Social Media Jobs

A entertaining entry to the XfinitySports Social Media Job contest. If I make it into the top 100 semifinalist on the 9th, I will need voting to be a top 5 finalist

sure I’ll play sports all my life I even coach basketball for the last five years at the varsity level you know what I also even talk about sports all the time of my friends through social media and in person but doesn’t really set me apart I don’t think so my masters in Sport Management and my experience in finding my own sport social marketing company in which we help brand professional athletes have given me an in depth understanding of the actual business of sports and an in depth understanding of the system and how social media fits in that remiel is how everybody is going to be presenting themselves but here’s my innovative video I hope you enjoy that I found this really cool opportunity with Xfinity sports sports Wars is not a real job so I had it’s a job in social media what is this social media garbage anyways check it out when I get this job i’ll be maintaining social media presence for Xfinity sports and this is something I’m already doing on my own dad to micro blogging social networking and digital media I understand I know the lingo could be a hush dagger and a facebook II blogging jogging always hitting on his website looking for the hairs he’s gotten do you ever check the Hicks on your bedroom on your website do you have a lady when you should have been looking for a nice girl you are busy coaching and one name came to me and said mommy I want to get my masters in sport management I mean what is for management I know your generation I was finding shortcut hundred forty characters at a time what is so great about this so people make baskets and runs why do you need to do pose about this on my dad trust me just forget it this is just a sample of creativity you can expect for me as your social media guru to be successful into this constantly changing world Xfinity sports need someone who is innovative and up to date with the trends just like their products up that’s why Xfinity sports need someone like me.