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sixty minutes overtime did you come away liking him you know I ended up like him I liked him when I first met him but walter isaacson did more than forty interviews with jobs in most of those interviews Walter taped them he told us that he had them in he would share some of them with us grand Messick the producer listened to the tapes all told when Walter sent us the clips which weren’t always beautifully organized we had about two hours to choose from now a lot of that was jobs just ruminating about life and then other things were him talking about his competitors and his feelings about the industry I’d say Microsoft and Google had a lot in common Microsoft never had the humanities and the liberal arts in the DNA there’s pure technology company and they just didn’t get it even when they saw the Mac they couldn’t even copy it well how dumb do you have to be to not see it once you see it you know but Google’s the same way they just don’t get it jobs we’ve had a big fight with Google he thought Google had ripped him off wealthy I you know the Android operating system gets a call from Larry Page who says I want to come by I’m going to become the CEO of Google I want tips at first Steve Jobs said you know his instinct was to say hey screw you forget it you know you’ve ripped us off I’m not going to deal with you but then Jobs says you know I was mentored by the great people of this valley you know Packard Hewlett all these people who set something in place in Silicon Valley they were good mentors so he has Larry Page come by and visit and he gives them some advice and one piece of advice is focused he says don’t be like Microsoft doing products all over the map figure out what you do best and keep it focused secondly he says don’t try to be too nice as a CEO you want a team only of a players and it really means that at times you’re going to have to blow some people off he had a lot to say about Google he had a lot to say about Microsoft he oddly was pretty favorable about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg you know we said we talked about social networks in the plural but I don’t see anybody other than Facebook out there just Facebook they’re dominating this I admire Mark Zuckerberg I only know him a little bit but I admire him for not selling out for wanting to make a company I admire that a lot I’d like to announce one of our first partnerships today and that is one with Microsoft and I happen to have a special guest with me today via satellite downlink when they first met Jobs was on the top of the world and Gates was sort of just this little software writer then that got reversed when Steve first came up it was going to be a lot cheaper computer then it ended up being but that was fine people can sometimes love each other and hate each other at the same time and Bill end up the wealthiest guy around and if that was his goal then he achieved it but it’s never done Michael and I even wonder in the end if it was really his goal his relationship with Bill Gates is very long and very complicated and near the end a lot of people wanted to come and visit so Bill Gates calls as he wants to come by they set something up and they sit for 3 4 hours just reminiscing just talking about being the grand old man of the digital age but then they also talked about the great difference they had which was Steve Jobs believing that everything should be connected into end integrated tightly and gates feeling that that was not a good business model you should license your software so different manufacturers could make things and Gates is somewhat generous to him at the end and gracious and he says you know you proved that your model works and Jobs is rather gracious in return he says well you know your model of licensing it out that worked as well I guess we were both ok then of course when gates told me the story and we counted it to me he said but I didn’t tell Steve was that it only works when you got to Steve Jobs so I went and told that to jobs and jobs who can always be prickly said oh that’s you know bull anybody could have done it of course you need some taste to do it and then and I said well you said his model worked as well he said yeah it works but only if you don’t mind making crappy products I believe that he’s did this book in part because he knew that a lot of people would write about him after he was gone and the some of it he wouldn’t like and he wanted to have a chance to answer them in it in advance told Walter that wanted people to hear what he had to say.