Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager School is THE premier place online to teach you how to grow your business using social media. Our online training course starts at the 101 level and goes into more advanced techniques covering Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, G+ and also the ROI tracking to make sure you are getting results. by Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare, of Marketing All-in-One for Dummies..

we find that businesses know they need to be on social media but they don’t know the best way to do that and businesses ask do I have to outsource all the social media marketing or can I just do it myself and some people love to help businesses get set up on social but they might not know all the up to date strategies they really need to help the business and everyone wants to know the tools and the systems that will help them save time and money and get the job done this is exactly why we created social media manager school this was the course we wish was around when we were learning social media marketing that answers all those questions and more Phyllis and I are both social media authors and have taught thousands of people all over the world we have two tracks for our school one is designed for the inhale social media manager so that would be either yourself or an employee who is doing your social media management to promote your business and the second track is for the freelance social media manager someone who is consulting or doing social media management for several companies the in house track includes all the training you need to use Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram and Pinterest to expand your reach and grow your revenue the freelancer track includes all of that plus the resources you need to build your business as an independent contractor including proposal templates reports and strategies to grow your business choose one of these options below and learn more.