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Before you go out to get your interview on, make sure that you are prepared both in person and on the world wide web. Businesses, companies, mom and pop shops, it doesn’t matter anymore, these people are the internet for information on you.

One BIG suggestion that I have to you is, CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA accounts. Nothing offensive, nothing borderline offensive, nothing that is not in good taste…use your best judgement. Don’t be swearing/cussing all of the time.

If you absolutely MUST use your social media to vent and/or post whatever you deem acceptable please for the love of the world wide web, LOCK DOWN your or or or you for visiting my YouTube channel. Please find see below for more places to find me:
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today I’m going to talk to you about social media I love to emphasize how important it is to make sure that your social media accounts are really clean because potential employers are looking they are going to scour the web most of the time and find out as much as they can about you if you are you know interviewing for a very large corporation business they are most definitely looking up what you have on the internet so if you have a twitter out there and it’s somewhat related to your email address that you submitted that application on make sure that whatever you are sharing on twitter isn’t going to be offensive to somebody that’s huge you hear about this on the news all the time or on you know reading the news online and things like that where you know employers really look at yourself they do I mean it’s that is the digital age it’s 2016 there’s so much information out on the Internet where I can literally type in somebody’s name and I can pull up so much information about them and it’s it’s a little bit scary but that’s just the way that it is nowadays so you know if if you have a Twitter and you don’t you don’t want people to see it make it private and the same goes for facebook if you don’t want people to see your facebook make it private you know the same goes for instagram for tumblr things like that but if it is public make sure there’s nothing on there that’s going to be offensive because it might cost you a job I hope you found the little bit of information that I provided in this video useful so hit me up on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or on the website I am more than willing to talk to anybody who has a question for me it’s really as simple as finding me on all of these different social media platforms and asking me a question if you have it and if you don’t want me to make a video answering your specific question I won’t and if you hit me up in the DM on Twitter I’ll leave it there and we’ll talk in a DM on twitter if you hit me up on Facebook and a private message I will leave it there we’ll talk on Facebook I’ll answer whatever questions I can for you I love doing this I love helping you guys I love answering your questions and this is what I’m here for this is what I love to do I love to help people so hit me up on all these platforms make sure your social media accounts are nice and clean and there’s nothing offensive on them if you guys have questions comments concerns hit me up in the comments below and I’m willing to happy to get back to you or find me on social media check out the links in the description below and have a great day.