Social Media Manager

Social media managers are internet professionals who provide public and private organisations with knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and related applications. edu. au/occupations/d. . .

A typical day for me

as a social media managerinvolves checking my social media

sites and communities,and then it might revolve

around client meetingsand also client social media

training sessions.I decided to get into social mediabecause I was already interested

in communications,and I was very interested in

the internet and communicating there. So it was a natural fit. What inspires me are the daily

connections that you get from people,the buzz from some great feedback

on a social media website,and I’m also inspired by

what clients learn on social mediaand when they take it off

into their own direction.

The most challenging part is just

keeping up with all the changesand to have the answers

for your clients.A person who is passionate

about communicationis well suited

to a social media role,but also a person

that has some technical skill,a person that’s able to learn

how to use platforms and manage themas a brand or a business page. People can arrive in the social media

field from all sorts of backgrounds. I worked in communications for

a few years and website editing,but I’ve seen many others

come from all sorts of industries.

My biggest piece of advice

is to spend a lot of timeon social media sites yourself.It’s a very self taught craft. And read a lot of blogs

about social media too. There’s a lot to learn online.

Social media managers can be employed

in all sorts of sectors in large organisations

or government departments,a lot of advertising

and marketing agencies.And you can also work as one

as a consultantor a freelancer if you like. What I get a buzz from the most

is being in chargeof my own media channels,

if you like. So having your own channel

is like having your own TV station.

Having a blog is

like having your own magazine.And when you press

that ‘publish’ button,I get a real sense of satisfactionthat the work is out there

and people can enjoy it. . .