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fired for updating her status; her job is boring.

kimberley Swan has a lot of time on our hands lately and her facebook status explains why about to do an interview still unemployed it reads she was sacked from her old job because she wrote online that it was boring and I’m quite shocked I mean there soon as I got the news I just couldn’t believe it really I suppose it hit me when I first walked out the door I just stood there and just cried found my mom fit me pick me up there yeah Kimberly says she didn’t even name the company she was working for and can’t understand the reaction but her ex boss Steven ival says he was disappointed and that she had to go we needed somewhere that we could invest time money and the future in because they’d be covering for somebody going on maternity leave I think grow with the business once they’ve come back so we felt with three weeks in this isn’t going to work she’s not happy here Kimberly isn’t the only one moaning online we searched for the words board and work and found thousands of Facebook groups dedicated to just that and on the networking site Twitter where users can give minute by minute updates the same results seriously bored bored out of my mind what’s interesting is that this story has traveled around the world Kimberly has had emails from as far afield as Nigeria and Australia they’ve had literally over 200 emails on Facebook I’ve got I first had 400 friends and now I’ve got over 800 so it’s just everyone’s got mad really Kimberly is now searching for her dream job in the exciting world of media or fashion so models and dare I say roving news reporters watch out Kimberly’s back on the market Sally Biddulph ITV News Clacton.