee you they’re looking you up alright so make the playing field even again recognize if you’re on it it’s up to you this is why i say in all these workshops we’re all adults it’s up to us ok to monitor the content that we put out there ok good batter and different it’s not anyone else’s fault it’s up to you so with that being said make sure that everything that’s being communicate while you are looking for work is just a good representation of your professional brand yes you know that’s absolutely correct I’ve done so many job fairs I’ve met so many job seekers over the last four years and you would be surprised I can meet a job seeker at a career expo we engage it leads to more connecting on facebook and then the personal facebook is not the person I met four hours ago in a suit and tie right ok completely different other factors again kind of play into how your looked at as a person is a lot of people put their religious affiliation or the religious status they put their political affiliations to us or maybe no harm in that but it’s all in the eye of the beholder so if I’m a recruiter that does not practice the same religion that you practice or I do not share the same political beliefs that you believe in that might have an impact on my decision one way or another again it’s not perfect world the job search process is skewed beyond belief but that’s reality that you have to keep in the forefront gasp Wayans yeah sure can stay for me but it’s all on the same sandbox it’s all online it’s all accessible there’s you can’t just put blockers up unless you complete put your page totally private the only sees a photo okay and nothing else which I believe you still can but if not you know it’s it’s out there that’s its online yes yep yep yep your facebook profile says a lot about you as a person forget as a professional is a person okay these are things are being used by hiring companies and recruiters every single day in America to determine is this something that we want on our staff because let’s face it once you’re hired by a company and you’re on their payroll you represent that company 24 7 okay you could you could come back from jax beach you know wasted again DUI and kill someone and guess what the end of the day it could be tracked that you’re an employee of X company okay just because you had that on your facebook to start with okay so keep that in the forefront as you go through this process I’ve known jobseekers they’ve completely deleted their facebook through this process I wouldn’t say go to that extreme but do monitor the content a good word of wisdom is whatever photo you have on your Facebook page or on your Twitter I’m sorry under linkedin make that your facebook profile picture that waits it’s concise it’s consistent alright become subject matter in your field use discussion forums again this is kind of tied in the social media in general so as you’re out there what has become a subject matter expert mean anyone just keeping up with what’s up there as far as the improvement changes the way the industry is going I mean you look at where accounting and finance over 20 years ago it’s not where they are now yeah when I say use discussion forums such as Linked. In to provide feedback and expertise sellers what I mean by this is that when you’re on linkedin you’re in the group’s don’t be the guy or the girl that’s hard selling yourself to people don’t be like every other person says hey I’m looking for a job come hire me talk about your industry add value talk about current events so if I’m a banker and I’m looking for a job in the banking industry what’s hot what’s exciting in the industry talk about that people will will be compelled to gravitate to your profile to get to learn more about you they say wow this Bryon guy is really sharp okay so was talking about things are of interest to me I should connect with him ok and then that’s where the relationship starts from there I piece of advice buy a domain your name com so Brian corpcom higher Brian corpcom start up a blog ok this is work for a lot of candidates out there I’ve personally thrown this out there to a lot of candidates some have done it they’ve been very successful because again now they can put content they can really brand themselves as the guru or the expert in their field again you’re not just another job seeker you’re blogging your active you’re exposing yourself there’s people out there that will be seeing your efforts the point I’m trying to make through here is do not be viewed as just another job seeker the competition for jobs is overwhelming which goes back to this slide right here okay how do you stand out when you’re in this crowd and that’s social media all right that really is social media it’s a lot of people linkedin just announced that 150 million members worldwide 150 million all right a lot of people so how can you differentiate yourself from all those hundred and fifty million people okay so as we dive into social media i call it a job search strategy it’s no different than traditional business or marketing plan this is really what you write please write this down you want to ask yourself who are you targeting who do you want to work for what industry do you want to work in who are you going after the next is where they located so are you going is the who are you going after companies in Jacksonville are you broadening your scope to reach out to companies outside of Jackson outside Florida anyone this route is anyone’s from looking for work outside Jacksonville just by Johanns okay um one thing that I known job no job seekers to do is on their profile so their job search is really targeted to let’s say Atlanta okay they’ll actually put that landed zip code exert your local companies from time to time do get turned off if a candidate is from out of state because and they are out of the city geographic region because then they see this as a potential expense for them they don’t know if the candidate is expecting to be paid for relocation expenses so I’m doing it mostly food companies here that have other locations and Nexus regional headquarters in other locations chillaxin those start step I mean you’ve got interruptions oh yeah I mean Jacksonville right now is the armpit of Florida as far as you play with those and until it stops being that you’ve got to learn to other places yep I’m not saying there’s not opportunities here but as big as Jacksonville is still classified by population as a small city know if you are relocatable you may want to include sub where your Linked.

In profile on your resume that you are open to relocation okay you may want to even go to an additional extent and add that you’re open a relocation at your own expense okay this is big because again companies perceive an out of state or out of City potential new hire as being an added expense ok so again who are you targeting where are they located how are you going to get in front of them okay so this is part a part of your strategy how are you going to get in front of these companies is it going to be social media are you going to pick the phone and call them are you going to just go on their website and apply are you going to go on a job board next what will you say to them so you find the company you want to work for you have them face to face or you have an email address what are you going to say and how will you close the deal okay so step number one again please write this down step number ones to create a hit list of 12 to 24 companies in your area that you really want to work for okay the hit list is vital because this is setting up your strategy for success so take a sheet of paper right then you have to do it right now but when you go home take a sheet of paper write the numbers one through twenty four and try to write down as many companies that you would like to work for so in your industry you know who the players are if you’re an education like Brian you know who the players are it might not be 24 might be a little bit more 12 might be less than 12 but again write as many folks down again if you have transferable skills that’s not limited to a specific industry write down the names of companies that you really want to work for can move on questions okay step number two is to visit each company’s career website and use job boards as a tool to find out what job openings may be available do not apply for any job openings just yet so this do not or don’t is the key you are going to use your hit list you’re going to start with number one so if I’m a banker and I bank of america and wells fargo x and suntrust on down the list i’m going to start bankofamerica com I’m going to go to their website I’m going to go to monster com and type in bank of america i am going to research what job opportunities does bank of america starting again with the top of my list working all the way down i am going to research what opportunities do they have again let’s put this into context a job that’s been posted either on a job board like a monster careerbuilder or on an employer’s website more than likely that because mission has been unfilled for quite some time sometimes all the way up into what would you say 30 days at least 30 days you have to think a person gives in the two weeks notice they’re gone usually a company posted position internally because they really want to find someone internally they couldn’t find someone internally so then they make it available on the web so positions been out there for a long time so as you’re going on the websites as you’re on job boards and you’re seeing position posted 21 days ago know that that position has more than likely been available now for about two months okay if not more but again what you’re doing at this point in time is you are writing down the opportunities that these potential employers are offering okay so you got hit list and then on another sheet you actually have real job opportunities I call these job leads all right because it’s the lead that will get you in the door with the company yes job openings that you see yourself meeting their expected criteria this step will require time ok this is gone this is research you have to click the positions which are interest to you like I said before you need to read through what they are looking for if you do not meet in the ballpark of what they’re looking for you need to move on because again what you will find after you’ve done step 1 and 2 you’re going to have a sheet probably from top to bottom full of jobs and that’s what gets really excited because I like a light bulb goes off now you have a renewed sense of confidence you’re like wow companies are hiring not just any companies companies I want to work for and better yet they have opportunities which potentially I’d meet their qualifications and their skill set okay that’s what gets really excited before I move on do you understand up to this point the process more or less okay a list of companies that you want to work for you do your research one through twenty four and then you have an actual list of real job openings do not apply for any job openings yet so I know it’s tempting did not fall into the trap okay it’s not low hanging fruit like you think it is it’s just a lead there’s no guarantee that they’re ever going to call you back what I am going to show you is how you can get in front of these employers ok step number three is to visit linkedin com run a people search to all of you more let’s know how to run a people search I have enough my next slide actually shows how to break it down run a people search for recruiters or HR managers in your area who work at the company’s on your hit list you want to work for CSX they have three opportunities that are really appealing to you now the mission becomes how do I make contact with a recruiter or an HR director or manager at CSX right okay job boards employer websites it’s one way it’s static it’s just one way communication it’s you pushing information to them it’s not them pushing anything back to you okay social media again what wilfredo said is the dialogue that is the key relationship building um for those of you in the back even for me here in the front that’s kind of hard to see but this is you want to open up this screen by clicking advanced running a basic search the fields i have on here is very is very simple recruiter for title okay you’re going to type in the name of the company so if it’s see a sex that you want to work for you type in c sx Bank of America Wells Fargo state farm type in your zip code I always do a zip code search which is a 50 mile radius from where I live okay I don’t want to go to you know too much further than that so I live in mandarin you know my zip code 3 2 2 58 is cut if I do 50 50 mile radius search is covering all of Jacksonville’s just about right here I ran a search for recruiter in jacksonville and 758 came up in the search results that’s exciting to me that’s exciting is that not exciting to you means we have access to nearly 800 recruiters right here in Jacksonville okay uh once you tie it down your search results would be a little bit more limited because you will be focusing specifically on recruiters for the companies that you want to work for just to give you some advice that’s linked in this can change a game up a little bit you need to join groups by joining groups it provides you with immediate access to contact members of the group so as you’re running a search you may come on these individuals right and the only way to send them a direct message is either by connecting with them by having a premium account which I have a free account you don’t need to pay for the 2495 okay linkedin would hate hearing me say that but the truth you can do everything within Linked.In on the free account just the trick is to join as many groups linked to allows you to join 50 to join 50 groups the way get started type in Jacksonville Jacksonville has a whole slew groups do we have a proof your hearing yeah guys are friends of ours we’re friends of artist friends of Barnabas fruit which you should join look up groups for your industry that you represent so I t healthcare there’s a lot of them out there okay join 50 proceed to this process right here okay I get asked the question a lot so Carlos I found a recruiter at the come at one of the companies on my hit list or all the companies on my hit list do I invite them to connect sad legitimate question okay my answer is yes invite them to connect this is where the dialogue begins alright so Linked. In gives you very limited amount characters introduced yourself you know hi Harry I looked over your profile I would like to connect on Linked. In I look forward to being in touch leave it very general very vague Harry accept your invitation it connects which is great check your email as folks accept your invitations why because in your email it will show their email address something that you should look out for so if i invite here you connect and Harry accepts my Linked. In connection request I’m going to be notified by email Harry Corbett has accepted your invitation connect congratulations now I’m going to see a snapshot Harry’s profile on the right hand side will have Harry’s email address ok little what I call ninja trick to help you out all right this way you had direct access and not only through Linked. In but through email no this recruiters especially they carry blackberries i. Phones they tend to have their email their company email tied up to their Linked. In profile if you send a direct message it will go directly to their phone because they’re emailed or working those programs on there so you have direct access to a recruiter almost instantly all right now step 4 and I’ll kind of walk you through what you’ll say to a recruiter step forest he usually did as a tool to go directly to the source established dialogue get in with who’s hiring and skip to the front of the line the gatekeeper is always the biggest obstacle face when trying to reach a decision maker why do I life social media well because it gives me direct access to whoever I want to contact I don’t need to pick up the phone say hi can I please speak to Brad rainy sure my tell Brad who’s calling yes is carlos gil where are you calling from carlos jobs director say what’s nature of the call well i’m calling to sell him something i want to really need to speak to him right now ok well Brad’s busy he’ll call you back there is none of that there’s linkedin linked is direct access that’s why I like it that’s why I’ve embraced it and that’s why hopefully you see the value in doing the same so you reach out to a recruiter what are you going to say to them ok may want to write this down as well hi Brian my name is Carlos kill again this goes into what I share with you earlier I am a technology professional with over a decade worth of experience in my industry I was on your website go ahead that here here we go this is just a mock up really easy for you to go ahead and write down but let me walk you through the process hi Brian is Carlos kill I am a technology professional door decades worth of experience I was on your website and saw that you are hiring for the following positions ABC limited to three you don’t want to put now a page worth of jobs limited to three so pick the top three or if it’s less just put one or two following positions please advise when would be a convenient time to speak with you sincerely carlos gil this is just a very general introduction hi my name is carlos kill i am a technology professional with eight to ten years of experience in my industry i’m seeking a career opportunity to represent role i’m seeking a financial sales opportunity to represent a career oriented company or organization this is very basic again more detailed more directly to the point is hi my name is this is great state that you visited their website this now shows the recruiter the HR manager that you invested the time to look them up to do your research I would like to inquire about the following positions so your listing them and what’s going to happen here is very simple the recruiter is going to respond to you and very quickly they’re going to be able identify out of those three that you listed are they even available so now you just save yourself a whole lot of time though otherwise you will waste it so that makes sense because now you be able identify why those three two are available one was already fiddled or ones available or none are available but since you approach them they might come back and say you know some of your resume let’s take a look at it most of the time this is what a recruiter will write back to you most of the time eighty five percent of time hi Brian thanks a lot for for reaching out yes the positions are still available can you please email me your resume or if they don’t say email me your resume they might say or please visit our website and apply online thank you okay at this point guess what’s happened you’ve established dialogue with someone on the inside one of your goals wanted toughest challenges in battles that job seekers have has been accomplished because now you have a go to person a legitimate go to person who can be perceived as a decision maker another avenue might be I am NOT the recruiter over those positions however this is who is and they might just give you their email address and then you know what go for the kill right there at that point email okay so and so referred me they said that you are the recruiter over these positions i was on your website i’m really excited about your company and opportunities that you had to offer may I send you my resume don’t include your resume the initial transaction okay you want them this is like a chess match you want to make a move have them make a move back and then you make a move and put the ball back in their court okay you don’t want to be one way dialogue whereas you know hey I heard about this opportunity here’s my resume boom I look forward to your to your callback doesn’t work that way alright so one of two scenarios recruiter emails you back they want you to go to their website or they want you to email them your resume I guarantee before they even write back to you they’ve probably already taken the time to look at your profile and there we know this person’s legit they’re already compelled because you just did what a lot of other candidates out there are not doing which is taken the time to do your research to reach out to them and make them feel special okay the job a recruiter and you can back this up because your recruiter sir and you’ve worked in HR the job recruiters not to find unemployed individuals the job recruiters to find the most talented and qualified individual for a job correct okay that’s what they’re trying to well if you’re making their job easy for them who are they going to be compelled to bring in for an interview who are they going to be compelled to bring into their company the person that’s already laid out the foundation for them so a lot of truth to that statement okay either go through 100 resumes or I had this really sharp candidate that just dropped in my lap overnight has researched my company I’ve seen their profile they’re legit they possess what we’re looking for I’m impressed I need to call them like now before my competition gets a hold of them that’s reality if you are implementing this strategy okay so with that said the dialogue has been established okay you have someone inside follow up very important if they say go to our website apply to do it at this point okay you’re making a wise investment of your time they’ve already prescreened you they already might have seen your resume they’ve seen your profile on linkedin so they know more or less this guy or girl probably does have a shot okay to get there from the door the application process on lines of formality before I went to winn dixie and even met with a single person they made me go on their website and apply but all this i’m telling you i put this into place I didn’t just arbitrarily go on a website apply I followed this to a tee okay and I waited for them say hey listen before we bring you in just go to our website and complete the application just because it’s a formality it needs that it needs to happen great cool see you Tuesday you know that’s how that works so once you’ve applied then you go back to them again through Linked.

In as a preferred channel and you ask and you say to them hey Bobby Orr hey Susie hey Bob um or say hi hey I got excited that happens from time to time I really if you can’t i’m really passionate about this man i can’t amp up as the as the discussion goes on so hi bob or hi Susie I want your website I applied what are the next okay very simple question what are the next steps well now that I say wow this person really is amped up that excites me okay it’s not just a passive Canada it’s an assertive candidate they’re going to look at your resume again now it’s not a computer looking at your resume it’s a human being that will go into their applicant tracking system probably taleo they’re going to pull it out they’re going to print it they’re going to look at it and the next step is going to be they’re going to contact you and say either when are you available for a interview or be we are still accepting candidate applications for the next week or for the next few days so again the ball goes into your core if they ask you coming for an interview great you’re on top of it you’re available asap if it’s be give us about a week then guess what you add them to your follow up calendar and you’re contacting them in a week okay and you give them the time through they’re requesting the name of the game here is continue that dialogue don’t just assume okay that they’re going to follow up with you and they’re going to do what you want them to do it’s again these are people they’re humans there in undated with people like you wage negotiation first I’m not negotiator okay I go into an opportunity being open and receptive to what is presented to me once it’s presenting it’s up to me and only me and my family to decide does this make sense okay um what are you looking to make Carlos well you tell me what are you feeling worth I don’t know what your high end or low end is but perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle what do you think I’m worth again it’s putting the ball in their Court okay he who speaks about wage first or money will lose okay okay well we start at this we go up to this uh we see that you’re right okay great if they throw out some number out there that’s like wow I didn’t think I was worth that much you take it and just run run for the hills and don’t look back okay if you cannot live with what they present to you if you cannot pay your mortgage or your red and your car and your living expenses then it doesn’t make sense again a cat goes back to what we spoke about before this is where you value yourself and you put realistic expectations forward you know what you’re worth and you know what you need to live okay as far as money goes so I’ve never in my time now working in court burger I’ve never ever been one to come outside this is what I really need to make I don’t want to be perceived as that guy I don’t wanna be perceived as a guy that money hungry cuz I’m not an opportunity hungry I’m searching for opportunities in which if given the right opportunity I can I know I can be successful and with success comes money you can’t understand how that works what opportunity it’s up to you to be successful the success comes money yes if I can get around it if your little field will accept characters you know I write something today I put I put this up with 00 I will work for free for the right opportunity no that not true bite will Posey row because again this is all about what makes you unique and stand out if every other person is putting a hundred thousand plus and here comes this one guy that’s probably as qualified if not more profitable puts its hero okay that’s humbling yourself and that’s saying to them I’m a team player I’m willing to come here and make a difference what do you think I’m worth ok now you obviously will put what you’ve previously made and they can kind of figure it out they’re seeing something trending here you know every job that you’ve taken your increasing your income about ten to twenty percent they get it okay they’re not going to insult you and make a lowball offer okay they just won’t okay there’s comes a point where they kind of get it okay this is a person’s probably expect to be compensated right around what they were previously making maybe a little bit more okay again this kind of goes back to if you’re given the opportunity to entry level opportunity you’re going to do everything you can to work your way up same thing goes with pet you’re eager to return back to work so I would not have this mentality of I need to make this much beyond my means you really need to make what you need at this point because anything is better than unemployment benefits agreed anything is better than nothing agreed okay so with that mentality okay just go into being open negotiable um don’t even bring up income a lot of people are very quick in the initial phone interview process in the face to face process they’ll say you know so what do you guys pay let them be so intrigued they wonder how come susan hasn’t even brought up a she going to work for free let it be to the point where they come out and say so what are you looking to make we haven’t talked about what are you looking to make and then that’s where you come back and say we know I’m open what do you think I’m worth okay all right moving on Step five is to apply one and only when you’ve established dialogue with the recruiter on the inside we talked about this they will ask you at some point to come in for an interview and apply in person or via their website now you have a go to person step six is well there’s really not step 6 ends at five i calls own your success you own your success the Lord has blessed me with the talents and the abilities to come here and speak to you today at the end of the day I’m fortunate I cannot sit in your seat and make it happen for you okay but it’s up to you to own your success i’ll keep this in mind it’s up to you you must put yourself in front of recruiters and hiring companies think we can agree with that recruiters are no longer turning to just job boards or career first to find candidates what recruiters have done through the evolution of social media is they are building talent pipelines a really good recruiter okay anytime they have a job opening they should be to just jump right into their linkedin network okay and find you okay that’s what a lot of good known recruiters are doing so don’t get discouraged if you connect we’ve got recruiter in the room right here okay he has access to other recruiters keep in touch with him hate to put you up there like that but I always try to pick on the one recruiter in the room you sin okay tap into his network he knows other recruiters he’s known you through here through this workshop moving on most job seekers will rely on traditional will rely solely on traditional resources there are a lot of folks believe it or not all of you seem pretty savvy and you get it there’s a lot of folks are still relying on what work in 1999 its 2012 now so don’t be the ones that were relying solely on traditional resources turn to social media because like I said before it’s all about who you know and who knows you again part of you owning your success this is kind of a house rules of Linked.In and social media um wow I guess that’s like the timer that you’ve set up all right build new relationships through social networking online and off so what do I mean by this is everyone that you come across everyone these relationships are being built here are offline relationships we should make them online relationship so use social networking to your advantage promote a pay it forward can I help you attitude again what’s made me successful quasi successful in business it’s because I started up a company just wanting to help people not a business not enterprise just an organization help people keep your doors open to new connections that’s another one in the last this is this is really the mantra I’ve lived by for four years now you know believe me folks before I got to where I was I’ve gone through a lot of hard times financially personally professionally I always kept something in mind besides God failure is not an option okay if you expect to fail you will fail if you expect to succeed it might take you a while to get there but you will be successful so keep them on failure is not an option and this is my info for you to find me connect it to him on twitter i’m on facebook i’m on linkedin you can email me i’m on foursquare on so i’m a resource for each and every one of you reach out to me i’m always accessible i live by my iphone my wife and my kids hated but that’s just the position I put myself in so anyway that can help you let me know I always say like comment share pay it forward if you see something that you like out the other way on the web Facebook for example make sure you like it make sure you comment make sure you share it with your network that’s what i call paying it forward give others information that you’ve been blessed to receive so with that said do we have any question do we have time for some questions okay. .