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hello my friend is leaking someone from Captain visions of England and I’m an internet marketing consultant here to help you today because you’ve got a major problem that problem is is that you’re not getting of customers like you once did or you know you’re capable of the advertising does that you’re spending are just not stretching like they once did you know the other thing is you want to become the number one on fire to the local business owner who people look to all the time to you know to get that product in that service and then you don’t want to be able to be around your competition you want to become the number one expert you also realize that you don’t have an effective internet marketing strategy which is working for you 24 7 whilst you in your brick and mortar business you want to really language the power of the Internet and you understand the power but you can bring to your business and I’d say in closing you know you want to build an effective relationship with your audience so they’re constantly talking about you and referring new business to you so you know what is strategy that you may have been used to the old school mediums such as yellow pages magazine ads newspaper ads Direct Mail brochures you know these ones were very very powerful but we now know that we’re in the new school and that all your customers are searching right now on the social media and social networking sites just like how you found me so on sites like myspace facebook twitter and also like a set in the first video all on google searching you directly for your product your service directly on google can you be found when people are searching for you are you on the first page of Google were multiple listings with videos articles images all about your brand ok so what’s the solution to this let’s get out of them dreamland and that’s getting to making this vision a reality the solution right here is you dominate in the first page of Google you have in multiple listings so that you are the only choice for your customers ok live in fact is you know you have an amar katha strategy which is going to work for you 24 7 people talking about you all over the web and people refer people to you and what system actually mean it’s going to be more money for you it’s going to mean more dialogue with your customers and it’s actually bringing more referrals and more business for you on a consistent basis so what do you need to do what’s our next stage well if you look below there’s a link it’s an application link I want to help you today let’s have a three 20 minute direct consultation well going from your biz I’ll show you how to put all this together so you can be calm behind so the hunter link below right now click it and let’s get started.