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These videos marked the launch of National Jobseekers’ Day and were created by the founders behind National Employment Week. nationalemploymentweek. ie

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twitter is a powerful tool for job seekers here’s our top five tips on helping you compete tip number one is to be yourself to know what your passion know what your personality is know what you’re interested in reflected in your Twitter bio and also in your Twitter feed start to create your own social media brand tip number two is to know the type of company you want to work for to know the company culture what drives them what’s hot in their world what they’re most passionate about so follow Business Leaders employees and companies themselves on Twitter tip number three is to understand the types of roles of these companies have on offer understand how you stack up against what’s in the job description what your own strengths and limitations are and where there are gaps between what the job requires and what you have to reach out to the Twitter community and to understand how you can bridge those gaps tip number four is to engage on social media we have access to people and companies that we never had access to before but just remember that social media is a two way door and to always project the hireable you tip number five is to bring all of you to the interview a company selects you because your passion your personality and your skills so don’t be afraid to bring the authentic you to the interview social media is a powerful platform for job seekers and hopefully these five tips will help you use Twitter even more effectively.