Social Media Jobs

Caity Kauffman — Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager for the Tampa Bay Lightning — discusses her job role and how it relates to STEM.

my name is JD Kaufman and I’m the social media and digital marketing manager for the Tampa Bay Lightning and I get to watch hockey and tweet about it my goal is to sell tickets and cover the game as a reporter and a marketer at the same time fundamentally being in social media need your good writer you need to be able to write a headline and write a tweet and sell a ticket package so really hone email writing skills is the first place to start to be good in social media because you need to be able to effectively communicate with people the thing about social media is it is involved in the team in every way I work with hockey ops I work with public relations I work with marketing i work with sales so everything we do in social media touches every part of our organization which is a really cool part of our department you can follow along with our twitter account and our facebook and our instagram as you cover the game every goal every period every series but then you’re also a place where you can get information so ticket information or what time your doors open or the price of a jersey so it’s kind of what kind of the hub for everything you need to know about lightning hi we are most active on Facebook Twitter Instagram because those are the biggest platforms we are also on tumblr we’re on snapchat we’re on vine foursquare so if we have our big platforms that we update every single day and then we have smaller platforms we actually have a really cool platform where it’s triggered by hashtag so when you tweet go bowl seta our systems pick up on that and we can put it on a scoreboard which is really cool so fans tweet at us and then they get to see their messages inside the arena on the scoreboard which is a really cool part of what we do it really engages fans it gets them excited and it drives them to talk about lightning hockey on social media tracking all of your analytics is very important we not only track followers we track our followers we track the league followers so we want to know where we stack up among all the other teams in the league we also track our followers within our market so not only our team but the teams that surround us you know where do we fall how much have we grown growth is important thing else we look at his engagement rate so when we post something what percentage of our followers comment on it like it share it that’s important too because if we’re posting content and our fans aren’t reacting to it maybe we need to adjust our strategy a little bit so it’s really important that we take a look at everything we post see how much our fans like it and how we can tweak it to make it better and make sure more and more fans see our stuff and continue to interact with it I think that’s the really cool thing about my job and about working in digital media as it always changes it changes on you every single day so we read a lot we read a lot of blogs real a lot of magazines and we say okay what’s coming up next what do we like about this how will our fans benefit from it and how can we use this to cover the team’s because at the end of the day my job is to cover the team and to tell the story of the Tampa Bay Lightning.