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Social Media Management Certificate program introduction talk by Martin Brossman and Karen Tiede presented the NC State University: McKimmon Conference and Training Center. Learn more about the Social Media Certificate Training at: Music: Angel Investor’ from Future Stock.

welcome everybody it’s good to have you here I’m very excited about this as my name’s Martin brossman and Karen TD we both a coat each code develop the program the social media management certificate program that’s going to be offered here at stake tonight without cover intros history of the program what it takes why take this program the anatomy of the program some of the benefits and then what occurs after you graduate from the program as well so it’s going to be the fundamentals of what we offer but also the payoff benefit afterwards so anyway a little bit about myself I’ve been I left IBM in 1995 and became an independent success coach on my own working with people and then play around two thousand and five six one of my top paying clients say go learn linkedin and tell me if it’s worth my while i went over and started learning linkedin i became kind of the evangelist and the area of linkedin and when oh my gosh the world is changing and everyone thought I was not as I said we’re going to live in this like augmented reality and we’re gonna you know we need to learn this stuff and went to the marketing people in the area and they went I don’t know about that I think it’s going to fade and then it just kept bringing me in and with my real commitment of supporting micro and small business growth especially in North Carolina it’s kept showing up is one of the most valuable tools for them to learn to use moving forward then about 2009 I wrote my first book on social media because there was nothing up there on it in the area and was really a guide and reference guide met up with a gentleman named broadwater and we offered a ten session my social media mastery program to use the similar website now and the goal was teaching the fundamentals which it’s sort of like it showed up no one was teaching the fundamentals of it that was a lot of fun we did that a while and then Rob one to move on to other things I started taking it across the state I’ve been teaching across the state for quite a while and then following it I wrote teamed up with a Norma gaha and wrote a book on social media for small business thats stolen amazon yes thank you thank you for modeling them unfair right still real good fundamental book it’s um and don’t forget the website there’s a passcode for updates and stuff in it as well and then moved on wrote a book with great hire and are linking into sales using Linked.In for sales following that I really realized I wanted to do a social media management training because we had now worked for several years primarily with Whitney hill with Carolina web consultants and created so much revenue for clients we went we’ve got something to teach because we’ve got real training here once the first one at the Community College in pittsboro and the spring of last year and then Karen came on and the fall I’ve known Karen for about as long as I’ve known Whitney hill back there and we teamed up and taught the course in the fall and now we’ve had for two full versions of this class that we’ve taught and seen success with the students or testimonial videos you can see and then we were talking NC State and they wanted us to come here or we thought it’d be great to be here actually had a conversation 2009 with them with Rob water about bringing that program here and so that’s what got us here and Karen would you tell a little bit about your background I’m the implementation end in the class he said mostly I have a undergrad degree in chemistry and Russian a master’s in landscape design I did that for a while I worked in corporate process improvement for 20 years left that when all that mess happened in 2008 and self employed since then and now I offer social media marketing services to clients so I do this I be Facebook for money I get paid to be other people in Facebook and Linked. In and Google+ and I’ve got my feet on the ground and what is it like to do this in a real small business environment I’ve been doing web stuff since gia cities that was my first website yeah I actually couldn’t COBOL for a while but nothing like that and on the side and then the rest of my life I’m a textile artist and we’re part of what got me into this was discovering how much incredible how incredibly much traffic i could send to my site using pinterest and that was that started me on a Pinterest specialty and i started teaching pinterest in the area and then got back up with martin who no longer than me I think so it’s a good 20 years nobody got a very subtle stuff and it started when when a normal wanted to go back into full time writing I offered to help teach this class so i came back in i’m also a professional hula hooper and a retired chainsaw part yes and wrote a book on it anyway glabrous book was on chainsaw carving a moment lodico ever bet against that’s right way why invest time in the training you know what is it worth it for you and there are so much training on we’ve had some fun questions that came up on the Facebook page why would anyone want to spend money on this what’s the use of it you can learn it on and so we just thought thought we’d open with some of those careful what we one thing we need to point out is this a social media management class we do not teach how to do Facebook we don’t teach how to do linkedin we expect you to be literate or acquiring literacy and most of the social media platforms if you’re not fully versed in Instagram that’s cool but but the content of the course is management and how to develop a social media marketing plan for business or a non profit ool but we’re not teaching the tools in the process of the plastic what we have is a core competency sit flight which is an 8 a 8 session 24 hour class or each night we go over one of the different major platforms showing you the ins and outs and how to use it what I’ve seen is that free has a real high cost on both sides and people say you can be facebook for free well write that it sucks time like a barrier and for most of us the time has a dollar value so does free training searching around fine which is the best thing to use and in my opinion most of the free programs don’t tie it all together for you so what we offer in the certificate program is a coherent 42 our step by step path through the process of developing a plan and a program for it with the understanding that you’re doing this for your business or not probably some form of money at the end we’re not doing this one it gets nonprofit can do goodness of your heart but but most of them are inherited for fundraising and we’ll address we’ll talk about a little bit later on but we do address policy how to have different people use it doing their social media different employees what is the ownership of your content what do you need to think about for planning timing a lot of things that are bigger than free program offer and along the way it is a do it yourself in real time so while you are in the class one of the graduation requirements is that you do the work of developing a program will show you the documents that are required and some are doing it for businesses some of their own businesses some are doing it to help someone out but you’re going to be developing some real accomplishment credentials by the end of the class because you must produce this a social media plan and policy as part of the class and then you give a presentation at the end as well to just show you at least understand what you’re doing with it so we want to know that when you’re out there and still and asked me do you know a good social media manager I can recommend someone in the class so that’s to me a real important thing another thing I’m very passionate about on it because to me it doesn’t always happen in education it is my personal personal commitment of marketing the people who took the glass so woven into that will be marketing of you either marketing inside your business so that you are making sure you’re projecting the value you’re providing so they want to keep you or if you’re using it as a job transition something we can you work in that as well but really that you are affected and marketing yourself in this and you get either more money more security in your business or whatever you want with this you’re going to accomplish that in the class the outline of the process we teach is loose based on the pin bak I am NOT a PM p so I’m not claiming that I know their stuff but it is roughly following a 9 step process that I learned when I did big computer stuff starting with the inventory what do you have or and if it follows this was a Power. Point limitation we’re going this way around what what do you have what what existing assets do you have in the social media world discovery is thinking of it in terms of me the service bureau on a client what do what does the client want what does your business want to achieve with the social media program more money more clients more stuff or what it helps to really have a definition of what the goal is because otherwise it’s easy to spend lots of time in facebook and get nothing done strategy how are you going to go about it what is what pieces of the social media universe are you like you use to achieve your plan an audit we call it the digital through 60 what’s going on in your trade who is doing what what are you doing what is your competition doing what are your co operators the different word for that and I can’t ever remember it the people that you do business together with and what are people doing outside your arena for some people that might be a totally different trade one guy one of our the bar owner looked at different bars in the area nightclubs and what were they doing we also had a preacher in class last time so it was kind of interesting was so having something different yeah the different into Saturday night morning and then he was looking at nightclubs around the country to find that some of them were doing maybe much better use of the Facebook money and getting a much higher result so we encourage you to look at a respectable number of other people in your trade or in a similar trade or one that’s something at all like yours to get ideas develop a plan and the plan is again based on come back but it’s fairly detailed we asked plan the big piece that we cover that a lot of people don’t is policy developing a policy for your business so you have established standards for who can do what on your on your platforms who can say what depending we had a couple of people come in with child but they marketed to children which meant there were different layers on their facebook policy than businesses that are getting two adults who could engage with children who cannot whoo hoo pictures of children similarly the vet people had pictures of animals who do what what kind of language was acceptable what were you going to do with critical reviews there’s an awful lot in a policy statement including we’re not lawyers no teach legal action but we did raise the issue that it is tampering with evidence if you delete some of your social media content once the lawyers have called and without goes on that or even aureus now people don’t know about this and once you start doing what i call facebook for money we have a responsibility you are acting as professional you need to behave as a professional you need to know what the world is going to think of you as a professional you don’t get to claim why do you know that the case actually the fine is 180 thousand dollars to somebody who deleted facebook posts its retention we’re not talking I’m not making the big money now than a thousand being launched is the kickoff putting your plan into action some people are already in action launch is also where we cover things like how do you keep track of your logins and your passwords and what you do when you have five people using the same password and where you’re going to document this stuff and then we have a loop over here because most of that is a one time action and this is a maintenance project in a sense have you come up with content posted regularly run your calendars what you measure to see if it’s working what you report on item to your boss or to the client depending on the relationship with who’s signing the checks and maybe the check sign in which case it’s not as important we have one story in the archives of the man who did a fabulous job rain in the cotton was at funeral parlor he ran the competition out of town his advertising program was so good and then the people paying is money said well we don’t need you anymore they left if you you forgot to report on profitability your increased business or anything all they wanted to skip guyana town it worked and he was at the job so this is really important because this is what often falls down and not communicating the value enough and where we’ve seen people either lose clients or or doing this and like oh well we’re gonna this is going okay but we’re going to hire someone outside to do it and then their job goes away they might be doing a great job but unless you know how to communicate that so they see the value you can really have a lot of losses and that’s that’s to be an important aspect to know with it yes and then closed down is the process of turning it over either you decide to leave your client the client decides to leave you and basically documenting assistance so that someone else can come in we do go a little bit into risk management and making sure you’re protected not not a huge this isn’t a security class but part of protection is making sure that the people who own the information have access to the information and if you’re the owner then you want to make sure you know where the audience are and how to get to the stuff so that your when your account manager takes off she doesn’t take your Facebook contact with her and so if you’re working with someone in consulting you have a clean shut down or transfer over they may decide you’re an outside consultant and now they decide they want to do it in house we’ve seen over the years of doing it they’ll pull it inside then if you handle it well the pass off they’ll figure out the burden they have and they’ll be calling you to come back so so there’s a lot to the proper shutdown and transfer so that you keep the relationships going and we even talk about that in early stages are you setting it up so that it can move move to so notes that they need to as a way to create job security so it’s real important piece so this is an of how we address some of these topics week by week initial inventory discovery strategy 360 plan takes a lot there’s an awful lot in the plan because you are addressing policy content generation risk management configuration management for some people not everybody gets that far and there a couple other components that are optional under plan but we do insist everything develop a policy and week before we go further along with that we do give examples and resources for you and we’ll have them na will have here’s the google drive as a way to store the content so you don’t have your own drug we have access so you’re putting the information in it but you kind of have templates at least get you going but there’s some there’s definitely guidelines we want you to accomplish so that you’ve covered all the names you have a question no platforms so one of the things that’s important is really understanding of what are all the platforms and which is the best one I really see social media is a process of understanding what is right for what that business who is the the customer what is the profile the customer we’re looking at where are they spending money they might be on Facebook but they tend to spend money on pinterest so understanding where they’re making the buying decisions and so forth and we build we have a mind map we fill with just about every possible aspect that you can utilize and then you can you get this mind map as a check off shape so you’ll take it working with a client you’ll go through and go we don’t need this we need that we need to add on to this and other and it’s a way to make sure you’ve looked at all the aspects and all the possible ways someone could handle social media so you’re spending the time correctly we are I’ve never been an advocate of what I call pray and spray marketing this is this is especially with the new changes to the google hummingbird algorithm doing this right in dialing it in correctly so it’s leading towards conversion to a row customer is becoming more and more a tighter game that you have to pay attention to what was one of the examples we had someone come in last time who wanted who thought she needed to be doing Twitter and didn’t we want to and looked at it and discussed it with us and went through her plan and looked at what other people in her field were doing and what not whittard it gonna work for us and it doesn’t work in that trade they’re very few people in her industry or using Twitter successfully they’re all on Facebook and Pinterest because she’s doing animals and they have pictures that was where it was it wasn’t it wasn’t a tweeting so it saved her a lot of time she jumped a little bad about if she thought so that’s what she needed to do but when she looked at what our options were where client base was they weren’t on Twitter and then we have their stomachs there’s some odd balls in your social for creatives there’s be hands and house and some of the interior site so there’s an awful lot of content in there besides just the facebook and pinterest still google+ that you might think of this first pass some time let alone a different groups no content how much will become too in curation these are strange animals let’s just stop the pause a minute questions comments in fact what go ahead these next several slides are some things we went over in class and we had a very diverse audience this was addressing some of the things that many people take for granted in the real world that exists in some extent in websites and even less extent in social and it really helps to have a good model of what do you get in the real world with police protection what do you get on website when you can back it up you get nothing in facebook because Zuckerberg owns it you don’t own anything over there it’s not even really least so that that you have to understand what parts are yours what parts aren’t huge huge huge understanding it’s not hard copyright law is the easiest lot of grasp in my opinion if you didn’t create it you don’t know tit public domain means the owners been dead for 70 years it does not mean I found it on the internet but this becomes a big thing in policy and you really have to understand it once you become the people with the deep pockets and when you’re in private says and generally they’re not going to sue you over ownership because you don’t have any money but you start putting a dot edu on your domain name and all of a sudden people realize you will have money and they’ll come after you you need to understand what’s yours what’s not I went we don’t go a ton an email but email marketing and understanding again also on policy the can spam act for the 16 thousand dollar fine for every violation you didn’t need to understand how email marketing works what you’re going to do it or not and why you can’t use your private email addresses for commercial purposes we also talked this was just a little bit about an automated follow up system sequence and many people in class do not understand you could do this in email and then actually been receiving automated follow up sequences when they sign up for some things and they like so we want to give you a grasp if you’re not going down the email path this is not an email masked marketing mastery program that most of the time you could understand if you go out for a job interview they’re going to talk about it as if you know it and so we want to make sure people understand how it works and where email marketing fits in the scheme of social this is a list we will go over this every week these are the major documents we expect you to have completed we start with templates we have examples and we talk about it if you do them roughly in the order they’re presented in class you have a couple hours of homework a week and you get done on time if you don’t then it’s like any other class you have a real ugly last week but there’s the initial inventory what do you have like what’s out there with your name on it right now and somebody I mean some of you guys collectively in education has trouble with lots of people own accounts that all have the same name on it well whose cares these matters who owns what losing control of this your discovery questions what you talk about with the owner strategy I what did you look at when you went out and looked at other people in your field what’s your plan we love it if you can do a wordpress website and we have not yet marketed with sufficient advance notice to make that a requirement what we are teaching Word. Press there because yes it is over the time does for their skills you just need and it depends on the size of the institution probably obvious reasons it’s the state has a web development team they’re not going to let us or you go in and make your own site some other people you may well be doing your own website and you know clearly you know how to do on so for smaller businesses you may be developing the website it’s real handy if you can get access to the backend of website and make adjustments and send links in and out of your Facebook page and and put it in your social media icon so that is not a requirement nor is it a graduation criterion it’s simply there and depending again on your business we ask that you create a launch plan if it has confidential information and it like passwords it’s not necessarily shared with us we just want to have enough of a conversation with you about it that you’ve thought through how are you taking care of passwords and logins because it’s a non trivial issues once you’re doing something so mundane one source to its what’s one thing to remember your own passwords but IM eight people in facebook today and six in google+ and and that’s tricky because i have to make sure i’m being the right person when I go in there and i’m posting something on wedding florist it’s a little bit different from what the realtors knees now these experts here are our direct quotations pretty much a little bit and authorized from the final presentation the last week of class us to week week and a half early was a five minute presentation from each person about what they learned and that’s a requirement and if you’re not great public speaker that’s cool you can stumble through it will help you but you still want to hear what you learned we took some notes the first one was a bar owner who doubled his reach for no more money at the beginning class he was thinking of selling by the end of the class he was no longer talking about selling you seemed pretty confident that he could get through a academic summer without going broke because that’s a hard time it’s easy in October but but August is pretty nasty this is another one we have Brewer who is has a real big vision for a very rural county that’s not doing economically very well and he sees his brewery is being key to revitalization of the economy and part of the classy really enlarged condition because for him it was looking back at strategy what was the purpose of the brewery what were they doing besides just making beer he cut his nose kind of down in the hops and he was able to step back and see where his business fit in the county and in the region and he’s world but not so far that you can’t get there from here so to tell you quicker and I was teaching last week fast and the class knew about him because they had noticed the changes occur really neat they didn’t know he was in our class and they go well he’s now one of the models of Facebook in the area so you hear the feedback oh that’s one of our graduates a ya NE ki won’t really say he came in with a lot of knowledge just for right they’re not they’re not 0 yeah right but it was definitely a much bigger bigger picture from him of having been engaged in the business of starting the brewery and then realizing that this county that used to be vibrant because it step stop money you know I now has been pretty much a poor stepchild of some of us is about to it’s now poised to come back largely his bedroom community the bedroom community strength there we had a lot of lessons and actually can’t remember who this was exactly but someone whose life even thinking that is they’re very busy just did not know that you could schedule facebook posts on a business page so she could bash them on Sunday night and go out over the rest of the week and she was learning an awful lot so we are testing me and some of the techniques that are relevant especially around management up so that support cam the passwords you are our platforms once you’ve got more than one client more than one person going on this can be a nightmare we had some systems for helping with that even acknowledging that we know it’s a nightmare maybe if you know it’s going to be a problem it really helps going in instead of going oh my god what was on that week one family it’s a family business on the side two people have two different day jobs they sell something on the side and they’re doing really well and I think it’s a really good product and he was a very husband was the designer in the engineering very reluctant participant social media and he was just slowly starting to see that actually linked in there are a lot of people who buy his product on linkedin and she was pushing into Facebook they’re not there yet using a calendar and how to think through your content on the way reporters and journalists do yes the social media plan ideas comedy prachanda in floor templates and assignments that they developed it through that that was someone in your trade actually doing doing client management for a lot of things and then someone realized she was doing a whole lot more and a lot more professional league to run for practices doing the major social media practice business for a for practice business I do want to say that one of the most exciting things in that case is learning how to the importance of communicating the value to the boss so some of the additional resources is we had the graduates to the website if you make a note it’s called my social media mastery com and then also we work with the clothes Google community so you will want to be on google+ if you’re not no problem i have instructional videos to get you on it but we have a closed community where we discuss everything during the class and then we have a graduate community and then a community for supporting each other and then we have a monthly hang out you can choose to be partner so you keep up with the trend after of the course and that that’s something as long as we can I want to keep looking for adding more value to the graduates because to me the one thing in personally the education feels the most in is what happens after they graduate you know how are they doing with that other than trying to get them to give money back you know how are you helping you add value and that’s my interest because I will be teaching referral marketing in the course and I’ll say it beginning of the class our goal is that you want to recommend people to the class you know by the success you have and then along with it will have a mid course optional get together social networking which is I really enjoyed we have a certificate for marking process associate state that’s complete and professional and has an emblem on it and and I’m pleased in a logo you can put on your Linked. In profile so you have you know when you talked about adding value I really want to get that you have both competency and the marketing materials early in value terms and those are our personal phone number so if you have questions outside this feel free during class I am more available Martin is on the road and teaches full time because I do facebook for money I have more time flexibility and I tend to be the one who will take your calls and so far it has unfree to take as much conversation you can hear the fun and over the chainsaw that’s right I know well I do want to say it really works well if you team up with somebody a lot of people we had at the one of the classes we had since it was in pittsboro we had people carpool so there you know really paid off then we had just you know we’ve had people driving from New Bern to pittsboro once a week for the course because when they looked online if you look for comparable courses they can be several grand and I and I guarantee this is equal or better to any of those our conversation is since I have so much passion for smaller businesses it’s affordable for a smaller business to send someone to do so you know I’m sure what be having to go up over time and you get two instructors that was another big deal really makes a difference so you know we both bring different things to the table and we both we discussed what’s going on to make sure people get it so good yeah Alex asked his everybody actually signed up for it yet and I think you’re you’re you’ve signed up I signed out got sign up for the Word. Press one also the reason I’m asking is when I called the other day who was filling up rapidly yeah so I just would say was something you want to do and they’re not maybe ages yeah but you should we will later yeah no there’s not drinking that market that’s right you down yeah we had I’m glad you mentioned we had 12 people in the waiting list that from the last class and and and so we it’s really sad when you know people really want to get in they just didn’t move fast enough so and when you get more questions please ask I mean I want to answer all your questions Mike I gotta tell you my name is going me on each one of you so I don’t want I want it the right fit for you when I have a conversation I I need winners out of this you understand this is not my interest isn’t to class my interest is people actually getting results in the world that’s what gets me excited about I mean I love teaching but you know that I would just be a stand up comic if if it’s just entertaining I just I have a comment because I’ve been here for 16 years now and we’ve offered a lot of new classes and usually it takes a year or two brochure cycles before people even see it and are interested and this is the first time we’ve offered this and it’s the first time we put it in our brochure and and this one is people are very interested in this stuff this is going to be big facilities so that’s exciting yeah thanks okay go ahead to be the second iteration no this is the third there actually it’s the fourth or fifth of teaching but as far as calling in social media management it’s the third class we’ve talked because I get your emails and I have seen this client you think you’re seeing micro their pieces of this being taught her on the state it’s just the thing is is this takes a lot of attention there’s a lot of work because you’ve got a project we’re going to make sure you’re you’re getting competency I do tell people one thing the social media world is is like being on an island that has random earthquakes all the time so what I’m going to be teaching you is how to live in this new world and it really is a paradigm shift I live in it and I’ve taught we we had someone who had a very successful business cleaning houses that changed her whole career and she had she knew everything that went on so learning to know the scope and realize their areas you won’t know is part of the training of how to live in that world effectively because it’s just it’s movie and we’ll talk about how you keep up to date with it as well it is a moving dynamics that’s going to keep changing and then just one more thing is we’ll be talking about you want to watch the way there’s a crest of the way that the new stuff when do you need to jump in with your client and getting that developing of knowing you know you like when hummingbird came out oh no I better start learning right now you know and and then which one of the big shifts that you need to know we’re big on ending on time we’ll stick around a minute thank you so much for coming it’s great so I’m excited to have you here and hope it works out for all of you be in the class and really excited to help someone who’s wearing a wolf pack t shirt and ya know you’ll be a great asset there are 0 y ok great please back off in the alumni groups you know.