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hey you guys there okay I don’t know what’s going on with this camera I don’t know how well you’re gonna be able to see me I need to because it’s messing up it’s about to go out and it’s making me look bread or something must have a sunburn maybe it is really hot outside today it’s been done unlike the 50s and now it’s up in the 90s that’s in the island weather for you and this weekend supposed to get back down to the 50s with the flood anyway I’m catching fire I am still in the same exact spot I was last time I’m about 50 pages and I think I haven’t read it at all but um I am gonna be starting read it again oh and the hiatus yeah um my scooter is messing up and I can’t go and get my stuff to my project so I was gonna do this week so now I have nothing to do cuz I can’t do my school projects amount of I’m going past now because of it so my scooter won’t go past 10 miles per hour now for some reason I just got on today when it was working fine i think it was yesterday the day poor that I Donald and went somewhere it was working fine but now it’s just not just not so I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know what’s gonna happen with that what I’m gonna end up doing her or what exactly but i think somebody put oil in it I don’t know why they would do that but it looks like has too much oil in it and I know I didn’t do that and now it was cooled off completely it wasn’t cuz it was just running or something but anyway also on top of that book news news I’m gonna be reviewing this book win it well I don’t know how many chapters it has in total 27 I guess maybe pink 27 chapters look how big those words are like they I feel like a kindergartner or something cuz the words look quite big actually don’t they or is it just me straws the new book smell smells like books a million and I got her to walmart so it even says walmart in the corner I gotta understood count that’s the main reason why I got it but um whenever I get done with this I’m gonna get Mockingjay even though it won’t be on sales and I’m gonna I’ll have a job by then um anyway also I’ve been really getting it Avril Lavigne brought her I her you can’t see it okay hold up let me turn down the brightness and see if you guys can see it but um I want to get into the next topic until I show this first now it’s too dark now you can just see a reflection I want you guys to believe me let me shut off my computer screen I don’t know if you can see it now not because I can’t see what you’re seeing but hopefully seeing it if you didn’t know well anyone I don’t know if I’m going to move back in with my mom this summer or not i’m still debating if i do then i’m going to put in a job application right before i go in the break during the summer and i’ll hopefully have another job by july i don’t know if subway will take me back or I’m gonna get a job somewhere else or I’m what we’re just gonna see I’m putting a job application at a few different places I’ll probably put one in on subway first and if they don’t call back then i’ll put in somewhere else because i know what to do it subway of course if i put in for one in the city that I’m moving in with my mom then those dress up boys have a drive through the one in this town don’t because it’s a smaller town and this is the only subway the only restaurant like chain restaurant in this town and there’s local businesses but any way well that’s the Huks I think those are across the u.s. four states or something anyway though I’m there’s something else is gonna say oh Justin Bieber’s boyfriend video comes out thursday and i don’t know if i’m looking forward to it or not generally i don’t like Justin Bieber’s music or any of that he’s just really hot hey you doing but I really like the song boyfriend so I may actually like the video for once I don’t know normally his videos are all the same where you like hits on this girl and it just goes so perfectly and everything’s just a fairy tale mother fucking in there how you doing so i might do reviewing that might not depends on at this damn video thing works or this camera works or what’s going on then debuts while I’m at school again I’m gonna be pissed because everyone already did the review and I want to be the first one that does the review this time that’s why I want to do it in this camera so I can have a upload in a few seconds because I want to be the first one but my mom reviews are so long that ain’t possible I lost all my viewers now I feel like this video has been really boring ha that’s something extra special for you that’s the bonus features for this video the next video you’ll see this girl used to do that to me a subway I’d work with her her name was sky and she would always she did that to customers etimes to it was like that man her little inside joke and she’d do the end up the customers a few times and they thought that bitch was fucking cray they thought that bitch was cray I know anyway though um so yeah i’m not gonna get my projects done for school i don’t nothing in a pass i said that but it’s just I don’t know what to do hopefully my um my teachers have been putting in grades so I don’t know what my current grades are so I don’t know how hard I need to try I don’t know if it’s possible if it’s not possible then why do work that I don’t need to do if I’m still gonna fail why do work I don’t need to do you know I mean even if i get if it’s possible you know if I got an a on my final I passed the class then I’m gonna try my hardest and you know my geometry though I’ve been fouling test through simply too and I normally don’t fail test normally I just don’t do homework I do the test I passed those and I get like a d plus or a c minus in there from the test alone but I’ve been found test two I don’t know this stupid ass fucking circle shit i hate circles I much rather do a triangle or square name in geometry too much shit now I have a lot of two projects in geometry to do them I don’t have it with me though so I can’t do it we’re not supposed to do it outside of class anyway but I have to make plans for an entire house everything from the hay eating heating and air consistent the new tiles the new wallpaper new paint or whatever it is I haven’t really looked at it yet but I have to make plans for an entire house and I think I’ve make plans of what goes in it so I’m not really sure with us too I know what the s do with geometry but it’s just too much shit and she has this dams on the kitchen is like half a circle and then a rectangle you guys can picture that it kind of looks like a penis you know that wasn’t a very good detail that that was kind of pointing what I just did if you have a pointy penis then you might want to get that looked at because that might hurt how you doing um if you haven’t followed me on Twitter yet then what the fuck’re you do and go to Twitter and follow me bitch no I love you thank you I just changed my from profile picture on there in the background too so I’m sure you guys will love it just check it out it’s it’s special Oh at least do this for now if you seen this look here later I can’t guarantee what it is so but that’s all i have for now so um follow me on twitter I’ve been actually tweeting quite a bit recently not too much like 23 tweet today about sometimes sometimes five or six sometimes one sometimes none you know I’ve been kind of bearing and I die all ways have posted at least once or twice a month at the very least I’ve never just completely abandoned Twitter but I’m gonna go before this 10 minutes check me out on twitter check out my previous videos check out my where you been musically review by Rihanna and the music video itself cuz it’s amazing I’m look forward per view recently and although I’m sorry I didn’t go on hiatus to get up you guys his hopes and shit you’re welcome goodbye goodbye. .