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Oh social media ad genius social media we do everything and rock and roll for our local client so it’s going to see everybody here today there’s a couple things I want to share with facebook pay per click probably not going to go a full hour got some things that I want to show it but a million stop by and robbed me of some time yes on Saturday just a little bit just to hang out help you a little bit with campaigns there was two things that I kind of wanted to go over a million which is which is interesting the first thing is is you said that you had an ad 29 and then you went to an ad that was already approved and we uploaded the same image can you can repeat that question just so we have a this reveal is really good so I took on a new client and I was trying either I’m sorry I up Lotus imagine freighting they were approved and on Sunday on Sunday they what they went back to the added the retro guess retro reviewed it and they disapproved it on Sunday well if immediate Lee improvement on friday still data so after that disapprove on sunday i uploaded like five new ads na cannot simultaneously good i went out with the other and they check this approving and I’m like I know these ads don’t violate Facebook’s Terms and policies so I emailed uncle’s what was the reason for the for the brown it just it was very Vegas it as I violates Facebook’s policy whatever please review it and upload it again it was stupid witch but what it there’s a specific word in there there will say like weight loss or what was a specific word that they could get let me log into Facebook broke with Allah okay and then here’s the other thing because they’re so as you’re logging into facebook here’s the detail I think that I was missing from it as well too when you relaunch the ad did you say you use the same image same copy that was approved before absolutely same image same copy uh but uh but according to uh someone else according to somebody else they party blacklist in my link according to someone else they weren’t really about if I mean listed listen my tracking link oh haha so wait a minute you had a here’s what i’m confused at you had ads approved before and then you upload a new ads and those new ads got an ibook what the new has got denied but I’m talking violated Facebook’s guidelines to learn more if you believe so the question is is the ads that got 29 what was was the image do you use the same as the first one no those were new ads so to test to see if my link was blacklisted I went to one of my old adage that was already approved I i uploaded the same copy same image same everything with my new tracking link devil was denied like eight times and they immediately denied it like ducklings so I’m thinking I’m gonna I’m gonna upload a link instead here’s an i will use later on to you i upload a upload a rename your picture like just rename your picture change your copy a little bit re upload it as a you run it from a fan page right so re upload re upload your ad as a promoted post like just put it on your fan page and run it as a promoted post like hit the boost post button so it’s an image right don’t do a link preview but one of the images right here’s what i’ve seen is if you upload an image it’s kind of questionable or you’ve had denied before you change the name of the image you change the copy just a little bit and then it’s kind of a safe way to start testing it is you post it on your fan page then hit the boost post button for three days right and usually they almost instantly approve a boost post and then what happens is once i’ve had it running then only use that exact same image in the exact same copy and start creating my link preview ads inside power editor slowly start scaling it out but usually what ends up happening is if they approve that boost post then they’ll approve the exact same image over and over again that make sense yeah i didn’t hear the last four seconds you said for design make sense so you upload upload boost post right upload your ad you do boost post you’ll instantly approve it and then pretty much what I’ve seen is once Facebook approves that boost post they’ll approve that same at that same image and that same copy when you use it for like link previews and stuff like that okay makes sense yeah the gym teacher from when you came in here um did you uh did you get those ads running back up what did you do because like Millie at some weird where he had four ad says to just physically didn’t run on Saturday did they run when you changed the bid I didn’t do anything I came home I opened up the laptop and that’s pin half my budget already oh so there’s just reporting error it’s not like Facebook just sent a flood of traffic all the sudden do you have analytics to know that your Facebook send a flood or were they always sending it just not reporting it ah deal what they just weren’t they just weren’t reporting in so uh today we’re sending yeah it was it freaked me out though bring me I not go over there um okay and then so you had that and then I wasn’t the one other question that you had to know i think i was that i get those two okay um i want to share my screen with the peeps just kind of let you know what something i’ve been testing that’s pretty interesting you may want to check out smooth this over to my screen over here in a moment whatever the hell is that mmm to a screen share all right can everybody see my screen yes chef cool so you show you this here look like what I got going on so I’ve been split testing out offers with some interesting results on facebook that i just wanted to show you that I can kind of show you how we got our retargeting set up as well so you know a second those are four offers all right mmm retargeting retargeting just looking at all the other targeting options offer play but are getting targeted target eight okay so here’s what this looks like so for instance I got a 717 offer claims okay um I’ll blow this up a little bit so what I do is let me show you the social media ad genius offer that we created so is what it looks like no orange right your brand plus the fall in this guy and then the money I just did this in Power.Point a free for video training new facebook ads strategy so here’s what ends up happening is meshia this looks really good alright so what’s going to happen then is someone’s going to see this ad or you can see this here on the right hand side right they’re going to click like let’s say this one get offer so when emails automatically gonna be sent to my AOL account this is the account that I login through a facebook right so an email is going to get sent there and then it says reedy me offer the regime the offer click here so when I click on that link Inc takes me to the opt in page right or it can take you to a page who are ever now what happens is so I don’t always use my AOL email address right so what I do is I use my black box email address more than anything else so what’s going to happen is an email is going to be sent this email right here and i think i have see if i sell my AOL account pulled up so i can show you what it looks like let’s say let me just pull this up so you can see what the offer looks like it’s kind of a multi faceted approach which i’ll explain here in a sector in it for the insider’s club this week we’re going to talk about i’ll first all right inbox hey Kirk I FYI i have a friend who are recruiters and uh and they get reviews an AOL or or a myspace account as your email deal they won’t even consider you really yeah that’s what they said honestly dude that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard I’ve hired thousands of people who never heard that before what kind of industry he said is it is a recruiter is in the corporate world I don’t know what he does I mean what industry uh but that’s interesting alright so here’s the thing so this offer gets emailed to the Facebook email right so I can lock the offer like the offer share the offer you to use the offer online click here so it’s going to take them right back to my landing page right or whatever I have maybe it’s a free for video series I’ll show you that I can share the offer offer expires june thirtieth now right here these are actually the terms and conditions I know it’s hard to read see if I can blow that up see where a Facebook ad agency this bends over so the problem is with the ad literally this is the title right this is max limit for a title this is max limit you can have in the description so you don’t have a whole hell of a lot of room the most room that you have is down here but it’s all the disclaimer stuff and let’s let’s be honest no one’s um no one’s going to read this down here below right they may a little bit and I put links down here click here to find out more so they can see this in an email but look at it this way someone goes to an offer and they accept the offer if I’m in let’s just say I’ll just do a little quick kind of good offer claims social media genius trading you offer see so what’s going to happen is like test I mean there’s not a whole lot of characters 90 characters it’s not a whole lot right whole lot ok scroll down this is great for small businesses ok next offer expires on I don’t know let’s say two weeks whatever you want to do it right additional terms and conditions so this is where you right ate all the stuff which is all the other details thanks bell right you want to share okay obviously six to fifteen hundred characters that’s huge okay redemption Lee so this is where you want to send people once they claim the offer now for instance p. m. this could work really well for you for example if you were talking about those business cards that you handed out like those tips or you have some great videos and great tips where people you at least see the offer which I’m going to show you how we’re sending this to an offer that we use these offers to you to send people the opt in page and then we use some retargeting where I send them directly to a place that doesn’t require an opt in I’ll show you that in a second and that’s the sole well this weekend so basically what we have is you put the website here redemption code don’t worry about any of that once you actually have a redemption code limit claims I just put a thousand dollars right if your local business it could just be a hundred and that’s it and then reminder time here’s what’s really interesting so what’s what happens then is someone’s going to get a reminder for the date that we set so for instance today’s date is the night so if we said okay I’m going to run this campaign to the 30th which I’m doing with all my tests i’m running to the 30th I’m saying Tuesday morning the 24th anybody who claimed my offer they’re going to get an email reminder sent to them which has a hundred percent deliverability rate they’re going to get an email reminder to check out my offer so what we wanted to do is we want to make sure that we get as but did we get as many leads as possible right so here’s the way that it looks this right here is sending directly over to one of our pages which is fine let’s go so you see how this whole thing works resend offer by the way if I see the ad again I’m like oh dang I need to see that hit resend I’m just breaking stuff this morning hang on one second okay sorry about this so here’s the resend offer or they can use another email they need to offer recent over right didn’t see it so now what’s going to happen is um watch we have that takes over the landing page let’s go for funnel null optio so let’s pull this one up so it’s basically costing me a dollar fifty six for someone to claim an offer right so when someone claims an offer ah that’s on mobile um see if I pulled another one just a minute for funnel no opt in mobile affiliate marketing all up get this Y moment the offer on split testing between going to an opt in and not so click on this stoop e 200 people have already accepted this offer out of a thousand than I did so resend all right so resend offer great offers than resent my LOL here’s my facebook offer that was just resent right click here to take advantage to the offer all right now what I’m doing right now is I’m running a split test on offers and the offers that I’m the offers that I’ve split testing is I’m running to landing page or to an opt in page right here like or a to landing page that has an opt in or just some place that has straight up for font Paul there is no opt in here whatsoever okay they can watch video to watch video three watch video for and then below video for this is all set up through leadpages below video for we have where you can buy social media a genius we’ve already had a leave three buyers may be four let me show you social Fox affiliate center go reports yes so buy now button for video series whoa so we’ve sold I guess we’ve sold three so far so I think I’ve only spent like two hundred dollars and ads for this one we’ve made 693 dollars I’m so very effective and at the end of the day you know I just want to sale and then the offer test that we’re running right now run about six hundred dollars i made about 300 but the follow up email hasn’t come out yet you know all that stuff’s going to happen over the next couple of days so will this in just a second um okay am I missing alright so then one other thing is a let me show you this make sure we’re all here so here’s the app so here’s the offer strategy right sending straight up claims ok so my offer again follows in the offers so here’s the thing is this right here is retargeting at so anybody I send to the page right it doesn’t have an opt in where I have those for free videos I have a retargeting pixel on all four of those videos so they’re always going to see my ad so if I’m not collecting an opt in they’re all is going to see an ad this takes people this retargeting add that you just saw right here just takes people right back to the vsl they see it over and over and over again ok so I’m always reminded and then they see ESL page there we go that goes for the offer now I’m going to mention this before sup just a moment so if someone uses an offer claim they’re going to get a reminder in a week or in two weeks sorry we can have for the date that I’ve set up they’re gonna get a reminder that’s 100% deliverability from facebook a B if I’m running are you targeting two pages where people did not opt in either the opt in page where they did not submit in their email information or I’m running it to the place that does not have an email they are seeing ads like this is the retargeting it’s a video what happened to you the only reason you’re seeing this so again if I’m not getting the opt in and following up I at least have an offer claim that’s going to follow up with most likely a different email address on a percent deliverability and they’re going to be targeted so there’s one retargeting campaign and what I’m doing for sorry about that I don’t know what just happened to kick me out no come back yet on this trip my screen it’s weird strange hang on one second well screen share go back over here okay so what’s going to happen here then here’s my other retargeting says today you’re going to become a social media ad genius right I mean look at this because of the retargeting look I got 282 clicks 202 leads at a 282 clicks right the retargeting stuff really works you guys see that right here here at the top the 202 / 282 so I don’t care how much it costs for a click actually I get pretty cheap clips what happens is I have 10,000 people anybody who has opted in or who has gone to our landing page and did not in so they’re always receiving this at today you’re going to be a genius sit so I’m retargeting with that video right here’s what you’re seeing this got this right here for retargeting um this is social media ad genius this is retargeting a gig and for anybody who went to a landing page I’m showing him two or three different ads right so right here I got 14 offer claims and what they do is that are claiming an offer that goes to the for free videos that I have so if Jeremy came and found opt in page and then either you opted in or did not opt in one or the other i don’t care i’m still going to retarget you with those four videos that don’t require an opt in that you can see and again i’m building additional rapport with people right and we’re seeing some buys come from there so again once they’re inside of our spider web they really never stop seeing this so here’s another one for example is buyers only you know we have our coaching coming up right now called a jumpstart program which is eight weeks for three thousand dollars where we take people literally step by step through facebook likes to engagement setting up a page all the way over to how they build funnels with leadpages Aweber and then they use the conversion pixel so for example Shecky right here people are seeing shecky’s post so when they click on this show you see stuff for this per second says thank you for buying right or thank you for like registering for a meet up or thank you for whatever claim this gift now claim this prize claim these three free videos so patty maybe for you for consulting videos someone says like once they opt in your email address it could be hey claim this free training you know thank you for opting in clay mystery training so thank you for being a customer black box so this ad runs is soon as suit someone’s a customer for the first seven days again I’m going to resend offer we send that back to my AOL just chew it looks like come over here how to present deliverability does not go to spam there we go there’s the offer share the offer which this is unique this goes directly to something called appointee and i will copy this in for you guys as well to in the chat so this could be something for a bit that phil was a sank it was just talking about a couple of minutes ago where you can run an ad and they can set up a coaching or schedule a time just iraq avail on your calendar right set it up on like set it up on like a leadpages or something like that and this way you can do it you guys can just run pay per click where people click on something then go straight to an appointment setting okay so i want to show you that so let’s take get that away that’s done retarget ur offer claim retargeting lander so this is if someone goes to our regular opt in page to go to a regular opt in page and do not opt in they get an offer I don’t know why it doesn’t display here but they get an offer so we’ve had people go to that offer then they get that for videos there’s a Ford videos no opt in and then the house our trade went all for clay so basically what we’re just testing out on offers is two things one when someone claims an offer what does that follow up email happen when it comes back from facebook how does that follow up email help influence sales because it’s honor percent deliverability well if I got him to claim the offer and I’m going to retarget him any way to get him over to an opt in page I am seeing that on social media genius i can get opt ins for anywhere between high side of seven bucks all the way down to two dollars well if i look at an offer and if an offer comes in at let’s just say three bucks and fifty percent of those people opt in that means that offers that that means that offer for tap someone get in its cost me six dollars to get elite right so there are some areas for our offers that i am seeing that it is cheaper not very many I mean you’ll see like let’s just see offers um offer Clinton let’s let me just show you this here real quick so look at all of these split tests that I ran right hand side so I what I do is I created in one campaign it says an offer best performing all of our best performing ads targets started 6 6 6 16 and then I split out okay facebook add keywords of done well for us 45 to 55 facebook add keywords right hand side 55 to 65 I split all these out blogging keywords right hand side because I’m always looking at right hand side newsfeed mobile right I split all this out where you can see right here for my offer results I trimmed a lot of fat whoops new up I spent 270 two dollars total 273 dollars right now just testing this one claim Wrangler right now what happens is look I shut off a lot of claims it just didn’t work didn’t upload so this two dollar 980 sent off reclaim if I click on this one that one as well too so if I click on it eight leagues so actually yeah I need to change this the 8th lead that’s converted to I’ve spent fifty eight dollars so what’s 58 / eight seven dollars leads still pretty expensive so this one right here to Leeds thirty six bucks fifteen dollars lead it’s a little expensive so there are some places where I’m seeing needs come in at like eighty percent often right so okay I’m going to have a you know their Facebook email follow up with them but right now if I’m already getting leads with a link preview ad setting people over there for three dollar leads then I’m going to test the offers just for the email deliverability and the reminder and how they look um but I just kind of want to show you what the offers look like and what we’re doing how we’re targeting and some success some early success that we’re seeing by sending people that don’t even have an optin but they’re getting retargeted anyway so regardless if they don’t opt in or not love plenty of other opportunities to do so make sense any questions my audio is not working just a moment defo yeah can you guys hear me okay yes okay I just hope you any any thoughts questions comments concerns divine revelations so I makes it all make sense how the funnels kind of laid out and stuff as well too so again you can do this for consulting for local businesses but you set up an offer you just pay attention you get cheaper opt ins from the offer take the off first enter into a place that doesn’t require an opt in maybe it’s just a leadpages with retargeting I mean if you can get 10 cent clicks or 20 like Amelia has a client we’re looking at they’re getting ten cent clicks their website I mean imagine getting ten cent clicks to the website and then just retargeting your people with their offers it’s pretty damn cheap cool so I’m going to build out this and I’ll keep you guys updated but other than that you guys any other do you have any stories that you want to share from last week that you’ve gone into or it run into or seen or questions comments concerns divine revelations no all right then let’s just get back to making money awesome thank you cool see patty thank you thank you yep t Daniel see you guys everyone t tom later Jeremy C mail see you later her.