Social Media Manager

Dan Desrochers ’08, is Foxwoods’ online voice.

I’m the social and mobile media manager at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut I advertise to all of our followers over Facebook over Twitter Pinterest Instagram whenever you see a Facebook post from Foxwoods that’s me in addition to that I’m also at different events doing live coverage be taking some photos or doing live tweets or Facebook posts at those but I’m also reading comments from our followers they comment on both my pose and they’ll also write their own post I attended Franklin Pierce from 2004 2008 and I majored in Mass Communication with a concentration in media production & Media Studies being at Franklin Pierce you have a great opportunity to stand out and that’s what I took advantage of freshman year jumping right into all the extracurricular activities I was always a part of the Pierce Media Group in the fitzwater Center junior year I was the TV station manager of FP TV 25 we’ve got a lot of independence and where we could actually make our own decisions and be able to get hands on with the equipment all those things that I learned with Facebook and Twitter Instagram Pinterest it’s not just simply posting a status update there’s creative writing involved at Franklin Pierce College writing 1 & 2 freshman year you’re doing nothing but writing graphic design video production all those skills came into play when I started running social media for Foxwoods do you definitely need to know exactly what your message is what you’re trying to tell people and how you’re going to say it and my name is Dan Durocher and I’m a graduate of Franklin Pierce University you.