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These videos marked the launch of National Jobseekers’ Day and were created by the founders behind National Employment Week. nationalemploymentweek. ie

The Jobseekers’ Resource Centre has a wide array a new and relevant tips and advice from top industry professionals. sigmar

linkedin is the world’s largest professional network with over 200 million members worldwide our mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful here’s our top 5 tips for job seekers using Linked.In tip number one from Linked. In is make sure to leverage the site make sure your profile is up to date and represents your professional background tip number two this is pretty simple load a professional photo on your profile it represents who you are in your professional image and we find that actually profiles with a photo attached are accessed more frequently than those without tip number three Linked. In is a platform specifically built for professionals one of them is our jobs for our clients post jobs there so that you can actually use your profile to apply for opportunities tip number four a lot of people don’t think about how they improve their professional acumen as they’re seeking jobs leverage linkedin today which is a newsfeed to ensure you’re getting information to improve your professional acumen tip number five this is my personal addiction the linkedin app it allows you to update your profile check out what’s going on within your network and also read news articles from linkedin today so it keeps you up to date while you’re on the go so remember linkedin is the world’s largest professional network it allows you to represent your professional profile online and has a number of tools for any professional to use you. .