Social Media Manager

“Social Media Management As A Side Hustle?” by Paulo Perdu Digital Flipping Course: IDEA
Most business (especially brick and mortar, mom and pop types) arent fully embracing online platforms to get more You can add value and start a side hustle by managing these businesses social media accounts.

For most, this is relatively simple work that requires curation, sharing, some graphic design, engagement of etc.
Also, there are a lot of tools allowing you to schedule posts and track engagement across various platforms all in one place. This is ideal for automation, scale, and as a side hustle that wont require full time attention.
If you want, this can become a full time gig. I have a buddy that manages social media for a company as an employee.
Or you can go the more business route and get clients based on a recurring fee. Ive seen clients pay anywhere from per month depending on the value proposition.

While you be able to automate some tasks it can be difficult to completely cut off from the work. Essentially, you have to represent the company and deal with 24/7.
Youre also like a Customer Service Rep because youll be dealing with complaints on a daily basis.
Youre going to have to truly represent the company or companies you manage social media for. They will be counting on you to put their best image forward. Acting in a way that doesnt align with the brand could have the audience and company going after you.
Its possible youll be heavily critiqued with the copy you use as company want to be sure youre 100% aligned with their brand.
You be asked for much more than you anticipated. Or your work be disregarded as less important. So youll need a way to be able to measure your performance through KPI (key performance indicators) reports and demonstrate the value youre providing to the company.

VS Digital Flipping
No method is 100% easy or hands off. And I actually like the idea of Social Media Management for beginners because its in an area that most beginners are very comfortable with. However, I feel Social Media Management will require much more time than a typical side hustle. This is why I favor Digital Flipping for beginners.
In this case, this would be a service Id teach you to flip. So instead of having to be the expert in social media or keeping up with the evolving trends… wed, instead, outsource this work to an expert.
For a beginner, Digital Flipping would be easier because we can act as an agency. For example, you find a client that needs this service and theyd be willing to pay per month. Wed find a social media manager for per month and then keep the profits.
I share exactly where to find these sorts of buyers and experts to outsource to in my Digital Flipping Course..