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hi this is Ian Fox co founder of the social media managers association and also the social media manager training course and that’s what this video is all about I’m going to talk to you very quickly and very briefly about how you can train to become a successful social media manager in your area and actually help business owners do their social media and make great money in the process my background is most varied but I’ve got a ton of experience in business marketing and I’ve used social media with great success over the past few years now why social media I’m sure enough to tell you that social media is exploding across the world it’s being woven into the very fabric of society and of business and more and more business owners these days are looking to grow their brand and build their business by using social media the biggest challenge they have is that they dumped up the time they don’t have the skills and they really don’t know how to make it a success but we will train you how to do it we will train you properly how to go out and be hired as a professional social media manager in your area will give you the skills the tools with tips and the techniques to make it a reality for you so the course is based on four modules and sixty eight modules of two modules per week over a four week period and during the course the content will cover everything you need to know about becoming a successful social media manager it will cover all the platforms you know Facebook Linkedin Google+ and everything else all the new stuff coming out all those coming in will call that everything you need to know to be the successful social media manager will train to the highest level possible so you can go out there and become a success and part of the course is that what we’ve added into this program unlike many others out there is that we’re going to give you some value added accessories that’s going to make your business as a social media manager that much more successful we’ve included a client agreement in other words we’ve had and we’ve used with our clients a professionally written by a lawyer a professionally written client agreement that you can have your client sign so it lays out the terms and conditions of business as you providing social media management for them we’re also clearing a postcard that success lead generating postcard which we’ve used to grab faience and retain clients and convert client will give you a copy of that that you can use in your own business we also give you a client’s needs analysis it’s no technical but really all it is it’s series of really key questions that you can actually fly in to find out exactly what they need and what that will do for you it will position you as an expert because when that client reads that and see that they’ll know that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to meeting their needs so the news analysis is a fantastic accessory that we’ve included in this program and then we clue we include our fantastic lead generator this is what we’ve used to get hundreds and thousands of people signing up to our programs and signing up to our lists to find out more about managing their social media management will give you all these things as part of the program I this is the nectar block the social media managers association co founder what I want to share with you is for things the training will give you and it comes to more let me take you through that M is for money now we will want more money don’t we sometimes you know household budgets are squeezed when you’re maybe in a in a job you don’t have any control over the type of money and the amount of money that you earn whether you’re used to getting a bonus and that stopped etc etc being a social media manager provides you with the ability to have greater control over your income so therefore it gives you income satisfaction which we’re all searching for and that’s what it can provide for you oh it’s four options becoming a social media manager provides you with greater choice it allows you greater flexibility in how you work for me I’m a morning person I can get up early and absolutely ramp through all the work that I’ve got to do and pretty much be done by a late lunch so maybe two three o’clock in the afternoon and that’s how I work and that’s what being a social media manager can help you achieve it gives you more options more choice to work the way that you want to so you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck obviously you have clients and you have certain deadlines khalil to me but you then have the choice to work how you really want to work and that for me is a great option as a social media manager r is for rewards and we’ve just talked about money but being a social media manager goes much further than just money it provides you with personal satisfaction when you have a passion for something then it goes beyond money of course money is really important as I’ve covered it goes beyond that it gives you that real personal satisfaction personal aspirations that can be met and that’s after all what we want in life isn’t it we really want to be able to know that we’ve achieved something greater than just a work or a pay packet and it provides you with greater rewards and also it provides you with the loyalty of your clients because when you give value and you serve them they reward you with their monthly fee and money on a regular basis and not only that you may every so often get a little extra surprise maybe come Christmas or Easter if you really give value and you give to your clients they will get back to you and e stand for enjoyment as I mentioned when you have passion for something you absolutely enjoy it and therefore being a social media manager doesn’t necessarily mean work of course it does involve hard work and you have to get down to stuff but actually it’s great fun it provides you with a lot more it provides you with more money great options better rewards and a load of fun okay so the next thing for you to do is to get the full information and we’ll break it all down about what the course includes and what you can get from it all you need to do to receive the link is to fill in your details right here and we’ll send you all the information we’ve got new courses coming out soon and it’d be great to see you on one of them on behalf of myself ian fox and and that Dubois the founders of the social media managers association and creators of the social media manager course we hope to see you very soon on one of our courses you.