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hi my name is Rebecca wells on the commercial director at ultimate assets I’m looking to hire a social media marketing manager for a huge global digital brand the ideal candidate will have worked in a social media marketing vacancy already and preferably within a client or a brand rather than within an agency itself you need to have experience of organic and paid search and ideally managed as very small team this role has management of one you will also need to have evidence of having created a voice for another brand within social also beneficial would be having launched different social platforms for a company for example introducing snapchat or vlogging or perhaps introducing Facebook for the first time and how you manage eyes it how did you do measurements in roi so brought it back to the brand and demonstrated a quality return so the client is an incredibly well known international brand you’ll be familiar of them in an app or digital concepts they have offices in 15 different countries across the world and in London and England dallona’s of 800 people spread across the country their office is in central London really incredible fabulous views really really prestigious I think it’d be an amazing place to be really good culture very dynamic and I think anybody will be looking to get a job there this role is paying up to 50,000 pounds plus a bonus and corporate benefits if you think this is a role for you please send your cv and or reply to this video link.