Social Media Manager


Sprout Social enables agencies to manage multiple clients from a single platform. Whether youre a one-person consultancy or a large scale social media agency of 100, Sprout allows you to handle publishing, analytics & engagement for your clients without a need to for multiple tools.

today’s agencies are very diverse but they all have one common goal and that’s to make sure that their clients are successful a key element to being successful is really understanding that social is not just a marketing tactic but a communication channel and how you use social for your agency and for your clients is a huge component of how well and how successful you’ll ultimately be our clients trust us as their agency to run their social program they rely on us for our expertise and know that we have it handled our social program is growing rapidly and as more clients come in we want to make sure that we can give each of them the time and nurturing that their social program needs and having such a powerful platform like sprout allows us to do so sprout social is a tool that agencies use to manage engagement publishing analytics and really make sure that the social business is complete and intact we work with agencies of all different shapes and sizes and we make it really easy for you to grow in scale as you continue to manage a new business one of the main issues that agencies face is managing multiple clients all at the same time our grouping functionality enables agencies to manage all of their clients individually but within the same platform sprout makes it really easy to tackle your social engagement as a team within the smart inbox the tasking functionality helps your team to collaborate and get things done anytime a message needs to be escalated to another team member you just click on the pushpin and choose which team member it needs to be sent to that way that message gets completed and you and your team can move on to whatever’s next outside of sprout the process with message approval can be very cumbersome within sprout the agency can sit directly next to the client and approve every piece of that copy including the image and the date and time you plan to send it within one click sprouts rewards keep you a July giving you the ability to completely customize the date range that you are analyzing we also give you the ability to white label your reports with either your logo or your clients logo that way just by clicking export to PDF it’s ready to present to your life I’m constantly looking at the report section in sprout to make sure I know what’s working for our clients and having all of these features and one interface is the key you work hard to create programs and social strategies that your clients will love and that in turn will make them successful sprout is a platform that helps power those programs strategy is huge for me that is the bulk of my job and having a tool and platform like sprout makes the strategy easier.