Social Media Manager

In today’s world social media and online marketing are part of every day business life. However, most businesses are struggling with this. They are overwhelmed by all the changes that occur in rapid succession.

What they need is a dedicated person in their staff (or outsourced) that takes care of all their social media and their communication with their they need is a “Social Media Manager”.

This is not someone who just tweets and posts on behalf of the company, but it is someone who is trained to provide the best interaction between the and the business.

A social media manager is someone who is tasked with listening to what the are saying about the company and interacting with the on the company’s behalf. This interaction takes place largely through social media, which is a good thing, because it shows publicly how the company treats its However the interaction can also take place through more traditional means like and telephone.

For most businesses the problem is how to find a social media manager. There is no formal education for this job. There are no schools currently teaching students how to become a social media manager from the point of view of a business. On top of that, there is no way to verify that candidates actually have the required knowledge.

That is why we established the Social Media Manager College, where we provide Master Classes to train people to become social media managers.

We provide a 13-week program where students get in-depth training on the different aspects of the social media manager’s job. The program consists of a weekly webinar or hang out, followed by an extensive Each week a different aspect of the social media manager’s job is highlighted and students will get assignments. Students can interact with each other and with the teachers to get feedback or get questions answered throughout the week. At the end of the course students can obtain an official certificate stating the curriculum they followed and their concrete achievements.

Every student will also end the course with his or her own fully expanded social media profiles and a professional resume. This will enable students to show proof of what they have learned but also make them viable as a candidate for a social media manager’s position. For students who are following the course on behalf of a company and who are already employed, we will assist them to set up the company’s and extended social media profiles.

The Master Class is open for anyone and since it is conducted online, students from all over the world can participate. The webinars, sessions and hangouts are recorded so students can (re)view the course material at their convenience. For these master classes the recommended level is a bachelors degree or higher. Students should have excellent command of the English language. There is no requirement to have any technical knowledge of computers; just proficiency in the office products is sufficient..