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(It sends it through Messenger)
Watch my video to learn how to post a job

hello everyone today we’re going to be going over how to post a job on your facebook business page my name is Sarah Douglas from full of grace marketing and let’s get right into it you will need to go to your facebook business page and scroll down to these options right here once it’s using options just go to publish a job post and right here you’re going to see a little preview screen of how it’s going to look the job and you just get started right here so you put in the title whatever you want to go right here we’re hiring apply now let’s see for a part time and you can make it whatever you want just make sure you change your photo you don’t want the same cover photo being there so I’m going to go ahead and upload kind of a general photo if we’re hiring an assistant they might work on the laptop so I’ll definitely go ahead and upload a photo with the laptop so we’re getting started and then you want to put the job title right there and it even comes up some options right here executive assistant at what type of assistant you need so I will just leave it plain this is kind of just a trial we are going to add the location as you type adding your location you start typing your location just hit on the city right there you can definitely put the salary either per hourly per day per week per month or per year you say the salary range and you see how it’s everything starts coming up over here to the location full times 30,000 foot part out in here and let’s put this okay and everything just changes in the preview screen right over here so again right here another option full time part time part time internship volunteer or contract so you can put that as well you’re going to have to put in some more details right here about the position so definitely if you have anything in a Word document or a PDF you can copy and paste it right here we definitely want to give them some questions to answer so free text question is that you want them to answer what they think like I put in a question why do you think you’re a good candidate for full of grace marketing or you can put a yes or no question right there as well just put it in right there yes or no question multiple choice question then this comes up yeah multiple choice it comes up you can put your your different answers right there but I like to give a free text question just so they can give us a little more answers so it kind of shows you your preview right here what does what people will be seeing they’ll see it easy applying out button and in instead of publishing and I’m not going to publish the job post I am going to I’m not actually creating a job post I just want to show you how to do it you’re going to click out of it or you’re going to publish it at the very bottom once you click and add all your details you publish it right here let me do out of that and show you how the job post looks on your page so we did have one a couple months ago you just go to this little tab that says jobs so we had this one a social social media intern and this is kind of how it looks on your page once you publish it this will come up and it’ll be published to the public anyone can see it or find it so social media marketing intern here’s the little description that you can put in that I didn’t put in the other one the location and internship what it is apply now so when you when you post a job post you can definitely either share it to your friends share it or boots it right now it’s saying boost unavailable because this is not active anymore but I definitely wanted to show you how it looks on your screen and then the good thing about when they hit apply now it goes into messenger so let me go ahead and show you a client that we did a job post for so if I come over here this is a different client business page we had a post posted a job and here are all the applicants that came in and you could say job off screen job lock again and then you go up and those are other regular messages that they’ve received on their page but you can even put notes in the job applicants you can put very important or follow up you can add different notes in there and but this is where they are they all come in into your your messenger app and so it’s a great way to just quickly talk to the job applicants that you might see coming in I also wanted to show you just go to the home button and this is where you can see where people are searching for jobs within Facebook so on this left hand column you just hit seymour and then it brings up the the job category so click on jobs and here’s where it kind of looks like Linked.In and that’s why I know Facebook and Linked. In they’re competing a little bit you can put your location what you’re looking for what industry and looking for a restaurant job that’s part time those things will come up just say even local businesses part time and they’ll redefine your search depending on location industry and job type and here are all the jobs you can kind of get a little more idea housecleaner is nine dollars an hour the location let me go ahead and apply now so that’s a little more about jobs on Facebook I definitely we had a lot of applicants come in for the job for that client so we definitely recommend it to people it’s a great way to get your name out there and a great way for people to know that you are hiring you are looking instead of just posting a job post you can create it in this area right here in Facebook you can always talk about it on your social media page but you can also put it under the category of job listings so when people are looking for a job your business name will come up they don’t necessarily have to be looking for your page and going through your newsfeed to see if you’re hiring or not so that’s just another great tip if you have any other questions of course please follow us on full of grace marketing reach out to us and messenger and I also have a social media group on Facebook it’s called social media quick tips so I definitely want to let you know you can go there and ask me any questions anytime we’d love to hear from you so definitely could come and join this group and I will talk to you later again this is Sarah Douglas with full of grace marketing thank you. .