Social Media Jobs

This film showcases the wide range of careers that students enter into with a degree in media studies and related subjects. It highlights the range of degree programmes on offer from practice based, to theory to mixed programmes across a range of institutions. Media studies covers the individual, organizational, social, political, economic and technological dimensions of the field.

These courses are challenging and exciting, and the skills they will enable you to develop are crucially important to our contemporary world. meccsa. org

I think it’s really important to study the media because it’s everywhere we’re bombarded by images every day trying to convince us of something University is teaching me to think about things in a different way I’m really enjoying it it’s not just teaching me about film and television specific things it’s teaching me how to formulate an argument and work in groups I study multimedia journalism and we cover everything to do with the media and journalism online radio TV we do it all really the reason I chose to do a media degree is I didn’t have the confidence to go straight into the media industries myself so university gives me a chance to explore my creativity and gain some of that confidence I chose media and cultural studies specifically because of the sociological aspect of it the focus on multiculturalism transnationalism migration these are all themes and topics that are really interesting and relevant my course is really relevant to the industry for example when I went on a work experience placement to talk sport they use all the same software so I could gel into the team I had the confidence when I walked in there that I knew what I was doing so when you engage in a media communications or cultural studies degree program you couldn’t be doing a more insightful challenging and relevant program of study for today’s society what employers tell us is that they want a graduate who knows how to think critically about the world and can translate those ideas into fresh media practice I am a digital journalist for Good Housekeeping magazine and aside from writing features in news stories every day I also manage the video content for them that involves making food videos Beauty videos and also Facebook lives where we stream to our Facebook followers I definitely fell in love with learning at university because we were really encouraged to explore topics that we were passionate about it wasn’t one thing for everyone media is definitely not a soft subject because it’s so complex and so varied I’m the communications manager HR reached international we are a global child rights organization we work in Brazil India Nepal and Tanzania going from University straight into the charity sector was a great move for me I find the work I’m doing very rewarding and that I’m part of a team even though I’m not a Hollywood film director like I thought it would be when I went to university the skills I learned valuable and I’m now in a job that I love and it’s very rewarding and I feel like I’m making a difference every single day I wanted to be a television director I didn’t know how to do that I went to Gold Miss and studied communication studies and that was the gateway to a new life essentially I managed to become a television director and I’ve been lucky enough to see the world meet famous people all because I did that degree my course was a mix of theory and practical my fear gave me really good understanding of the powers which govern media and whether people interpret messages that we communicate I am I’ve always wants to go into media communications just because I’m really keen on influencing people and creating something which is meaningful to society it’s important to understand the wider climate of media if you work in the industry there’s a lot of agendas out there and it’s a big powerful dynamic that affects everybody’s life and something you may do even on a small scale level has an impact in the way that story is told and that’s very important I’m learning to think differently more analytically and develop my own ideas meteor is everywhere and things are changing but a lot of stories are still about white men saving people so I think that there needs to be an increase in diversity and an increase in representation for LGBTQ and female characters that’s why I want to be in the media I want to be a journalist but I know that if I don’t end up working the Maestri Media I have the transferable skills from my course which means I can work in politics in the arts or for NGOs and I know that I can have a really interesting career in any of those areas you.