Social Media Manager

In Episode 014 of Streetcar Stories, get to know Carolyn Anderson, Social Media Manager for Visit KC and learn more about:

1. How they tell Kansas City’s story to the world and get people to travel/do business here

2. How running a marathon changed her life (and how you can learn from this whether you run or not)

4. Her thoughts on The Disruption Institute’s mobile app we launched more about VisitKC:

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on my gelfman and i’m founder of the disruption institute today I’m going to be interviewing Carolina Anderson who’s the head of social media for visit KC they do a lot of travel and tourism promotion telling Kansas City story to the world in order to make people want to come here and visit we’re also going to be talking with her about you know persistence and how she trained for a marathon kind of some lessons that you can learn from that you know whatever you do whether it’s running or not so we’re also going to be talking about snapchat and how they leverage it and some of the filters that they’ve created as well as what she thinks at the streetcar and also her thoughts on artistry car mobile app that we built this is episode 14 of streetcar stories I need social media manager the convention Visitors Association here in Kansas City it’s me behind the screen and I’m answering your questions until hosting the ages are constantly time to tell the story city is full like me that love the city wanna be able to see if I’m sitting there they people that have never experienced it we don’t realize what sometimes what Jen’s we have are actually absolutely the country or interest was always there we just kind of happened they said that one of the first things that we wanted to do we wear from crossroads over one memorial high testosterone so if they see some similar looking snapchat filters to share with the site and locals and I worked so hard to have that experience be a really strong selfie grandma and I were running coach to do it something I’d never done in the past everybody I was changing a lot of the things for the first time and every little mile so long training is exciting so to have that date on the calendar circle mentees focused on that thanks I’ll potential got up at five in the morning or get a run in before work I just don’t stop I run far away almost the only way I can get back two feet i got me out there so and you know you have to remind yourself intended I sign up for that challenge and you want to complete it all I’m excited even when it’s hard so yeah I guess I just keep going because I know it that’s it off either and crossing that finish line yeah I don’t know what if I don’t know how to describe it in some of the best days of my life it changed all sorts of things but it’s fun to not only have that as personal enjoyment but as component because you’re going to be able to experience the city it just adds yet another awesome element first time not only percenters checking out this video for the first time with the streetcars are gonna happen on their hands I think the app will be helped with someone who has been against me but maybe have to shoot cars kind of their experience I think you know I think it’s very best me baby what you might want to add yeah multi modal right so we have my share we have uber here we have here I think you know the streetcars this one part of your potential your car and experience what you.