Social Media Manager

Paladin’s Partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society:.

my name is Rachel Healy I’m social media manager here at paladin security and I’ve been working here for four years since I arrived from Ireland my aunt Loretta was diagnosed with cancer when I was around eight I was very close to her she was like a second mom to me I idolized her so when I saw her decline in health it really affected me and when we were brought to the hospital to say goodbye to her I actually ran out of the room crying and it’s one of my greatest regrets in life was not getting to say a proper goodbye and that’s why this society and this cause is so so important to me I think when somebody you love is affected by cancer you can feel very alone and the Canadian Cancer Society really brings everyone together it’s very important to have an awareness around cancer to get yourself screened and checked paden has many fundraising projects in the works to support the Canadian Cancer Society this year we’re doing a big push we’re getting all of our branches involves not only do we have the usual daffodil donations but our employee donations so pollen security is one of the only security companies in the industry in the whole country to use social media as a way to engage with both our employees and with members of the public we’re really trying to create a paladin in the community at people at brand ambassadors and people who want to engage with us so we’re really using social media for this campaign to really get in touch with people getting to share their own stories their own fundraising stories and all come together for this very important cause.