Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager in Leeds REVEALS how to save on social media costs and boost without employing a full time social media manager. A social media manager commands salaries of 35-50k. Save this expense use a proven social media manager.

welcome social media boss my name is Celine shafi in the last 12 months was in a massive phenomena massive surge in the popularity of social media for businesses marketing so much so that medium sized companies large companies and even smaller companies are advertising like crazy to have social media managers within their organizations some social media managers are getting paid anywhere up to 50 grand a year and that’s outside of the London area now a little quickly for you why pay so how I employ somebody to come and work for you on a full time basis of social media manager when you can have all this work done in a fraction of the time the fraction of the cost on a contingency on a consultancy basis really easy and the thing is that here’s a real secret that a lot of these companies don’t realize is that the social media managers who really cut it don’t want to work for organizations because they can do better for themselves so there to help needs help you I’m here to help you up a problem do you really want to pay 20 30 40 50 grand even more a year plus taxes plus insurance costs to employ somebody to go through all the heartache of actually finding somebody’s up to the job do you really want to do that then you’ve got the recruitment agency costs to really want to do that or do you want to use a consort social media manager like myself maybe somebody else if you don’t like look at me who can get all your social media in place I’ll even train you or in members of your team just in case you need that as a backup you probably won’t need a full time social media manager after 90 days but what we could do for you is make sure or your Twitter your Facebook your your messaging your Facebook fan pages are compelling and the hitting the audience the target market that you want for a fraction of the cost anywhere from five hundred quid a month you can have a social media manager pulling you in Leeds like you’ve never seen before it’s really simple give us a call on 0845 4746 8227 or contacts saleem at social media bosco dot uk’ you.